A Dangerous Teaching in Christianity

One of the most dangerous teachings that I’ve heard in Christian circles is some Christians claiming that saved people cannot have demons.

I call this belief dangerous because of two reasons: it might cause saved people to doubt their salvation and we must keep our faith until our deaths to be given the crown of life (Revelation 2:10).

Another reason why this teaching is dangerous is because this might make people think that they are saved when they are not. If a definite change in kingdoms doesn’t take place, you still belong to Satan.

Such teaching has no Biblical basis, because Jesus told that He was the only one who had nothing of Satan in Him (John 14:30). That’s the reason Sheol could not hold him and Satan had to hand the keys of hell over to Him.

Jesus also knew what was in man (John 2:25) therefore he needed no man to testify of Him. What was in man that Jesus talked about? If Jesus said that he had nothing of Satan in Him, and that He knew what was in man, I believe those were the demons that He was talking about.

Since the fall, all humanity became enslaved to Satan. Everyone automatically belongs to Satan until they are born again. Only when you receive the Holy Spirit the change of kingdoms takes place, because the Holy Spirit moves into you and causes massive unrest of demons that dwelt in you sometimes from your very birth.

Although God’s laws protect from Satan, they don’t protect from generational curses and demons. Therefore even if you would have observed Torah from your very childhood, your family would be automatically cursed if someone in your past generations would be involved in witchcraft. That’s because God cursed such people up to the third or fourth generation (Exodus 20:5).

So even though you have been living like a saint from your very childhood, demons might still be in your bloodline and will remain there until you break the curse by apologizing to God for your past generations’ mistakes and burn those evil covenants with the fire from Heaven.

In the Bible we read Jesus and apostles casting out demons only in the most serious cases, and the same applies to healing. We find them healing major illnesses with the exception of Peter’s mother in law who was healed of fever (Matthew 8:14). So with the exception of that healing, we find them healing withered hands, blindness, inability to walk, or even raising the dead.

The same is the case with demons – only major cases were dealt with, when people would cast themselves into fire, or when they were totally possessed and would therefore cut themselves and act as though they had lost their minds.

So this makes me believe that Jesus and apostles only healed those who were in most trouble. If they would have to spend time healing people of minor illnesses and casting out minor demons, they would not be able to travel anywhere because every single person in Jerusalem would require some healing work.

So the facts that:

  1. Jesus was the only person that had nothing of Satan in Him
  2. Jesus knew what was in man
  3. He and apostles healed only people most severely affected by demons

… shows us that the claim that Christians cannot have demons has no Biblical basis.

We are also exhorted in the New Testament to continuously fight sin and put the old man to death. How would that be possible if no demons would dwell in us, which cause us to sin? Don’t be mistaken about it – it’s the demons that cause people to lust, masturbate, smoke, overeat and commit other sins.

Demons cannot be satisfied no matter how much they indulge themselves, as we read in the Book of Enoch:

And the spirits of the giants afflict, oppress, destroy, attack, do battle, and work destruction on the earth, and cause trouble: they take no food, ⌈but nevertheless hunger⌉ and thirst, and cause offences.

People mistakenly think that it’s them who desire fornication, eating when they are not hungry, and smoking. These are ever-hungry demons in them who use people as vessels to satisfy themselves through, yet they never can. So they keep those people captive in those harmful habits, and those habits will only leave them when demons are expelled from them.

All unholy things are caused by demons. Even the act of arguing. When you expel many demons from yourself, you become so calm that you would never want to argue with anyone because you would know it’s evil. I’m not talking about reproving sin or feeling righteous indignation, but bickering that people do, or argue for the sake or arguing. Such arguments are caused by demons, and demons drain people through them.

So unless a person lives the life of a saint, then surely they have demons living in them. If they wouldn’t have, Sheol would not be able to hold them and they would resurrect just like Jesus.

A change of kingdoms

When you get saved, a definite change of kingdoms takes place. When you receive the Holy Spirit, you get transferred to the kingdom of God and become the child of God. This causes trembling of demons in your body, because they have just lost you. That doesn’t mean all of them will go, but it means they don’t have the power to drag you to hell after death.

