Reclaim Your Beauty from Beast System – Avoid Commercial Body Care – Here Are Alternatives

In this post I’m not going to go into the reasons why you should avoid all (and I mean all) the commercial body care products because there’s already a lot of information about it online, like how aborted fetus cells are put into facial creams and lipsticks, and that some perfumes are based on witchcraft spells and that all the chemical ingredients in commercial body care products are toxic to your body, so your body absorbs poison when you put that stuff on your skin.

Demons feed on that which is unclean, be it your life of sin or the unclean things that put into your body. So Christians should make sure that they avoid not only sin, but also toxic body care products as well as unhealthy foods (and I’m not perfect in the last point but I’m transitioning to a completely healthy diet at this moment).

In this article I will focus on giving advice on how to replace all your body and hair care items with natural ingredients, and this advice is based on my own experience of around ten years plus.

I’ve been using only natural body care products for that long (and was experimenting with it since around the age of nineteen), with the exception of eye makeup which I also stopped using a few years before getting saved, and then after I got saved I wore mineral makeup a few times, but thankfully I stopped using it after those few times because my skin started looking bad even after wearing it for such a short period of time.

And I also stopped wearing herbal kajal which is natural but I can no longer use it, because I got convicted by the Holy Spirit when I resumed wearing it after being saved, and also because of the fact that it was used in India and Egypt for seducing men and actually subduing them if particular combination of ingredients was mixed together to make that eye-tint. So beware, men, of women using kajal on their eyes!


Men, beware! Some herbal kajal types are based on witchcraft recipes to subdue men.


So in this article I will discuss how to care for your facial skin, body, hair, and I will give some advice about eye and tooth care as well.

Facial care – cleansing and exfoliation

You can remove dirt from your skin with any kind of edible oil, and then make a mixture of water and something like Fuller’s earth clay and apply it on your skin with circular movements and then wash it off with water in order to remove the oil, and you have just cleansed your skin in a natural way.

Oil also removes makeup much faster than any commercial makeup removers and it will save you a lot of money (I’m telling this in case you still wear makeup, but I hope you’re transitioning to the natural God-given look). So to remove makeup with oil you simply apply some oil to your face with your fingers or cotton, then wait for some time, depending on what kind of makeup you want to remove (it takes longer to remove mascara), and then take some cotton and wipe it off, and apply Fuller’s earth and water mixture to your face in circular movements and wash it off with water.

But if you don’t use makeup, then you can simply wash the dust off your facial skin with warm water only and then dry it with a cotton towel that’s a little rough so that you naturally stimulate and exfoliate your skin. And when you feel the need for deeper cleansing, then you can apply some clay powder to do so, such as the mentioned Fuller’s earth or French Green Clay (I don’t remember if I used French Green Clay in the past or just intended to. I’ve been using Fuller’s earth for a long time, and that’s why I recommend it). I don’t usually keep the clay powder mix as a mask but only massage it into the skin and wash it off quite quickly, so it serves as a mild exfoliator.

You can also exfoliate your skin with a natural mixture of spices, such as ground cinnamon, sandalwood, red sandalwood and turmeric, but if you use turmeric, don’t keep it long on skin unless you want to look yellow. So turmeric is really good for skin as it’s anti-bacterial and it has healing properties, but once you apply it, you should remove it fast, or just use it in small quantities in mixtures, and not alone because then definitely you will end up yellow.

And if you do end up with a yellow tint, don’t worry, you just need to apply oil on your face and wait for some time, and remove it with a cotton pad, and go through the routine of how to cleanse skin that I’ve already mentioned, which is by using clay powder mix.

And since I’ve mentioned turmeric, I must also add that it’s perfect for healing of small wounds, so if you have some cut or anything like this, simply clean the cut or wound and apply a pinch of turmeric powder on it if it’s not deep, and then bandage that area and let it heal.


Turmeric has excellent healing qualities and can be used for skin and even taken internally for anti-bacterial action.


This kind of care for skin will get your skin into natural balance. On the other hand, chemical ingredients get the skin out of balance and that’s why people get oily skin all the time or the skin looks bad. But if you don’t disturb your skin with these toxic substances but only use such natural ways to care for it, you will notice that after a few months it will look much better.

