Hidden in Plain Sight – Earth is Not a Globe and It’s Not Spinning

If you want to understand what’s happening in the world today, first you must know where you stand – literally.

And as you’re going to find out from this post, you have been deliberately misinformed about it.

If you don’t know where you literally stand, how can you be sure about anything else? And that’s one of the main reasons why this lie has been spread.

Indoctrination Since Birth Makes People Not See the Obvious

Learning fake earth model

Highly suggestible minds of children readily absorb all they’re told. Later such beliefs might remain totally unquestioned since they’ve been taken as absolute truth.

Since our birth, we are told not to trust our senses, not to believe in what we see, but to trust the ‘authority’. When children, who are yet incapable of properly reasoning, are told that teachers know everything, they believe this to be true.

So they don’t question the misinformation they’re fed with, like that the Earth is a globe and that it spins, and these false beliefs become the basis from which they judge everything they see in the world usually for the rest of their lives.

If something doesn’t fit this false basis, the false basis is never questioned, but the obvious observed facts are. Because how can you question something which you believe to be absolute truth, and thus beyond any doubt?

That’s why people don’t wake up to see the truth – they don’t even know that they judge the world through a false prism.

This false theory is one of the greatest deceptions ever concocted necessary for the elite to get in control of the masses. Another is Darwinism, and another – that globalism, the New World Order with its false New Age religion, is to be welcomed.

In the next chapter I share the most obvious facts which prove beyond doubt that the Earth is not a globe. Then I explain why this misunderstanding must be firmly held as truth by the masses for the elite plans to become a reality. And, finally, links are provided for further reading, as this post cannot possibly cover such a huge subject.

It’s important to understand that this major deception disclosure will surely be attempted to be discredited.

Websites, videos, discussion groups, etc., will be created (and are in existence now, such as the Flat Earth Society) which will seem to support this theory, but then will introduce misinformation to confuse and thus make the mind suggestible, and then, at the end, will attempt to disprove the flat earth model. So when you research other sources regarding this subject, keep your eyes open so that you’re not deceived.

Here are the reasons why the Earth is not a globe and is not spinning:

1. If the Earth were a globe, some people would have to walk upside down.

Earth is not a globe

Do you really think people wouldn’t feel if they walked upside-down?

If you would walk upside-down, you would certainly feel it. Even if you do a headstand, you feel the blood rush to your head, and most people cannot stay in such a posture for more than a minute, let alone continuously living by being spun up and down.

When this argument is presented to those who believe in the ball earth theory, they reply with a learnt line of the controllers: “But in space, where is up and down? How do you define up and down?” This is supposed to settle the ‘fact’ that we can stay upside down and not feel it.

Do not be deceived by this philosophical explanation designed to confuse and end your line of thought. If you stand on some surface, there is up and down. And if you stood upside down, you would definitely feel it.

This leads us to another false claim – that what keeps you from falling off the ball Earth is gravity.

2. There is no such thing as gravity.

It was never proved, it was invented by a Lucifer-worshiping freemason Isaac Newton, and nobody could ever explain how it works. It was invented to justify the reason why people do not fall off the globular Earth.

It’s definitely a flawed concept, because it states that gravity somehow manages to keep the oceans curved by its attraction force, but fails to explain why light objects can totally disregard this law and easily lift off from the Earth, like butterflies do.

Earth is not a glob

A heavy celestial body of moon is supposedly kept in its orbit by the earth’s gravity, yet butterflies feel no pull towards the earth and can easily lift off from the ground!

There is no gravity; there is only a simple law of density, which states that the objects that are denser-than-air fall to the ground, and those that are less dense, like gasses, rise up. Also, probably celestial objects are kept in their orbits by the law of electromagnetism.

…which leads us to another false theory which is presented when people, doubting the validity of the spherical Earth, ask this question:

If the Earth is round, and it’s spinning, how come we don’t feel the spin?

This is explained by the all-knowing ‘astronomers’ that it’s because the Earth’s spin of around 1,000 miles per hour influences the atmosphere (the air that we breathe) to spin together with it. But the fact is that…

3. The Earth doesn’t spin.

If it would really spin, together with the air around it, it would only spin in one direction. And indeed it’s told that the Earth rotates from the west towards the east. Although there are more spins introduced to further confuse, together with the introduction of astronomical numbers to overwhelm the human brain, these need not concern us if the basic spin is proved to be wrong.

And it’s proved to be wrong every hour of our lives, yet most people never see that.

If the Earth were to spin close to 1,000 miles per hour in one direction together with its atmosphere, it would be impossible to walk in the opposite-to-its-rotation direction. If we would attempt to do that, we would be instantly crushed by such a brutal force.

If the Earth would really rotate at 1,000 miles per hour together with its atmosphere, we wouldn’t observe stationary clouds, or clouds moving in a westward direction in a leisurely way.

Earth is not a globe

The earth is supposed to be spinning at 1,000 miles per hour – yet the clouds can stay totally still, or change their direction of moving.

