10 Tell-Tale Signs of Demonic Oppression

In this video I talk about ten signs which show that a person hosts demons. I forgot to mention one sign in the video on sexual dreams – please check the Sign no. 9 in the post below, as well as some extra points.

Video summary and some extra points: 

First Demon-Oppression Sign: Attraction to Ancient Pagan Cultures and Religions

When you open the doors for demon entry (through yoga, meditation, chanting, and other consciousness-altering practices), evil spirits will waste no time to move into you. Then they are likely to start drawing you to countries that have demonic strongholds, such as India, Africa or South America. Sedona (California) is a place where most Americans feel attracted to when they get demon-oppressed.

The reason demons will draw you to such places is so that you could be further demonically oppressed. Also they can control you much more in countries where they hold strongholds. Maybe that’s why I had to leave India just before being saved – some demons are local and they will be unable to stay with you if you leave their principality.

Second Demon-Oppression Sign: Visions

When you open up to occult demons (through yoga, meditation, tarot cards, palmistry and other occult practices), they will start giving you visions. This happens because when demons get into your mind they get in charge of the neurons and can control them to create false experiences and visions. Your mind is like a computer, so when they get in charge of it they manipulate this computer to create an alternative reality for you. And so you will start getting all sorts of visions.

If you see (like I did) or feel like you are floating in space, as though you are one of the stars, this points to heavy generational witchcraft. If you access that starry space, also described as star-filled black sky, you’ve just accessed the virtual reality set up by the spirits of your ancestors. This is a very interesting subject and I’ve found some fascinating information about it, but I will cover this in detail in my coming booklet on psychology.

Third Demonic Oppression Sign: Past Life Visions or Feelings

When you host ancient demons, sometimes the places you visit for the first time will feel familiar. You may get the feeling of nostalgia, or you will truly feel that you’ve been to that place before. You may also get visions of being a person in another age or country. All this means that demons in you recognize the places that they visited when they inhabited another body, or they give you memories of experiences that they had when inhabiting other human bodies.

Fourth Sign of Demon Oppression: Heavy Head and Dizziness

When you get heavily oppressed with occult spirits, they usually move into your head. You get oppressed with occult spirits when you get into false religions and do their practices, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Wicca, Sufism and so on. The occult spirits are animal spirits, and they are dangerous and hard to get rid of. Yogic animal postures (in a similar way to Shamanism) directly invite those animal spirits into your body. So does reiki, about which I’ve written here including what kind of animal spirits that initiation invited.

When you have many occult spirits inhabiting you, your head becomes increasingly heavy. You will, for example, find yourself very dizzy when you suddenly get up from bed. It might even take some time to fully recover, because the heaviness in head may seem unbearable. Sometimes you will feel so much heaviness in your head that it will feel like your head is being pressed from all sides, and you may also experience headaches.

Fifth Sign of Demonic Oppression – Electric Shock Sensations in the Body

If you’ve experienced a small electric shock because of touching some faulty electric outlet or gadget, that’s how it feels when you store demons in your body. Sometimes you will get small electrical shocks in your body as a result of hosting them. They will also cause electrical feelings in your mind and you might see visions of white light and might even hear electrical cracks.

Electric shock sensations in the body aren’t always caused by demons, however. Some people who have microchips implanted in them (without their knowledge – rh negatives are the main targets) have such experiences as a result of the intended electrical torture or maybe because of chip malfunctioning.

Sixth Sign of Demon Oppression: Involuntary Body Movements

It’s very usual for long-term meditators or yoga students to experience involuntary movements in their bodies. I got the evil kundalini snake through the cobra pose and surya namaskar yogic sequence. So that snake started moving in me – doing the exact snake-like movements like you see real snakes do. I also experienced my hands lifting up without my intention and doing Hindu “gods'” (demons’) satanic hand signs such as the number six-six-six which is called “jnana mudra” in Hinduism.

Some people also experience their legs being lifted up when they lie in bed, and some, if they are really heavily demonized, get their whole bodies lifted up off the bed. This is called ‘levitation’, and Buddhist monks have nothing to be proud of when they levitate during meditation. It’s just a sign of heavy demon oppression. Can you imagine how many demons there should be in the body for them to be able to lift one off the ground?

Seventh Sign of Demon Oppression: Astral Projection

When you continue being demon-oppressed, it’s likely that those demons will try to take you out of your body. Some Christians don’t believe this is possible, but I don’t find in the Bible anything denying such a possibility, though I don’t claim to be a Bible expert.

In Ezekiel 13 20 we find God being against those evil people who make certain bands to “hunt the souls to make them fly”. I understand that this can mean a number of things and not necessarily astral projection. However, Paul in 2 Corinthians 12 2 mentions that he knew a man who reached third heaven saying “whether in the body I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell”. So this seems to point to the possibility of astral travel, though we should keep studying the Bible to really understand this subject.

