Personal Update: Ellen G. White, Head Covering, Phariseeism and Marriage

In this article I will answer some readers’ questions and concerns, and I will mention some topics that are too short for separate articles (at least for the time being).

On legalism, Jewishness and Phariseeism

Firstly, I would like to address some readers’ remarks about me being too Jewish, or too legalistic, or those who accuse me of being Pharisee-like. To them I would like to say that in such a case Jesus in their eyes would be the greatest Pharisee, because he was zealous for the law of YHWH. I’m zealous for the law of YHWH too, and that’s why I’m called Jewish, or legalistic, or Pharisee-like.

Also, I wasn’t even aware of the movements such as Messianic Jewish or Hebrew Roots when I arrived at similar conclusions to their own, so when I started being accused of belonging to these movements, I needed to google them to see what they are.

Those people who accuse me of this do not understand what they’re accusing me of, since Pharisees defended the traditions of men, but I defend the law of YHWH. So they are accusing me of something they are guilty of themselves – being zealous for the traditions of men and not the law of YHWH.

Of course, those traditions of men that they defend are not the Babylonian ones that Scribes and Pharisees defended. Yet they still defend the traditions of men – be it those of Martin Luther or the ones created by any other human being. And although Martin Luther was a good person (I believe) and I have nothing against him, he was only human, and it is foolish to assume that he got everything right.

So those Christians who criticize people because by studying the Bible those people arrive at conclusions different to their own, need to examine themselves first rather than pointing out the splinter in a brother’s eye. It’s more than likely that they themselves are guilty of what they’re accusing others.

They zealously defend their own denominations and ignore Bible passages that those denominations do not support. So this makes them modern Scribes and Pharisees.

Martin Luther, the founder of Protestantism, couldn’t have gotten everything right. He was only a human, and he awoke from the deception of Catholicism that has been established for 1,500 years in Europe. It’s a miracle that he woke up from this deception and dared to speak out in the first place! To assume that he got everything right is unreasonable – he was just the first person to start purifying the Word of God from the defilements of Catholicism.

So we are supposed to continue this work of purifying the Word of God from all the relics of the Catholic tradition, instead of accusing those people who try to do so as being legalistic or too Jewish. And it’s ignorant to continue supporting the traditions of men that’s obviously not in the Bible – such as that Jesus abolished the law – because even in the book of Revelation we find the remnant who keep the commandments of YHWH and the testimony of Jesus (Revelation 12:17).

And when this is pointed out to Christians, many still cling to their understanding that Jesus destroyed the law – though you give them evidence that it’s not the case. So it’s very sad to see Christians in such a state; instead of defending the Word of God, they zealously defend the traditions of men. Satan must be very happy with this.

On Ellen G. White

During my research on Ellen G. White I came across some worrying information about her. The most worrying that I’ve found out about her was the fact that she herself wanted the stone pillar to remain standing on the gravesite of her husband (where she eventually was buried as well).

I don’t have any problem with stone pillars in general, since we even read in the Bible that the people of God would erect stone pillars and pour oil over them in memorial of some event connected with God (and YHWH did not rebuke them for that); but the problem with the pillar on the gravesite of the White family is that that pillar is an Egyptian Obelisk:

Either Mrs. White was completely ignorant of this fact, or not. And if she wasn’t ignorant of the fact that this was an Egyptian obelisk, this is very worrying indeed. And yes, there were other Christians in those times who chose such a monument for their gravesites, but this is inexcusable for someone who was doing the work of God.

The second worrying thing about this prophetess are some of her interpretations of the Bible. For example, she claimed that the sons of God who descended to take human women as their wives were the sons of those people who believed in God. This, in my opinion, is an incorrect interpretation since if sons of believers would procreate with the daughters of evil people, the offspring would be normal human children and not giants.

Another incorrect teaching is her warning for people not to eat meat for the reason (though she gave more reasons) that they are eating “dead” meat. That’s incorrect – we are eating meat that was killed for human consumption, and not some meat of some animals already found dead on the road or anywhere else. So I consider this kind of teaching bordering on Bible twisting.

And the final teaching of Ellen G. White I’m not comfortable with is her claim that God created many other worlds, when there’s no Bible evidence for that. Jesus indeed said that in His Father’s house there are many mansions, but that’s likely to mean places in heaven, and not worlds such as this one. This just doesn’t sound right, especially after I woke up from the globe earth deception.

Apart from these worrying teachings, I found many of her other teachings very useful. One of the most important ones that I’ve learnt from her is a different kind of understanding of what defiling the body temple really means.

Most Christians assume that the passage that warns about God destroying those who defile the temple of God (1 Corinthians 3:17) is to do with fornication. But she understood this in a much wider sense, and told about the importance of eating only food suitable for human consumption (healthy food), because eating junk defiles our bodies. She also taught the importance of exercise, which again is done for the purpose of maintaining the temple of God.