If the Earth would spin that fast, or spin at all, we would not experience the wind that blows in any direction it wishes, or blows not at all. People, please, think about this! How could we experience a strong wind and a weak wind, blowing in whatever direction it wishes, or not blowing at all? Science has no real explanation of such wind behavior because it cannot explain that which doesn’t fit its false theory.

The air-planes also prove that the Earth is a plane (;)):

Earth is not a globe

They fly west to east, east to west, and reach the opposite destinations of the same distances in the same or similar lengths of time. This would be impossible if the Earth were to spin in one direction at 1,000 miles per hour, as if it would spin this way, planes would reach eastward destinations much faster, and since a typical cruising speed of a commercial aircraft is only 600 miles per hour, it would not be able to reach westward destinations, as it would not catch up with the faster-than-the-aircraft spinning Earth!

I asked about this my close friend who flies small airplanes (and is undergoing the training to become a commercial airline pilot). After giving a vague answer which I disproved, he asked me why that was the case. This only shows how brainwashed people are, that they don’t question the spinning of the earth even when it directly relates to their chosen occupations.

And here are two more important facts which prove the flat earth:

4. Sun and moon are not distant, but very close to the Earth.

Some estimate both the sun and moon to be less than 4,000 miles away from the Earth, instead of the alleged 91 million miles (for the sun). The most obvious proof of the sun being close is the way its rays spread out, as seen in this picture:

Sun isn't far from the Earth, but very close

It would be impossible to see the sun the way we see it, with its rays spread out this way, if it were very large and far away from us.

This kind of sight would be impossible to witness if the sun were 91 million miles away; the rays of the sun that’s so far away and with the alleged sun’s radius of almost 865,000 miles, would, reaching the tiny far-away globe of our Earth, appear completely vertical.

The excuse of the ‘astronomers’ with regards to this is that we see rays this way because it’s an optical illusion! They explain this by the phrase ‘linear perspective’.

This cannot be, since linear perspective only applies to horizontal, and not vertical, lines. You can easily see this by looking at a long corridor, where you witness horizontal lines running into each other in the distance, yet vertical lines of walls remaining unaffected by the illusion.

(So when you hear such excuses, don’t take them as truth, but think through them – the truth cannot be hidden, but some people are content with receiving obscure or complicated answers that they assume to be true due to their complexity!)

To understand completely about the sun and moon being local, please check the links provided at the end of this post. Try to google and watch abundantly available youtube videos about other aspects of the flat earth or with regards to your questions about it; the yet unknown-to-you aspects of the flat earth are likely to be covered in detail already.

Now I’ll explain the last interesting fact which is not much covered in the sources which I’ve studied:

5. The moon is self-luminous

The moon is self luminous

If the moon weren’t self luminous, we wouldn’t be able to see the rest of its shape during its waning or waxing phases.

The moon is not a dead satellite, and it doesn’t borrow its light from the sun. It’s self-luminous, like it was told in Genesis of the Old Testament. It seems to be semi-transparent, which would perfectly explain its seeming ‘indentations’, and it looks like it has different phases in itself.

The fact that it’s self-luminous is the reason why during its waxing and waning periods we are still able to see the full outline of its shape, like it’s seen in the image above. If it would really borrow its light from the sun, we could never witness such a thing.

Also, if the sun were to give its light to cause waxing and waning, the illuminated moon parts could never be as clearly defined as we see them to be.

What’s more, in order to be able to reflect sun’s rays, the moon would have to have a reflective surface, like that of a some kind of metal – but it doesn’t. And even if it did, it would never be able to reflect as brightly and in such a defined way as it seemingly does!

I’m quite sure that everyone reading this post has witnessed the full outline of the moon during its waxing or waning periods. But how many of us have questioned this? How can we, if we take everything the science tells us as gospel truth! We trust the ever-changing-its-mind science theories, and we deny that which we plainly see every day!

Therefore if the moon is a self-luminous disk, it means that the phases of the moon are exactly that – its phases. As you see, it’s not only hidden in plain sight, but we also use the words which tell the truth, yet we are so indoctrinated that we never become aware of this. Another example of such revealing words with regards to the flat earth is ‘sea level’ (= see level).

So if the earth is not a globe, and it’s not spinning, then what is it, and how does it look like?

The earth is flat, and it probably looks more or less like this:

The earth is flat! Like God created it to be!

…which is also proved by the UN logo:

Again, hidden in plain sight. They are mocking us, and nobody cares, and nobody sees, because everyone is involved in the little details of their lives which are mere distractions from seeing the big picture, and believe in the mass propaganda not even knowing that they do. Their opinions are exactly in harmony with the plans of the elite, and they think them to be theirs, and arrived at independently.

Having read this much, if you don’t yet feel as though some great support is taken away from you (the false belief has melted), leaving you vulnerable and disoriented, you didn’t yet fully get the significance of what you’ve just read. Because when you really understand that all your life you’ve been living on the Earth which you thought to be a globe and spinning, and it’s nothing like it, it really shakes you to the core.

