How to Close Chakras and Cast Out Demons

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In this post I explain how to close your chakras and then I describe how to expel demons.

Firstly, let me say that these are the strategies that I used and they worked, and I got them from reading the Bible, visiting different websites and watching videos. So that doesn’t make me an expert on these ways to close chakras and expel demons, but since these strategies worked for me, I share them with you too.

I’m also sharing them with you because I know that some of my readers feel like left on ice after I renounced the new age and told about its satanic roots. So I cannot leave my readers in such a situation, as they too might want to no longer have anything to do with new age but aren’t sure how to proceed.

But also it’s important to know that it’s not about a particular wording of a prayer and so forth, but it’s about how genuine you are, and how deeply you repent. Because God reads your heart, and therefore no matter how nice a prayer sounds, if the heart is of stone, you cannot expect to be forgiven.

The most important thing is to read the Bible for yourselves, my readers, and then listen to those who really understand it, like John Macarthur whose sermons explain even such seemingly pointlessly cruel acts mentioned in the Bible like God demanding blood sacrifices, which seemed not right to me too but now makes total sense thanks to this great teacher.  Update: I no longer support John Macarthur since he doesn’t display the qualities of someone who has the Holy Spirit, nor does he believe in the powers of the Holy Spirit. My supported list of Bible teachers can be found here. You can also check my YouTube channel, to see the list of my liked videos about the Bible, new age deception and Jesus testimonies.

So here are the strategies I’ve used to close chakras and cast out demons.

To close chakras, you need to simply ask God to do this for you. So you can say this short prayer:

Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, please close any portals in my body that are open, so that no spirits can enter my body.

Thank you for your mercy, my Heavenly Father.

When I prayed for the crown and third eye chakras to be closed, after the prayer I felt warm energy in my head. It took around five days to heal, the first day was fine, the following two days were a nightmare because I felt so much energy in my head that it felt like the head would explode.

It seemed that those energies were trying to destroy me, and you see, they only changed their strategy when I was done with them; before this, all I would get were nice visions, beautiful colors and so forth. So this so called ‘enlightenment’ is from the deceiver, Satan, and not from God.

I kept repeating the healing prayer throughout those days of torture.

It was truly scary to have so much energy in my head, and I had no control over that, but I trusted that God is doing the healing. After those two days the energies significantly decreased, and now, thanks God, I no longer feel them. I don’t even see colors with my third eye anymore, which is very unusual since I’ve seen them since the opening of my third eye, which was a long time ago.

So now I feel like restored back to my original state, and I’m so grateful for that. It’s amazing how quickly God heals such great damage, if you only believe that God can heal you. God not only saved my sanity and my earthly life, but, most importantly, He provided another chance for me to gain eternal life with Him.

I’m truly grateful, and it only shows that God is merciful, and no matter what you have done in your ignorance, if you repent all your sins and ask for forgiveness, you will be forgiven, and if you ask for healing, you will be healed.

So now let me address the second subject of this post, which is expelling spirits.

Let me firstly summarize exactly what you will need to do to break the legal rights of demons from possessing you.

Keep in mind that some demons may be too strong to handle and therefore you may need to find a deliverance minister to expel them – if you faith isn’t strong enough. But I hope that this material will help you to expel all the entities that you collected as a result of being involved in the occult or sinning in any other major way.

But even before that, you must know that if you are a born again Christian, it means you already have the Holy Spirit in you and so this will not allow the demons to possess you, but they still may live inside you – probably they do, if you had anything to do with new age or sinned more heavily in other ways, like through sexual immorality or breaking other God’s commandments. (Sometimes, however, the Holy Spirit doesn’t descend after you accept Jesus. Then you need to ask God to send Him to you.)

Before going into these steps, it’s necessary to make sure that you’ve already accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior. Because if you didn’t, to take these steps is worthless, because you won’t have any authority to expel the spirits. Only Jesus has such an authority. So when you accept Him as your Savior, and believe that He died to take away your sins, then you can expel demons in His name.

Here are the steps that I’m about to discuss in detail about how to expel spirits:

1st – Declare your Full Surrender to God
2nd – Confess all your sins before God
3rd – Renounce each sin before God with repentance
4th – Verbally command the demons to leave you in the name of Jesus Christ


1. Declaration of full surrender

Firstly, you should understand that God who created you knows what’s best for you, and not you.