(And that reminds me that if you have dark circles under your eyes, it might be hereditary, but it can also be due to the overworking of your adrenal glands because of the caffeine abuse, so if you suffer from this, avoid tea and coffee.)

Also, all the commercial lotions and similar products damage skin and make it age faster because of the heavy load of toxic ingredients in those products. The skin gets tired of fighting all these unnatural substances all the time, and so it ages. So if you stick to natural ingredients, your skin will heal and it will look youthful for a longer time.

And since I’ve touched on the topic of youth, you also prolong youth if you don’t abuse your body in any way, which means overeating, drinking, smoking, not drinking enough water (with the exception of dry fasting), breathing highly polluted air, as well as having frequent sexual intercourse, and that’s something you don’t hear often, but it’s true.

Because sexual intercourse was designed to create a baby, and I’m not saying you cannot enjoy your husband or wife this way for the sake of closeness, but I advise you not to abuse this procreative function because you do it at the expense of your youth, intelligence, awareness and general well-being. When you abstain from sexual relationships your health becomes really good, your immune system works perfectly, and you just look younger for longer than usual.

Those who abuse this function usually lose their good eyesight very quickly, they lose that shine in the eyes, they lose a general radiant look, and they usually succumb to any common virus that people around them catch, like influenza, for example. These are sure signs that that function is abused, as well as when people get annoyed quickly for small things, they get cold very fast when exposed to cooler environments, it takes a long time for them to start functioning, so to speak, after they wake up, and they don’t recover from diseases quickly.

So I got a little bit off-topic here, but I thought it’s important to let you know this.

Facial care – moisturizing

Although for around ten years I was using oil as a skin moisturizer,  and you can see that in my older videos as my skin looked a little shiny, I eventually stopped using it. I used to use extra virgin coconut oil and sometimes jojoba oil as it most resembles natural human body oil so it’s easy for the skin to absorb it. I also had success in using extra virgin almond oil.

The good thing about using oil is that you prevent new wrinkles from forming and it acts as a natural sunscreen, but I also use an umbrella since I usually stay in really hot countries and natural sunscreen is just not enough. But the disadvantage of using oil is that the skin tends to look shiny, and you may develop pimples on your skin, especially if you use lesser quality oil. I used to really like applying oil on my skin very often to keep it moisturized in a hot climate but I quite often suffered from this negative consequence of developing pimples on my skin.

So eventually I transitioned to what I believe is the best face moisturizer there is.  And that’s aloe vera. It’s perfect, because firstly, once you buy the plant, you will have this moisturizer for many years, so you save a lot of money. Secondly, you have it totally fresh, so you get all the goodness of aloe vera absorbed into your skin ever day. Thirdly, it’s a good natural protection against the sun. Also, it’s not oily so your skin doesn’t look shiny and so you don’t get pimples; yet it does the job of moisturizing your skin. And finally, it gives you a fresh look as it soothes the skin. So this is my personal favorite, and I highly recommend it both for men and women.

Before you apply any moisturizer...

To use it, simply cut off one leaf of the plant and when you need to moisturize your skin, cut it sideways in half if the leaf is small (as much as you need), then take both inner parts of the leaf and apply it on your skin. Then you can use your fingers to massage the gel in, if you applied quite a lot and it doesn’t get absorbed straight away.

If you buy the aloe vera plant that’s big, then just cut the leaf close to the root, and then cut a slice of it with a knife, cut out the gel part of the leaf and then smooth this gel all over your face. You can keep the cut leaf for a very long time, maybe for two weeks or so.

Aloe vera plant

Natural Body care

Instead of using shower gels you can use Fuller’s earth to wash yourself with; another good option is mung bean powder mixed with water that’s widely used in India and I used to use it as well whilst I was there. I like it but it leaves a mess in your bathroom and it can clog your shower drain if you use a lot of it, so be careful.

If you want extra exfoliation you can rub natural sugar into your body once it gets wet and then wash it off, and you can also use different spice mixtures to exfoliate your body with, having ingredients such as the coconut oil for its base and then adding natural sugar, a little bit of ginger for better blood circulation, and then adding ground cinnamon, a pinch of turmeric, maybe some nutmeg and some essential oil. You can easily make your own scrub at home, and there are many recipes online of such scrubs.