When it really dawns on you, you may feel deeply sad, maybe even infuriated, wondering why anyone would make people believe such a cruel lie. Later, you may start understanding what this means to you, gradually leading you to joy and a sense of freedom, and I’ll explain why shortly.

This lie will surely stay, because the elite wants ignorant slaves, and not empowered and knowledgeable people. Our only power, only power! in this world is God, but before explaining this, let me firstly tell you about the following.

NASA Getting Caught Up in Its Lies

When we look at the sky at night, if it’s not cloudy or polluted, we see millions of stars. Yet fake space program movies show the earth from the space to be surrounded by complete darkness!

NASA image of earth from space

NASA image of the earth from space – oh wait, where are all the stars?

Also, you may want to click on the above image to see an enlarged photo of it – to see that it’s obviously a computer-generated image and not a real photo.

It’s also interesting that when the earth is ‘filmed’ from space, it’s not moving! For example, watch this (*fake*) video of the earth being shown from space (without stars too) from about 14 minutes and 17 seconds:

People, please wake up.

By the way, NASA logo stands for SATAN. Can you work this out?

NASA logo

Why this cruel deception has been conceived

It’s crucial in the plan of the One World Order for everyone to fall for the globe earth theory, because it denies God. Since the elite are the offspring of the Adversary, they will do everything they can to make people doubt the Divine Creation.

When people think that the globe earth is true, they naturally dismiss the Old Testament account of creation, because one cannot serve two masters at the same time. If they do not even question the globe earth theory, it means they see Genesis as a mere fairy tale, therefore they cannot take the rest of the Old Testament seriously.

When the Word of God is disbelieved, people of course start doubting if they indeed were created by a Divine Being. Further bombarded by the anti-christic Darwinism, they become convinced that they are nothing but mere creatures accidentally evolved from apes. Their eyes become closed to the wonders of nature and their own amazing being, and therefore God is not worshiped, and so His gifts that no amount of money could buy are never received.

These two completely satanic beliefs – the spherical Earth and Darwinism – are taught in every school, and usually irreversibly damage young minds, and seem to program them from the youth to attack those who dare to question ‘truths’ established by the ‘authority’ (the elite and their puppets). I’m saying the latter because I have witnessed aggressive reactions when the truth is told, though that might also arise from the need to protect the cherished beliefs because of a huge investment into them.

The damage that the acceptance of these two satanic beliefs causes is worse, much worse, than people think. If they don’t even dare to question these two beliefs, though they really want to believe that God exists, deep inside there is a great doubt about it. If the two anti-christic beliefs are really thought to be true, then God must be seen as not real.

People who already have a false basis to stand on, will easily believe subsequent lies, and therefore will be easily controlled. Such confused and disoriented people no longer trust their senses but believe that scientists and other puppets of the elite know best. So they walk the path outlined for them by the elite – to their destruction.

There is a huge plan of destruction and enslavement of humanity that’s slowly but surely approaching its final fulfillment, and the ball earth theory as well as Darwinism must remain unquestioned by most people for the plan to be successful.

Once you see that these two bases are false, you will naturally (but gradually) come out of darkness and confusion and will see the plan. When you do, I can assure you that the Bible will become your best friend, and God – your best defense!


Always remember that chaos, confusion, philosophical impossibilities and other ambiguities are never of God. Don’t be confused and overwhelmed by the impossible numbers and weird theories of the puppet scientists or astronomers. Don’t be swayed by the self-appointed authority which employs science jargon to mislead or impress. I believe that God stands for order, harmony and simplicity.

The truth is in plain sight, and is so simple that every child sees it (“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 18:3). In most cases, if something can’t be explained simply and in a way that you can understand, it either means that the person explaining it doesn’t understand it himself, or that it’s not true.

Additional Sources

Finally, here are some more sources to check out, and I encourage you to do your own research too. Also, since I don’t personally know the authors of the quoted materials, I cannot guarantee the genuineness of their future works.

200 Proofs that the Earth is Not a Spinning Ball – I really like this one – it will answer many of your questions. I think Erik Dubay has greatly contributed to the enlightenment of the people with regards to this subject, though I’m saddened to see he’s still involved in yoga.

One Hundred Proofs that the Earth is Not a Globe by William Carpenter – The author of this work proves the Earth to be flat by real experiments and not by weird figures and theories that cannot be tested that scientists employ to ‘prove’ the validity of the globular earth.

Zetetic Astronomy by Parallax – This person was viciously attacked by the Establishment so it’s definitely worth studying his work.

Flat earth proved by logic – I encourage you to watch this person’s videos as they are objective and show a beautiful flow of logic. He studies the Earth without any kind of prejudice (like being pro or against the flat earth), and arrives at conclusions fully supporting the validity of the flat earth.

I love the fact that such independent experiments as you can see in the above video are being done to disprove the lie of the elite. This is an important video to watch, as it also discusses why solar and lunar eclipses occur.

Here’s another great video proving fake NASA and other things:

There are many videos the creators of which question the ‘authority’ and do their own research and use their own independent thinking to prove the earth to be flat!

Please watch, read, learn, think and share your own discoveries with others to demolish this Satan’s stronghold.