Egyptian-Chaldean Astrology – Zodiac Sign Meanings

Dear friends,

I’ve found these zodiac descriptions in an old curious book called Practical Astrology claimed to be written by St. Germain.

In the subtitle it’s written that these horoscopes are based on ancient Egyptian, Chaldean, Greek and Arabian science of astrology. It’s a geocentric astrology model, though St. Germain claims in this book to subscribe to the heliocentric one.

I’ve found these descriptions to be very accurate applying them to family, friends and myself.

Sure, it’s been written in the nineteenth century so some descriptions will be based on the culture at the time, like women having many children and so on. Ignoring such dated trends, descriptions of signs are truly revealing. 

Egyptian Chaldean Aries Zodiac

Egyptian Chaldean Aries Zodiac

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  1. Thanks for sharing these pages! The descriptions are accurate.

  2. Simona, this is spot on.
    thanks a lot for sharing this

  3. How would you take this information if it seems like you, but non-attractive? I am scared. Unless I am on a fasted state high. Wich sometimes is hard to keep consistent for my sometimes emotional choices.

    • Knowing your sign description gives you great power. It enables you to be aware of your negative sides and only when you are aware of them can you work on reducing them.

      • 🙂 Really Hope You Keep Being Happy And Prosperous. 😉 Because You Provide Tremendous Amount Of Value To (My) Life, And I Am Sure To Many Others. I Do Have A Lot Of Achievement I Owe To Who You Are, And Your Work. That’s For Certain. 😉 Thank You.

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