Whether astral projection is real or not, it does feel very real. But people are mistaken about where they astral project to. They indeed think that they leave their bodies to explore the physical realm. But actually they get to the demon-projected astral realm, like Chris Lasala understood when God dropped the veil during his astral projection and he was allowed to see that what he considered to be his physical home was actually a demon-made construct. The demons themselves were mimicking those objects.

Since in the Bible it’s told that Satan can transform himself into an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11 14) and that one shouldn’t be surprised that his ministers can be transformed into the ministers of righteousness (2 Corinthians 11 15), Chris Lasala’s testimony seems to be in harmony with the Bible – because evil spirits might transform into the objects of his home in order to make the meditator think he’s floating in his own house.

That’s why it’s always something “off” about the “physical” realm of astral projectors – it’s never the exact copy of what one sees in the waking reality.

Eighth Demon-Oppression Sign: The Abyss Experience

Those who delve deep into the occult and keep practicing specific methods and rituals such as meditation, eventually get the feeling that they are about to be sucked into the abyss. They have a choice of whether to get sucked into it or not. I personally got this frightening experience several times but didn’t give into it.

Carl Jung, on the other hand, gave into the experience and got sucked into the abyss. Eventually he found himself in a stone cellar. After this experience he was no longer himself. He was unable to get in control of his psyche – beings with distinctive intelligences would form in his mind and would communicate with him. It scared him because he had no control over what’s happening in his own mind. I wrote about this and other demonic experiences that he had in this ebook.

So this shows me that by giving into the abyss experience you may lose the power over your mind, and thus any kind of demon may be able to enter it.

Ninth Sign of Evil Spirit Oppression: Sexual Dreams and Similar Experiences

It was known even in middle-ages (as seen from clear descriptions in King Jame’s Demonology) that evil spirits can cause one to have sexual dreams and experiences. They enter oppressed persons’ dreams and obtain agreement to have sexual intercourse with them.

Sometimes one can feel as though having physical sex whilst being awake, though the entity cannot be seen. Usually this happens immediately after the oppressed person wakes up, or the dream seems to carry into the waking reality making the person think it wasn’t really a dream.

These experiences are caused by demonic entities and I think the reason demons abuse people this way is to feed off their energy, make them sin against God, or maybe to get them addicted to these experiences.

Tenth Sign of Spirit Oppression: Hatred of Christians, the Bible and Christianity

Since people storing demons have the spirit of the Antichrist, they will naturally hate those people who have the Holy Spirit as well as true God. So it’s very usual for demon-oppressed people to mock the Bible or Christians. Some people who are deep into new age actually think that Christians will have to be killed in order for the world to evolve into the next stage of consciousness. When I was heavily demon-oppressed I also mocked Christians and the Bible, though I never reached the point of thinking that Christians should be wiped out.

I think this is one of the best signs to tell whether people store demons or not. If they are heavily demonized, their expressions will drastically change if they see that you hold the Bible or you talk about Jesus. When I was in Nepal, I talked with another believer about Jesus in a cafe when a Japanese man was having tea there. He almost chocked on his swallow of tea when he heard the name “Jesus” – it took some time for him to recover, and then he quickly left.

On another occasion, when I was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and was reading the Bible on the metro (just before being saved by Jesus), two guys saw me holding the Bible and one of them let out an uncontrollable mocking shriek that was way too loud for metro ethics. It seems that the Word of God reveals what’s really inhabiting people.

Final notes

Although there are many more demon-oppression sings, the ones that I’ve mentioned here are very usual and I’ve experienced them myself before being saved by Jesus.

No matter how heavily demon-oppressed you are, however, there’s no reason to lose hope. All you need to do to be delivered from these evil influences is to believe the Gospel – that Jesus died for our sins, was buried and rose the third day.

If you believe that Jesus died for the sins of the world and for all your personal sins, and that you are washed clean by his blood, you will be saved. And when you truly believe in Jesus, you will be able to expel these demonic entities from your body in His name.

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  1. Todd MacDonald says:

    The 7th sign used Chris Lasala’s example as evidence for astral projection being demonic. Lasala said his astral intentions were to rob a bank; perhaps this caused his demonic encounter.

    I’ve never experienced akashic records nor an exact astral duplicate of the physical. …If the astral realms are always psychic, then honest thinking and perceiving is challenged by people and entities who radiate fantasy or dishonesty.

    Is the astral realm the soul realm? Can one love God astrally?

    The name Jesus sounds like a combination of Yehweh and Zeus(lightning; electricity). Jesus reminds me of the Roman Empire’s tactics of merging religions to better cope with those they conquer(like the Greek pantheon becoming the Roman pantheon).

    Maybe Yeshua Massiah is a more accurate name for God. Maybe God chose His name Jesus Christ to attract other religions to His Truth; to attract more people to be saved as Christians.

    May we strengthen our love for God Jesus Christ and His works!