So this made me reconsider my own views on this subject, and I eventually agreed with this prophetess – indeed we should not limit the defilement of the temple of God only to fornication. If a person doesn’t care for his health and therefore gets diseased, I do believe that this is also considered a defilement of the temple of God. So this teaching of hers encouraged me to pay attention to what I eat and inspired me to exercise again (since I stopped it after realizing that yoga is demonic).

Before reading her teachings I thought that exercise is an attempt to make the body look better and therefore is vanity; but her teachings made me understand that we each have a personal responsibility to keep our God-given bodies in a good shape, so now I see exercise in a different light.

And since here I’ve discussed her advice against eating meat, I should also note that I stopped meat eating for now, because I started gaining weight as a result of it. So I returned to my vegetarian diet and lost weight again. So I will for now avoid meat but if I feel that I lack some vitamins or minerals that vegetables cannot supply, I may start eating meat for some time again.

On head covering

Since I’m currently staying in a Muslim country, I cannot wear head covering outside because people would definitely think I belong to their faith. So when I go out I keep my hair in a ponytail, tied at the back. And if my hair is wet, I keep it loose for it to dry quicker in the sun.

However, when I pray, or talk about the Word of God, go to the church or read the Bible, I put my head covering on. Further studying the passages in 1 Corinthians about head covering I’ve come to the conclusion that since among some of Gentiles there was no custom for women to wear head coverings, maybe it’s okay for unmarried women not to wear them when they go outside.

It was indeed a Jewish custom, but there’s no explicit instruction in the Bible for married women to wear head coverings. So I think it might be okay for them not to wear them if there’s no such custom in their country – but they should confirm this with God in prayer. However, when they pray, prophesy, talk about God, go to the Church or read the Bible, they should have the head covering on. So this is my current take on head coverings.

On Marriage

Some readers wanted to find out whether I’m married, and I’ve been receiving marriage requests from the time I was saved.

I’ve talked more in detail about this in my newly released book on the Teachings of the Twelve Apostles, since I’m not so comfortable revealing these personal details to all. But what I can say is that no, I’m not married, and I don’t think I will, but I’m leaving this up to God. If He has such plans for me, then so be it.

But for those who had been following me even before me being saved by Jesus, know that I’ve been celibate for a while and I enjoy this kind of life. I can spend all my days on contributing to the purification of Christianity from pagan elements, and learning about the Word of God. Such study fills me with joy, but if God has other plans for me, I’ll be obedient to that as God knows what’s best for each human being.

On what I’m currently up to

I’m still studying Hebrew. I try to study it every day, and I love the language. I can now read the Bible in Hebrew, but of course I’m still not aware of many rules, and my vocabulary is only basic, so it will take time for me to fully understand what I’m reading!

I’m also currently studying the primary documents of ancient Babylon, because I believe that understanding what was going on in that pagan country would give me a much better understanding of the Old Testament. Jews were really influenced by the abominations of this ancient civilisation, and some YHWH’s prohibitions were given directly as a result of some pagan practice, such as not to boil the offspring of an animal in its mother’s milk (because pagans did that).

So I’m currently studying the ancient Babylon material, and this has already helped me to more clearly understand the setting that some of the Old Testament stories took place, and it’s also interesting to see just how many similarities there are between Sumer, Egypt and even India.


I think that’s all I wanted to update you with for the time being. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below. And also I would like to thank all those who donated to get the Teachings of the Twelve Apostles – I did not expect such great interest and so much positive response from those who got the book.

I would also like to thank those who donate to support my work. That’s the only source of income that I receive, and your donations help me to keep my mind off the subject of money, so that I’m only focused on studying the Word of God, helping to purify the Christian doctrine, and contributing to this one true religion in the ways that are within my capability.


  1. Steven J says:

    thanks Simona
    I love your love for our Lord and wish you also God’s best
    I believe you are doing God’s work which many have gone bye
    you dig deep into truth .
    Thank you for blessing me immensley
    and you are on track
    God Speed!

  2. Ikechukwu orji says:

    Greetings from Nigeria. May the Lord reward you for your labour of love.

  3. "Tamar" says:

    Beautiful job Simona. Your discernment is excellent.

    For your studies on Babylon, I have a few items for thought:

    1) When speaking about Babylon, the Bible can be referring to several different things.

    A) The location and incident of the Tower of Babel. When God split the languages, that religion and wickedness was translated into every single language made. Then it dispersed as people split up and moved away. In that sense, everything came from Babylon. We don’t know where the location was. The Angel of God who wrote the Book of Jubilees wrote that upon the crumbling of the tower, the location had been renamed “Ruins”, and there is archeological record of a place called that.

    B) Or, the Bible could be speaking about the later Chaldean civilization and city of Babylon nearly 2,000 years later (the one ruled by Nebuchadnezzar).