In India people use coconut husks to scrub their bodies with and they’re really effective, or you can use loofah sponge to do so, or a shower brush with natural bristles, or simply use a rough cotton towel after you finish bathing to dry yourself with, and this again is very beneficial to you skin as it increases blood circulation.

Many uses of coconut husks

Hair Care – combing

A wood comb is much better than any other comb, especially if you get the one made of a neem tree which is really beneficial for hair. Or you can use a wood brush too but a comb really does the job once you get used to it.

The reason why the wood comb is more beneficial than a usual comb is because it doesn’t irritate your scalp because it’s natural, and it distributes your natural hair oil equally, right to the hair ends, so the oil stays not only in your scalp but gets to the ends of your hair as well, making hair healthier.

If you buy such a comb, make sure that the ends of it are not sharp but smooth so that they don’t damage your scalp.

Neem tree wood combs

Neem tree wood comb is most beneficial for your hair and scalp.


Hair care – washing

There are many natural options for washing your hair. I really like using hibiscus flower and leaves when I’m in South India because that plant is everywhere there and the advantage of the hibiscus hair wash is that it not only cleanses your hair but also moisturizes it.

Hibiscus plant

I use this kind of hibiscus plant (there are many varieties of it) to wash my hair with when I’m in South India.


When you crush hibiscus flower and leaves with a stone (the traditional way) or rub it between your hands until it becomes foamy, (or blend it with some water in a blender), and then you put some water and make it into a mixture, then you should work it into your hair and scalp thoroughly. If you want a more lathery feel, you should use more hibiscus flowers than leaves in the mixture.

You can leave this mixture on your hair for around 30 minutes if you want your hair to be more shiny and for it to receive more nourishment from the plant.

I know people also use hibiscus flower powder and I think I tried it also. But if you buy this powder, make sure it’s not mixed with henna powder because it will change the color of your hair into more reddish or brown, because it’s a natural coloring agent. Indian brides have henna tattoos on their hands which last for a week or more. Some men and women in India also use henna to make their hair look more brown or reddish.

Henna plant

Another good alternative to shampoo is Fuller’s earth or similar clay powders, especially for hair which is oily. Do not leave this mixture of clay and water long on your hair as it may dry it too much, and do not apply it on your hair ends because of this reason. So make the mixture, thoroughly apply it on your scalp, and then wash it off.

If you wash your hair very often, you can use only water to wash the dirt off it and then use once in one or two weeks something like clay or some spice mixture for deeper cleansing. For example, because I stay in hot countries, I wash my hair almost every day. So because I wash my hair often I do not not deep cleansing all the time.

Beware that if you always use harsh substances on your hair, you destroy natural oil balance in your hair and it might get oily a day or two after washing, and that’s a sign that that balance is lost because of all the chemical substances that you use on your hair.

I must warn you that when you transition from using commercial hair and body care to using natural ingredients, both hair and body will have to go through a transition process, because they will naturally start detoxifying as a result of years of abuse. So firstly it’s likely that your hair and body will look even worse than before. But you need to go through this process until the detoxification is done, and then both your hair and body will get back to their natural balance and very minimal care will be needed to keep them looking good.

Personally, it took me around six months to really transition, but I do not regret doing that at all, because now I only need to wake up, wash may face with water, dry it with a towel, apply some aloe vera, and I’m ready to go. It saves a lot of time and money, it increases my self-confidence, and it’s just nice to know that I don’t abuse my hair and body in any way.

If you want something similar to soap which thoroughly removes dirt from your hair, a good option is soap nuts, which are big berries of a soap nut plant which are dried and they come in a powder form or you can soak them for some time and then crush them and sieve the liquid for you to use on your hair:

Soap nut berries

Soap nut berries can be used instead of normal soap and they can even be used to wash your clothes with or for cleaning anything else.


Soap nut berries are usually used for washing clothes, but you can surely wash your skin and hair with it as it’s completely natural, but just don’t keep it long on your skin because it removes dirt quickly and we want our skin and hair to be kept in its natural (undisturbed) state as much as possible.

Let me expand on this point as it’s important.

It’s a mistake to disturb your skin and hair all the time with all kinds of lotions and potions because this keeps hair and body in a state of imbalance; therefore, if you want to have healthy skin and hair you should disturb them as little as possible.

So minimal skin and hair care with natural ingredients does just that. You help the skin to cleanse itself, and after that you help the skin to make up for the loss of natural oils (due to cleansing) by applying some natural moisturizer, and then you leave the skin alone.