  2. Dear Simona,
    Good insightful article, I was wondering about what are the signs you have demon influences. It is surprising how it offends some people just mentioning Jesus, offended to talk about something that’s only written for the good of us all (the Bible). It seems common for a non-believer to say, why does God allow all of the evil in the world? This world is not our home, it is ‘the Devil’s playground’.
    Dreams seem to relate to hormonal changes. Maybe some demons affect hormonal changes in the body. If you have a lot of stress or a lot on your mind, you’ll have nightmares sometimes. I’ve had dreams of witches, magic, flying, being harmed, sexuality, screaming but no sound comes out, going to a beautiful place that I have never seen in real life, I had a dream of angels singing. For me, these kind of dreams stopped after adolescence. Probably because at the time I had friends who read into Wicca, talked about ghosts and the afterlife, Buddhism, homosexuality, and mental illness, non Christian music, etc.
    I was wondering if you think the mark of the beast and a microchip are the same. I watched a movie about aliens putting a chip behind someone’s ear and then they were no longer in control of theirselves. Do you really believe that some people are given a chip? You are on to something but I wouldn’t want to see anyone worry about something if it’s not really going on. There really is an online fear-driven conspiracy market. (Check out Alex Jones) so it’s hard to believe much of that. The Bible warns us that nations will be governed by people with bad intentions, but how can some people be in human? Hope you are having a good day 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment, Ashley. I really cannot tell whether the mark of the beast will be a chip or some engraving, but I do believe it will be about a loss of willpower and independent thought, and that’s why I think those people will be beyond hope.

  3. Can one get rid of implanted chips?

    • If they were inserted I see no reason why they cannot be removed. But you must be sure that the doctor that removes them works on your side and not the elite’s. Those doctors who call people claiming to have chips ‘delusional’ are likely to be pro-elite or they are mind-controlled or just ignorant.

  4. hi simona I am very surprised to see this post because I am not christian but in my culture also demonic creatures exist. They are real and they are created to put people into worst mood. They are the main reason of hatred ,deppression, anxiety etc. I suffered from them a lot and I was able to get rid of their negativity. I think they are not only religious icons , they are pathological creatures that affect our subconscious side. Human being is not capable of perceive their existence but we feel most of the time unexplicably anxious or upset because of them. Or we do things that make us feel bad again because of the impulses that they send our brain .

  5. It’s up to ourselves to protect ourselves by following God’s will, with the Holy Spirit.

  6. I believe I’ve been attacked by an INCUBUS once. I opened a portal to the demon when I delved into Tarot cards. After that, I began to have nightly visitations from a sexual demon. It came to a point that I thought I was going blind because I found it hard to open my eyes in most mornings. And I couldn’t move or twist my body and I was unable to speak-it was the demon oppressing me. But thankfully, an evangelical pastor prayed over me and I recovered. I warn all Christians never to try playing with Tarot cards even out of curiosity or for fun’s sake-the demons will boomerang on you.

  7. HI Sister Simona, I was a terrible drug user, I was actually taken over by the devils and would lose hours of time and when I would come back to my awareness, I would find myself in the middle of some strange behavior, this happened many times. One time I was laying down on my couch and the light were down, I could see silhouettes of things in the room and as I drifted off to sleep (so I thought) The objects morphed into demonic monsters. I awoke 30 minutes later talking to someone on the phone spewing demonic tongues. Demons are very real! Like You & Chris Lasala I broke down before God & HE Miracously purged me from most of them and Instructed me to preach and pray deliverance to people. The Only Way out is Through our Lord Jesus Christ!

    • Thanks so much for sharing this testimony, Diane. You may benefit from reading the latest article on demons on my site. It’s the information coming from an exorcist. I hope now you got freed from the demonic strongholds.

  8. Where can I find someone who can cleanse myself and family members from spiritual oppression? We are in southern CA Inland Empire

  9. Anonymous says:

    I became a Christian in my teens, but I strongly believe that I was oppressed for over 20 years. I came across your article and I exhibited 9 of the 10 signs. (Let’s just leave it at that.) After my second divorce, I was extremely unwell physically and mentally. I ended up dating a Catholic man believe it or not, and we are actually engaged. I am now back in church and very healthy and happy. Perhaps he was sent by God to help bring me out of my darkness.

    At any rate, if you are reading this and you feel something in your life isn’t quite right, and you recognize any of these signs, please get help. Above all, know it can get better. And it will. Anything is possible through God and our Savior Jesus Christ.


  11. Son of JESUS says:

    Wow thank you no longer will I let these demons control me! There is power in the name of JESUS!! Our lord and saviour. GOD almighty yaway the prince of peace the Holy Ghost shine your light on my oh lord I beg you Jesus you are the only way oh lord I humble myself to you Dear lord shine your light through the darkness cleanse me of my sins and deliver me from evil no longer will I be in bondage oh god you are my shepherd dear Jesus I will follow you for the rest of eternity into your light dear god you are merciful sweet Jesus I commit my life to you dear god you are the all mighty Jesus i beg for you Jesus turn my back to the darkness oh lord you are the way. Sincerely a lost sheep humbling myself to you

  12. Corrine says:

    I have had dreams sexual dreams that seem so real and i have also have done sexual immorality please prqy for me i also feel one time i feel that i was not in control of my own thoughts

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