    An interesting period to look at is the one in-between those two. Ur of the Chaldees is the birth place of Abraham – Abraham was Babylonian, so Abraham came out of Babylon, too. (funny idea: when Judah was taken into captivity to Babylon, they were being corrected by their parents).

    When looking at that period of history, it helps to keep into perspective that a lot of those people were living for 400, 500 or 600 years. For example Shem (righteous Shem), son of Noah, outlived Abraham by 49 years as Shem lived another 500 years after the flood. In fact many of them did. All of Abraham’s forefathers were still alive and ruling in Ur – when God made Abraham leave them (it must have been a pretty big deal for him).

    If you look at that period in Ur, (3rd dynasty of Ur) you can find statues of Noah and Shem. Here is a link: Take a look at Ur-Namu/ Ur-Noah/ Noah-of-Ur, aka Gudea, aka The Shepard King. If you look at the activities of these men, you can see that Noah and Shem were managing their children, replacing kingships and the such. You will find that they went all over the civilized world doing so, even to Egypt and were known by the Egyptians as the “Shepard Kings”.

    C) Often though, when speaking about Babylon, the Bible is referring to the Religion started there that has, and still does influence this whole World, “Mystery Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots and abominations of the Earth”. It is hidden, but huge.

    D) Then by extension, sometimes the Bible is more simply using Babylon as a metaphor for the “World”, or “worldliness” as Babylon and it’s religious influence has filtered down.

    I hope this helps spark some though. I’m willing to share research and thoughts at any time. Blessings with your endeavors.


    • This is truly great information. Thank you very much, Tamar. Yes, I’m aware of the birthplace of Abraham. Isn’t it a “coincidence” that it’s from this area that the laws are found similar to those of YHWH and scientists are quick to falsely assume that men created them before YHWH!! Have you looked into the Indus Valley proto-language? I find it so similar to proto-Sumerian; it’s so fascinating to discover with the help of archaeology the biblical fact that the entire world once spoke in one language. I would be very happy to share thoughts with you – please let me know if you have any ideas on reptilian statues found in Sumer.

      • "Tamar" says:

        I’m glad you liked the resource. That whole website is really great. Here is the link to the second part about the Ur-Namma/Noah guy which wasn’t there last time I looked, which was awhile ago.

        Also below I have posted Ur-Namma’s law which was written on his ceremonial vestments – pretty cool. Number 25 makes me laugh and laugh. It is very similar to God’s Civil Law, at least as much as we could hope to translate after so many years of language change (I love God’s law).

        • 1. If a man commits a murder, that man must be killed.
        • 2. If a man commits a robbery, he will be killed.
        • 3. If a man commits a kidnapping, he is to be imprisoned and pay 15 shekels of silver.
        • 4. If a slave marries a slave, and that slave is set free, he does not leave the household.
        • 5. If a slave marries a native (i.e. free) person, he/she is to hand the firstborn son over to his owner.
        • 6. If a man violates the right of another and deflowers the virgin wife of a young man, they shall kill that male.
        • 7. If the wife of a man followed after another man and he slept with her, they shall slay that woman, but that male shall be set free. (§4 in some translations)
        • 8. If a man proceeded by force, and deflowered the virgin female slave of another man, that man must pay five shekels of silver. (5)
        • 9. If a man divorces his first-time wife, he shall pay (her) one mina of silver. (6)
        • 10. If it is a (former) widow whom he divorces, he shall pay (her) half a mina of silver. (7)
        • 11. If the man had slept with the widow without there having been any marriage contract, he need not pay any silver. (8)
        • 13. If a man is accused of sorcery he must undergo ordeal by water; if he is proven innocent, his accuser must pay 3 shekels. (10)
        • 14. If a man accused the wife of a man of adultery, and the river ordeal proved her innocent, then the man who had accused her must pay one-third of a mina of silver. (11)
        • 15. If a prospective son-in-law enters the house of his prospective father-in-law, but his father-in-law later gives his daughter to another man, the father-in-law shall return to the rejected son-in-law twofold the amount of bridal presents he had brought. (12)
        • 16. If [text destroyed…], he shall weigh and deliver to him 2 shekels of silver.
        • 17. If a slave escapes from the city limits, and someone returns him, the owner shall pay two shekels to the one who returned him. (14)
        • 18. If a man knocks out the eye of another man, he shall weigh out ½ a mina of silver. (15)
        • 19. If a man has cut off another man’s foot, he is to pay ten shekels. (16)
        • 20. If a man, in the course of a scuffle, smashed the limb of another man with a club, he shall pay one mina of silver. (17)
        • 21. If someone severed the nose of another man with a copper knife, he must pay two-thirds of a mina of silver. (18)
        • 22. If a man knocks out a tooth of another man, he shall pay two shekels of silver. (19)
        • 24. [text destroyed…] If he does not have a slave, he is to pay 10 shekels of silver. If he does not have silver, he is to give another thing that belongs to him. (21)
        • 25. If a man’s slave-woman, comparing herself to her mistress, speaks insolently to her, her mouth shall be scoured with 1 quart of salt. (22)
        • 26. If a slave woman strikes someone acting with the authority of her mistress, [text destroyed…]
        • 28. If a man appeared as a witness, and was shown to be a perjurer, he must pay fifteen shekels of silver. (25)
        • 29. If a man appears as a witness, but withdraws his oath, he must make payment, to the extent of the value in litigation of the case. (26)
        • 30. If a man stealthily cultivates the field of another man and he raises a complaint, this is however to be rejected, and this man will lose his expenses. (27)
        • 31. If a man flooded the field of a man with water, he shall measure out three kur of barley per iku of field. (28)
        • 32. If a man had let an arable field to a(nother) man for cultivation, but he did not cultivate it, turning it into wasteland, he shall measure out three kur of barley per iku of field. (29)
        You asked if I had looked at Proto-Indus, yes some.