It’s like how you would treat a wound. You would not keep cleaning and applying new medicine on it all the time as it would not allow the healing process to take place, but you would cleanse the wound once, apply the medicine, put a bandage over it, and let it do its natural healing.

The same applies to beauty care. We do not want to interfere with the natural processes of skin, we just help to cleanse it and moisturize it, and that’s it. And you will find that if you do not bother skin by frequent deep cleansings and so forth, it will look much healthier.

It goes without saying that drinking lots of water and eating good food also improves the way that your skin and hair look.

Try washing your hair only with warm or cool water, but avoid hot water as it’s too harsh for your scalp and even though you may no longer use chemical ingredients that strip off your natural hair oil, hot water would do it. So stick to warm or cold water only, and the best way to wash your hair is to firstly wash it with warm water and then finish off with cold, because this makes the hair shine as cold water closes hair cuticles and so it even may prevent split ends.

Water-only hair washing

So as you can see, the less you touch your hair and disturb its natural processes, the more you’re helping it to look good. If you don’t believe me, just google about washing hair with water only, for example, and you will see pictures of how beautiful hair looks when it’s not assaulted by all sorts of chemical ingredients.

For example, this lady whose picture I’ve found online, uses only water to wash her hair with:

Natural hair

This lady also uses no shampoo to wash her hair with:

Natural hair

This is how it looks like when a woman used no shampoo for eighteen months:

Natural hair

So I’m not joking about it. Leaving your hair alone will make it heal and it will be as beautiful as it can possibly be. This is the kind of washing that I normally do, and whet it needs deeper cleansing, I use Fuller’s earth, or if I’m in South India, then I use hibiscus flowers and leaves.

If you want to see how my natural hair looks like, you can watch my older videos where I don’t wear head covering. I started using bleach on my hair since I was around sixteen till around the age of 21, and I wish I wouldn’t have done this because I damaged my hair greatly, as it used to be really thick and shiny. But since the start of treating my hair well it has recovered quite a lot and now I’m happy with the way that it looks.

So do not let the media deceive you. You can achieve the same glamorous look without all those expensive chemical shampoos and sprays. You will save a lot of money, and your hair will be much healthier if you just stick to natural products or wash your hair with water only most of the time. And it goes without saying that you will also end up saving a lot of money.

Hair drying

Let your hair dry naturally or if you must use a hair-drier, do not dry it with hot air or cold air, but only warm. Also, when you finish washing your hair, dry it with a towel by rubbing it with a towel from scalp towards the hair ends for a few times to distribute natural hair oil more equally from the scalp to the ends.

Hair care – moisturizing

I personally use coconut oil to moisturize my hair with. Around a year ago I transitioned to using usual Indian coconut oil with other ingredients (just normal hair oil that Indian women use with a jasmine scent) but I found that it made my hair drier, so I transitioned back to using only coconut oil on my hair.

Since my hair is only dry at its ends, I only apply that oil to hair ends, and I don’t apply anything on the rest of my hair because I do not use any harsh ingredients to wash my hair with, so I do not strip away its natural oils so it is naturally moisturized. But because I live in sunny places, my hair ends tend to get dry because of the frequent exposure to the sun and because of the fact that it’s quite long, so that’s why I need to use oil on hair ends.

But if your hair is dry, you should even massage the oil into the scalp, and in India many people firstly massage the oil into the scalp and hair, and then wash their hair with some natural or unnatural substances, and then dry it, and apply no moisturizer after washing.

Many people in India have very good hair, so this really works for them. I personally like to apply hair oil after I wash my hair and when it has dried a little bit. So you can experiment with it. For example, my ex who had very thick and shiny hair, would usually use coconut oil for his hair, and nothing more. He would apply coconut oil on his hair and scalp, and then wash it with water. On rare occasions after applying hair oil, he would wash his hair with normal soap that people use for washing hands, but that wasn’t often.

My friend from Spain always used good quality olive oil to moisturize her hair with, and her hair looked amazing. So I recommend olive oil as a hair moisturizer as well. But I stick to coconut oil because I stay in countries where it’s abundant, so its price is good and you can get really good quality coconut oil here.

