Demon Attacks After Being Saved by Jesus

It’s very usual to experience demon attacks after being saved by Jesus. In fact, I’ve never heard an ex new ager claim that there were no demon attacks after the renouncing of the occult practices.

The reason many yogis, meditators, and other new agers don’t experience any major demon manifestations is because they’re doing everything right for the Kingdom of Satan.

Only after renouncing these practices do the demons get mad and show their real faces. And then hell on earth breaks loose, and many new agers report seeing demons attempting to attack them or whispering to them that they’re not saved and that they’re still headed for hell.

I literally went through hell after renouncing all these occult practices, but some ex new agers go through a much worse hell than I did myself. For example, Chris Lasala, a brother in Christ whom I love dearly for all the work he does for humanity, told in his Jesus testimony that he was even lifted from his bed and that physical objects were flying around his room.

He was really deep into the occult, often astral projecting out of his body. And then God decided to show him what he’s astral projecting into. God dropped the veil to show that he was not actually flying around his room but was in the kingdom of demons.

That realm was so thick with demons that he compared it with a busy anthill – those demons were crawling on walls and on each other, and it was ugly and horrible to see.

You can watch his testimony here, and he talks about his astral projection experiences from around 29 minutes into the video.

My Personal Hell

When I renounced yoga, meditation, Hinduism, Buddhism, Palmistry and all the other occult practices (you can find a list of them here), I almost tangibly felt the battle of two kingdoms for my soul.

I felt pulled towards the Bible, but then there was an attempt to make me doubt the validity of my conversion – I was attempted to be convinced that all this wasn’t serious and that the new age was the truth.

No wonder it’s said in the Bible:

Ephesians KJV Bible Quote

Satan definitely doesn’t want to let go of any captured soul. So he will try to firstly tempt you to switch back. This might be done through making you doubt the Bible or the Biblical God, or making you recall pleasant memories about your life prior to the conversion, or in some similar way.

And if that doesn’t work out, he will change his strategy and try to intimidate you into submission. When that doesn’t work, he will attempt to kill you but won’t be able to do so since you’re now under the protection of Jesus, because:

For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord will be saved.

— Romans 10 13

So when Satan couldn’t win back my soul, I started experiencing physical accidents which never happened in my life before. For example, at that time I was in Rishikesh, India, and one stray bull slightly injured me with his horn, which never happened before in my four years of staying in India. No wonder Shiva is called the “Lord of the Beasts”, so I guess when I renounced his yoga teachings he got mad at me and tried to kill me through the beast.

And after this accident, when I was still healing (I had a huge bruise from it and a small scratch) I almost got paralyzed by accidentally injuring my lower spine, to the extent that several days I couldn’t even bend down. I feared that this injury wouldn’t heal, but with God’s help it did. Never before have I experienced anything like this.

I couldn’t sleep and I would keep the lights on at night because I was scared of those demons. I felt them around me, but God was merciful and didn’t permit me to see those ugly creatures. Though many ex new agers do, and the demons talk to them too which should be quite scary because in such a case they will openly show their hate for humans as those humans are no longer headed for hell.

I guess those who were involved with communicating with (fake) ascended masters have quite frightening experiences after renouncing new age, since then those fake masters show their real faces that are demonic:

And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

2 Corinthians 11 14

But during this personal hell I never turned away from God. I always prayed to Him during this trial, and after several months it finished, though I watched some testimonies of ex new agers who say that they experienced demon torture much longer than this. I guess it depends on how deeply you were involved in the occult.

This fiery trial is necessary to purify you, to make you stronger, and for God to be sure that you don’t turn away from Him during hard times.

Peter KJV Bible Quote

An Indian Woman Attacked by Hindu Spirits

I liked the testimony of this Indian woman who was deeply involved into worshiping Shiva and when she tried to renounce her involvement with the Shiva cult and yoga (Shiva is the father of yoga) she saw the manifestation of a frog-like faced demon who ordered her:

Do more yoga.

I highly encourage you to watch this lady’s full video testimony, as you’ll learn a lot about demon attacks and the deception of Hinduism:

People also report demons encouraging them to smoke, do drugs, or go and hurt other people. Just because yoga is dressed more smartly, people fall for this satanic practice not understanding that it’s the same evil as the more obvious manifestations of it.

Of course the devil won’t reveal that yoga is demonic because then most people wouldn’t do it. So he sells it in an attractive package that promises peace, health and longevity, and people readily buy into it.

Occult Practices May Appear Innocent At First

Just because it looks good, it doesn’t mean that it is. Most occult practices look great in theory and at the beginning, but when you go deep into them, they start changing in appearance and that wrapping starts wearing out.

For example, just before my conversion, when my third eye was getting really active, I would sometimes see the eye of the beast during my meditations. It was a single bloody eye staring at me in a black background.

It was weird, but I didn’t consider it evil because I was fooled by the Hindu doctrine about the absence of evil – the doctrine that convinced me that evil is just a personal projection, and I think psychology, being of the occult, teaches pretty much the same.

Another ex new-ager, during her meditation, heard an audible voice which said “Illuminati”. This frightened her, and she renounced this evil practice after this experience, which was very smart of her –  I wasn’t that smart to do it after the bloody eye vision.

Also, some misguided Hindu people or new agers say that all these evil visions are given to you to test you. To test you for what? In the Bible we read that:

(…) God is Light, and in Him there is no darkness at all.

1 John 1 5

I don’t believe that God would turn into Satan to test you because the Bible says that we should:

Abstain from all appearance of evil.

1 Thessalonians 5 22

It’s only Satan’s twisted philosophies that change people’s minds and therefore such people no longer see the obvious – that if you see evil, you shouldn’t get involved in it but should stay away. It’s so obvious to me now, but at that time I was so brainwashed that such a normal reasoning was foreign to me.

So I was directly faced with something totally satanic, yet because of my belief in the goodness of meditation I continued this practice.

How I Started Losing Control

At the beginning I was totally in control of my ‘spiritual’ experiences. But when you get deep enough, you no longer decide when to see visions – the third eye just gets active by itself and you find yourself in the other realm.

I went so deep that I no longer needed to tune into that realm – it started reaching me in my physical dimension. So, for example, one night, I suddenly heard a high pitched sound inside my head originating from my third eye. Right after this I saw on the wall a very clear black outline of a medieval ship with many sails. It was moving across the wall of my half-lit room, slowly swinging as though on choppy water.

Then it came off the wall and started circling around me.

I closed my eyes, then opened them again, and it was still circling around me. It was weird and scary, because I was no longer able to tune out of such an experience like before.

I guess that was the last vision that I saw, because soon after I accepted Jesus and was saved, and God closed my third eye as well as my crown chakra.

I never, ever want to experience anything like this again. These eastern doctrines promise you enlightenment, but instead of enlightenment you get used by demons.

Thanks God I was fast enough to accept Jesus as my Savior and get the Holy Spirit which sealed me to God. Otherwise I would have ended up like the demon-possessed Hindu gurus claiming to be gods, yet doing very ungodly things like having sex with their teenage devotees, making people slave for their multi-million dollar empires for free, or transferring their own demons to their disciples:

There’s nothing holy about these eastern practices. All you end up with is a bunch of evil spirits in you. The quicker you renounce these practices, the less tortured by the demons you will be.

Don’t wait until those entities fully control you, like you can see in the video above. Renounce them now, and change your direction from the Kingdom of Hell to the Kingdom of Heaven.