Some demons will leave you after you are saved, but those who have the legal right to dwell in you will stay until those rights are broken. If you live in holiness, God will help you to uncover all such agreements, even marriage agreements with them. If you do something for God (such as helping the poor), God will also do something for you.

You will also feel that when you grow in holiness, the Holy Spirit will get stronger in you and will actually help you to cast out demons by itself. What I mean is that sometimes you might even get visions or dreams of the Holy Spirit casting out demons on its own, or even ordering those demons to leave – this is based on my personal experience.

The reason these days everyone is heavily demonized is because we live in end times. Satan knows his time is short, so his wrath is great and he tries to demonize people to the degree that they would not be able to get saved. He does that by using many methods, like through the music industry, movies, chemicals in the air (chemtrails which load the body with heavy metals), unhealthy food and false religions. It seems that everywhere you turn there is a trap, but the Holy Spirit lights the way and protects you from such snares.

People who have no protection of the Holy Spirit will fall into all these traps and will get heavily demonized. Now many people already act as zombies, so when the mark of the beast will be in place, they will surely get it. Even Christians who don’t live holy and do not recognize the voice of God are at great risk.

We are supposed to be the light of the world, and if the salt has lost its savour, it’s useless. So Christians should do their best to learn to be guided by God only, and not by the trends of the world, money, or their own selves. Only then they would contribute to the Kingdom of God and would be considered good servants.

Spiritual blindness in these days is very dangerous, so it’s very sad to find Christians who don’t believe in demons or who don’t believe that demons can dwell in them. If they don’t believe in demons, then they also don’t believe in Satan; and if they don’t believe in Satan, why would they need a Saviour? Those people aren’t even saved and only follow the Christian tradition because their parents did.

And if they don’t believe that demons can dwell in Christians, this shows to me that the transfer of kingdoms did not take place in their lives, which means that they still belong to Satan, or that they are so spiritually blinded that they did not feel that major change of allegiance. This would be very unusual, because when you are saved your life totally changes. So if that change is not there, I would be very concerned.

It’s told in the Bible to work out our salvation with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12); so I would advise all people who didn’t experience any real change in their lives after being saved to pray to God to make sure if they have really received the Holy Spirit.

When you receive the Holy Spirit you receive the light of the world. You see the world as it is and you stop living in your head and in concepts. If you were involved in false religions, that spell which you were under breaks and you see those religions for what they were – tools of Satan. And when you receive the Holy Spirit, you know that your life is dedicated to serve Jesus. If you did not feel anything like this, pray to God to reveal to you your spiritual state.


It’s ignorant and dangerous for some Christians to claim that born-again Christians cannot have demons. This shows to me that such Christians follow the traditions of men and not the Bible, and that it’s unlikely that they are saved.

That’s because all humankind belongs to Satan unless they receive the Spirit of God. Which means that all humanity has demons living in them; but those demons do not show themselves because they are comfortable in the bodies of those who belong to Satan.

However, when you get saved, major unrest happens in your body because demons know that they have lost the power to drag you to hell. That doesn’t make them all move out of your body, just the weak ones leave. Those who have legal grounds will stay in your body until the covenants are broken.

If you, after being saved, did not feel that change of kingdoms take place, you are either not saved or you are spiritually blinded. Apostles talked about spiritual battles, the importance of putting away sin and killing the old man, and Paul even disclosed that the thorn of Satan was in Him. How would all such verses be applicable to Christians if after being saved they’re no longer affected by Satan?

As long as people sin, it’s a sign that demons are still in them. Many born-again Christians backslide and have difficulty with ending different sinful habits. This is a clear sign that demons still live in them, but the difference between them and the unsaved people is that born-again believers have the power to cast out demons whilst others have no such authority.

So if born-again believers strive to live holy, they indeed can more and more resemble Christ, and find real freedom in this fallen world. Some deliverance ministers think it impossible for people to be completely free from demons because it’s only Jesus that had nothing of Satan in him; but let’s hope that all of us eventually can be as clean as He was, because Jesus also told that we will do even greater things than Him (John 14:12).