Hairspray alternative

Firstly, it’s better not to use hairspray at all because it’s vanity, and you will also find that when you don’t use harsh chemicals on your hair it will naturally become easy to control. But the last hairspray that I used, I guess it was around ten years ago I believe, and it was Aubrey Organics gum arabic hairspray which was really strong and I believe contained only natural ingredients, and it smelled nice also.

Eye care

If you need to use eyedrops, it’s better to just apply distilled or very pure water to your eyes, or very light cooled and filtered camomile tea which soothes the eyes. In India people use coconut oil for that and it works because it has antibacterial properties and moisturizes eyes, but if you do that, make sure it’s fresh virgin coconut oil, and it may sting for a little after you apply it. Oil drops soothe tired eyes and it’s also good to put a few drops of oil into your nose and ears if you live in a dry or dusty environment.

Natural tooth care

Throw away the toothpaste because it contains harmful ingredients. Glycerin which is responsible for the texture of the toothpaste leaves a film on your teeth for a very long time which is toxic because it’s petroleum-based. Toothpaste has almost nothing natural about it so it’s almost fully toxic, and you can read articles online about what each ingredient in your toothpaste does to your health.

There are many other things you can use instead of this poisonous beast-system invention. If you need teeth whitening, you can brush your teeth with bicarb soda but only sometimes, because it’s quite a harsh ingredient. The best thing to do is to brush your teeth with charcoal powder, this is the best one I have found. I really love it. Other options are different spice mixtures, but I personally found charcoal to be the best tooth cleanser there is.

Charcoal tablets

Activated charcoal tablets can be used for detoxification and charcoal powder is a perfect toothpaste replacement.


And, by the way, once in a while taking charcoal tablets helps remove heavy toxins from your body, so you should keep this amazing natural substance in your home all the time. It also can be used as a water filter, it cleanses the digestive tract, and it’s the safest medicine for poisoning or drug overdose.

Just make sure you get the activated charcoal made of coconut shells or other natural sources if you want to use them as medicine; and do not overuse them internally, as it has a powerful detoxifying effect on your body – it should only be used occasionally.

Clove is beneficial for teeth and gum health so you may want to chew one or two after a meal, and it will also quicken the digestive process since more saliva is produced which helps in digesting food. Clove oil is good for teeth and gum problems; but make sure to get the one that’s fully natural, and apply it in small quantities as it’s very strong.

In India when people wake up, they remove the toxins that have accumulated on their tongues during the night with a tongue cleaner that looks like this:

Tongue cleaner

They use either a copper or stainless steel one to clean their tongues with. I do it too, for twenty strokes as soon as I brush my teeth in the morning.

To scrape your tongue, just extend your tongue fully (and not how it’s shown in the pictures below) and then scrape it from as high as you can reach, right to the end of the tongue for around twenty times.

Here are two pictures that will help you to understand how to do it:

How to clean your tongue

By the way, if your tongue is heavily coated in the morning with a white or yellow substance, that’s a sign that you have a lot of toxins in your body so you should do something about it, such as fasting, drinking more water, exercising, eating healthy food and doing other things to help to get those toxins out of your body; because as I’ve mentioned in the beginning of this post, demons love to stay in toxic environments.

I find tongue cleaning to be very beneficial, because I do not want to internalize those toxins that the tongue expelled at night back into my body. So it became a normal routine for me, just as I would wash my face, brush my teeth or clean my ears.

Another thing you might choose to do for the detoxification of your mouth and whitening of your teeth and assuring the health of your teeth and gums is to do oil pulling. I used to do it, but not anymore, though if I would have again some teeth or gum problems, that would probably be the first thing that I would do.

Oil pulling can even help to prevent cavities according to those who use this method regularly. So to do oil pulling, you need to use good quality oil such as sesame seed or coconut oil, and take a good amount of it into your mouth but don’t swallow any of it, but just swish it around your mouth for twenty minutes, then spit it out, rinse your mouth well with warm water, and brush your teeth.

You should do this as soon as you wake up and continue until the condition of your teeth and gums improves, or you can make this into a regular morning routine if you so desire.

Natural deodorant

I personally use a crystal deodorant. Some crystal deodorants contain aluminum so you must check if the label says that it’s free from alcohol, chemicals and aluminum. Crystal deodorants are simply pieces of natural mineral salt rock, that’s all they are.