        About the Sumerian Reptilian statues, I have some thoughts…

        For background on that, have you read the book of Jubilees? Link here:

        Jubilees is similar to The Book of Enoch but since it is not as old, so it has been preserved better (Enoch has had to be brought to us through the flood and language dispersion so that the true personality of Enoch is lost). There are transmission errors in Jubilees as well, so I am not suggesting it is on par with the Bible. But what does give it credence is the beautiful attitude of the writer. The original was written by a Godly mind – something that cannot be faked or forged. This attitude flows throughout and so I believe the text has been well preserved indeed. The dating gets off after awhile, and I would guess this is scribal error. Anyway, my answer to your question would have its roots in this document plus current personal testimony along with that God is helping me put things together. But I would love to have someone to hash through it with.

        I’d rather speak than write though. Have you ever used Google Hangouts? It is convenient for talking long distance – like Skype but free.

        It’s very nice to hear from you, although I don’t like writing on public forum.

        Have a peaceful Sabbath, Sister in Christ

        • Thanks so much again, Tamar, for such an insightful email. I need to re-read the book of Jubilees as it was quite a while I studied it. And I love the book of Enoch so much.

          I never tried video on Google Hangouts. If you would send me an email through the contact box, we can speak through email. Due to my location usually it’s hard to work out times so I cannot promise doing a video call.

          • "Tamar" says:

            I submitted my email to you. I would love to talk and I would rather not have video. We will need to work out a time though. This evening/your morning, I am taking a little old lady to a party. Maybe my Sunday evening/your Monday morning would work?

            Please confirm that you got my email though, because I tried to submit it before, but it didn’t work.

          • Yes, I got it, thank you. Email exchange would be more ideal for me, but I see you prefer voice call.

          • "Tamar" says:

            Hi Simona,

            I don’t actually have your email address in order to be able to email you. Could you please send me a link?

            For now, this is the only way I have been successful at contacting you. That being said, how do we speak through email? I’m not sure how to set that up. Also, when would be most convenient for you considering that you are 15 hrs ahead of me (I’m in California, USA), and I work weekdays from 7:30am to 4.:00pm? I generally try to go to bed at 9:00.

            Thank you.

  4. Hi what are your feelings on the ark of the covenant discovery by Ron Wyat ,and your feed back on your transgender video .oh and hall of audience evel alter/ building obamanation ,is the pope a shapeshifter . thank you for your words and faith it confertes me . yul ps I will be making a donation your doing something wonderrfull

  5. Hi
    I came across your post in my research about head covering. I was actually trying to find what Ellen G White says about it when your post came up. I was raised in the Adventist Church and have read numerous writing of Ellen G Whit. I was surprised to find out that her grave Piller is in a shape of an obelisk. I will have to look that up. Anyway, what you said about meat and her writings is not quiet corrwct. Her stance on eating meat is that it is no longer clean due to the poor care people have taken of the animals. Conditions in which they are held, what they are fed, and how they are killed play a factor in damaging our bodies. She said that the light was revield to her for the future… Not so much for her time. She said that the time was coming when the food source would be so poluted that the general health would suffer. Her warning we’re for those that would obey and learn to eat a plant based diet. She also encouraged people to save seeds and grow their own garden. Those that listened have been able to preserve goods seeds that would otherwise be extinct. Her reference to DEAD meat only refers to plant nutrients that are processed by another animal that is now dead. Why not just go straight to the source of the nutrients and eat the non processed food yourself. She said that it’s hard to praise God when you are ill and that is the reason to take care of you body… To bring glory to the God we love. In writings E.G.W. always points to the Bible and tells people to study it as a treasure. She said that light is continuously given to those that search so keep searching.

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