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  1. Amen! I love your ensuthiasm & love for the Holy Spirit

  2. Hi Simona long time reader, first time in a while commenter. Everything you write about touches my heart. I’m a Sikh. I’m not fully informed on what my religion stands for. But I know it says there’s is only one true God and only he is the ruler of the universe.
    Satin has the right to put us on the wrong path bc of our fall. I just want to know simona what do u think about the teaches of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. They forbid All demonic worship like beliveing in many gods and praying to idols. Please tell me what u think

    • Also I feel like there is a generational demon that is in our family, which when I was a kid I never liked believing in them when the family would do the rituals and now knowing after you posts that, my parents do rituals for them. I tried talking to my mom about the spirits and she got really upset like I took her life away from her. She was furious. She told me they do nothing but help us in the life. But I can tell from the situation of my family that, that is not true at all. Nobody gets along with anyone. I just don’t know what to do. I can’t talk to anyone about it in my fam bc they think I’m stupid and not practical. Plz give me some advice which can change my life.
      Thank you for ur help. And I hope u get where u want to be.

      • That’s a demon in your mother reacting and not her. You need to break all generational curses whether your mom agrees with that or not. Please refer to my article on how demons enter dreams, I talk about how to break covenants there.

    • Hi, Jatinder. Sikhism is a mix of Islam and Hinduism. Many “holy” people of different religions are pro-peace, like Buddha was. That doesn’t make them truly enlightened, they are deceived. I was also pro-peace when I was into new age and some readers called me a saint, yet I was totally deceived and serving Satan all that time, without knowing this. So that doesn’t make these religious leaders evil; some really think they are doing the right thing.

      The problem is that no matter how good you are, if you have sinned even once in your life, you fell from the perfection that God is. And the only way to be reconciled with God is through Jesus because He never sinned. So we live in Jesus when we accept Him as our saviour, and therefore God sees us as righteous because He sees Jesus and not really us – we are covered by Him, so to speak.

      I hope this makes sense. Thanks for being so open to look outside of your faith, and if you have more questions, please ask.

      • Thanks a lot for the input Simona but in my religion it talked about how when meeting with the holy spirit he removes our duality from our hearts, so we can then focuse on the truth.. And the only way to lift the veil of Illusion is to pray early in the morning when the sun gets up and speak the true lords name. I’m very meek I have no willpower. So when you said that you have to untie all nots with the creation demon. How can I do that when I still sin. Will she not come after me?
        Thank you simona for spreading the truth

        • You are weak because you don’t have the Holy Spirit. You need to get it, but it can only come when you accept Jesus as your saviour. There’s no other way to receive it. When you get the Holy Spirit you will have the Power and Authority to cast out demons and break covenants. When you receive that Power your life will totally change. Do not accept any other counterfeit spirits as only through Jesus you receive the Spirit of God.

          Also praying early in the morning as the only way to lift the veil of illusion is a superstition. God hears you every time you pray, He doesn’t make such appointments as to only hear people at particular time, because God is beyond time. You don’t need to lift any veil of illusion as this will get you into a demonic realm as it did me when I did it. All you need is to be saved from this fallen world, and you do so through accepting Jesus as your saviour.

          • I understand what ur saying and I appreciate it a lot. But in sikhism guru nanak got the holy spirit after he went into the water and didn’t come out for 3 days. And that’s when he said no Hindus or Muslims. I believe it ment that these religions will not take u all the way. Only the holy spirit can get u there. Plz don’t think I’m bothering or bugging you. I’m just very lost in this big and fake world. Where ppl lie for a loving.
            Thank you once again for understanding and listening.

          • If Guru Nanak didn’t know Jesus he got another spirit, and not the Holy Spirit. Just because a person seems holy doesn’t mean they have the Holy Spirit, because Satan also can transform himself into an angel of light and deceive almost everyone. Holy Spirit is given only by Jesus, because He was given authority by God to give it to us because He was the only one that lived without sin and therefore defeated the ruler of this world – Satan.

      • Stephen Saucier says:

        OMG. You have such a deep understanding.If you feel like it.Please em me (edited out) This was an email from a company that I sold. Truly no one really care’s.God Bless you my Christian sister.This is Stephen Saucier Stef.
        Broke up in a 9 month relationship.’We just wanted wanted different things.
        I believe that we are not equally yoked.
        The Bible is the book for man’s happiness and how to live
        It’s the manufactures’s guide for man

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