They may contain some other ingredients too, like some essential oils for a better scent, or turmeric for extra-anti-bacterial action, though the salt rock already has the antibacterial quality. These are really great alternatives to commercial deodorants which not only block sweat glands, but also can cause disease as a result of this violent action against the body.

Crystal deodorants, on the other hand, neutralize the bad smell of sweat instead of blocking sweat glands, so it allows the sweat glands to expel the sweat (so your body gets rid of toxins), but there’s no smell. So it doesn’t interfere with natural body processes, and that’s why it’s safe to use.

Crystal salt rock deodorant

Please handle this deodorant with care because if you drop it, it may break in pieces or break in half, and then the sharp edges might damage your skin if you try to use the broken product.

If you apply it properly, it will prevent the smell of sweat for sure, even for men. And the way to apply it properly is to firstly wet the crystal rock with water, then keep applying it to your dried armpits in circular motions even going beyond the area of the armpit, and do this for some time. And then allow the moisture to dry on your skin, and only then put on the upper garment.

I’ve been using crystal rock for many years, and I don’t think I will change this because it does its job, and also it lasts for a very long time, for a year or more, depending on its size. So again, you end up saving a lot of money.

I also used coconut oil base with different essential oils as a natural deodorant and it worked okay, but a crystal deodorant works much better. Many people do not use it properly and that’s why it doesn’t work for them.

By the way, the salt rock is applied in Nepal, for example, in barber shops after shaving, so that men don’t get any infection. So this can be a natural alternative to an after-shave lotion for men, though ideally men should not shave clean at all because it’s not manly according to the Bible; and it’s beautiful when men have beards, at least in my opinion!


Please avoid buying elaborate natural mixtures or mixtures having things like rose petals in them because many of such mixtures are rooted in witchcraft. I advise you to stick to basic ingredients or if you mix some ingredients, do it at home; if you got some recipe, make sure that it has nothing to do with witchcraft by googling its ingredients.

Finally, please do not fall for the lie that you need numerous lotions and potions to keep yourself looking good. You can actually use very few ingredients for taking care of your body, like some oil and a few other things. To be perfectly honest, even if you would just have only good quality coconut oil, you would be fine, because some people even brush teeth with coconut oil and it does the job, and I’m not joking!

There are so many other natural things that you can use to make sure that your hair and skin looks good, like applying natural curd on your face for around 30 minutes for your face to look fresh and to cool the skin, or using a raw egg as natural facial mask, or using coconut powder as a scrub for dry skin… there are just so many things you could use.

So this article serves only as an introduction to this wide topic, and I’ve shared with you only the ingredients that I myself use with the exception of few. But there are many different hair and skin types, so you should experiment and research these topics and find your own perfect skin and hair cleansers and moisturizers, and just stick to them, so that the body care is taken care of and you can focus on more important things.

But because I see many people in this trap of using chemicals which destroy their natural beauty, I just needed to write this article because I consider it wicked for those companies to sell you poison so that they deprive you of your beauty and this again makes you turn again to those companies in search of things that would fix the damage they’ve already done, which would cost even more, and would still poison your skin.

So I hope that this post inspired you to stay away from all the poisonous chemical substances and to start experimenting with natural ingredients until you find what really suits your skin and hair, and stick with that.

I do not think that Christians should obsess with the way that they look as many more important things need to be done, but it does make you feel at ease and more confident when you take care of this aspect of your life.


  1. Milk on a cotton ball. helps remove the yellow too. Love tumeric
    I quit all make up too, I believe fallen angels taught using make up-book of enoch
    manuka honey is also excellent for skin infections and Many other uses

    • Yes, I’ve heard of honey being praised, but I think I am allergic to it when I put it on my skin, so please test it, readers:) And I’ve never heard of milk on a cotton ball to remove turmeric stains, so thanks for this:)

  2. I’m glad you wrote about this, these are good tips! I want to try some of them. When I stopped wearing makeup, the redness I was trying to cover up on my face started to heal.
    I love how nice peoples’ hair actually looks even though they just use water to wash it. Thank you

  3. I feel overwhelmed. So even “alternatives” you can buy at the store that are natural are bad? I did a cleanse of all the commercial stuff a while back and bought the natural alternatives and now feel like I have to get rid of them too. I don’t want any witchcraft laden things in my home. I just keep finding more and more.

  4. Great article simona.

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