Don’t Fall Into This Trap of Satan

In this video I discuss some things I see Christians do that are not of God and produce fruits for the kingdom of Satan rather than YHWH:


  1. Matthew Koh says:

    Very well put Simona. Great wisdom in sharing this. Christians tend to criticise one another because of their strong opinions toward what they believe. I guess it’s also pride and being religious over others. There is so little we know about truth and need to humble ourselves with. God bless U.

  2. Thank you, Simona. One of the reasons Christians have had bad reputation is that they often come off as self-righteous and are often angry–I know I did, and I also asked myself why was I angry, when I myself used to be completely blinded like what I deem others are. I ask why, when we are to be very meek and humble and are commanded to love everyone and not judge! I also remember many years ago that I was put off by a Christian because he was disrespectful when criticizing my then false belief in Catholicism. I know it really didn’t help. Thank you for this very important and timely article! May we help each other as we go with our walk with God.

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