So it only makes sense to dedicate your entire life to follow the will of God. When you follow your own will, that’s when Satan can mislead you and you have no protection. But when you stick to following the path outlined by your Creator, it’s much harder for Satan to even come close to you.

So here’s the full surrender declaration, and you need to say it with all sincerity, and mean it with your heart, because only genuine declarations are received:


In the name of Jesus Christ, I am now willing to place my body, my soul, my spirit, my mind, my will and my entire life into Your hands. I now ask that You place me into Your perfect will and plan for my life.

Father, from this moment on, I choose to stay fully surrendered to You all the days of my life, and allow You to lead and direct my life in the direction that You want me to take.

Thank you Father. Thank you Jesus (or Yeshua Messiah – His Hebrew Name).

2. Confession of all your sins

Now after this prayer you need to fulfill the second part of this cleansing process, and that is to confess all your sins before your Creator.

Only by doing this you can break all the legal rights of demons; even if you miss one sin, a demon that might have gotten attached to you because of that particular sin may stay in your life. So do this step diligently.

But if you happen not to remember some sin because of which the demon got attached to you and therefore refuses to leave, there’s another way around this – you will need to ask for its name, but I’ll discuss this later.

Here’s a good list of occult activities which should be listed specifically as they might have specific legal rights for different demons to enter, as well as some other sins that you might have committed which may have invited demons into your life. So if you see any of the sin that you committed in this list, write it down.

The list of occult activities and other sins to be renounced and never repeated again:

  • Using crystals or gemstones for healing and assigning power to them
  • Keeping orgonite at home and assigning power to it
  • Being interested in or engaging in fortune telling
  • … Palmistry
  • …Astrology
  • …Yoga (you should list which yoga you engaged in, be it kundalini or hatha yoga or other forms of it)
  • Chanting
  • Meditation
  • Visualisation
  • Being interested in channeling or doing channeling
  • Using tarot cards or getting such a reading
  • Numerology
  • Using Ouija Board or other ways to communicate with spirits, like calling them with the help of mirrors, candles, or wooden sticks (list them all)
  • Pendulum swinging
  • Automatic writing
  • Horoscopes
  • I Ching
  • Collecting/keeping objects of other religions, like Hindu malas
  • Reiki
  • Hypnotism
  • NLP – neuro linguistic programming
  • EFT – emotional freedom technique
  • Psychology, and the reason I’m listing it here is because its founder’s grandfather was a member of Illuminati, so it’s likely it’s also rooted in the occult, so that means that similar practices should be renounced too
  • Shamanism and similar practices
  • Paganism (including sun and moon worship and deifying nature)
  • Image worship
  • Astral projection
  • Visiting temples of other gods
  • Massage –the reason I include this practice here is because the first professional massage was instituted in China with the introduction of Schools of Occult Studies to complement the more commonly accepted Confucian schools
  • Acupressure
  • Acupuncture
  • Feng Shui
  • Vaasthu
  • Seeking gods of other religions (and list which ones, even very small ones, like Tibetan Bon religion of the past) and following their rituals and customs or practicing arts that developed from those religions like to do with music, dance or healing
  • Seeking God in Christian offshoots that weren’t following the teachings of the Christ, which I believe would include
  • Gnosticism but I’m not quite sure about this one yet, as well as Catholicism since they bow to the idol of Mary which is a pagan ritual
  • Any other unlisted here new age/occult technique
  • And here’s a list of other likely sins:
  • Immoral sexual behaviour (and you should list the types you engaged in, including homosexuality). Also list all your partners to break legal agreements with demons possibly received from each one of them
  • Watching pornography
  • Reading literature of likewise nature
  • Cheating
  • Cursing
  • Judging
  • Lying
  • Exaggerating
  • Leading people away from God
  • Correcting the righteous
  • Not listening to your conscience
  • Living self-willed rather than God-guided life
  • Selfishness
  • Reproaching your mother or father
  • Hating your parents
  • Hating other people
  • Committing violence
  • Pride
  • Vanity
  • Anger
  • Unforgiveness
  • Loving money or any other worldly thing more than God
  • Blaspheming against the church, or Jesus, or God
  • Smoking
  • Using alcohol (some Christians argue it’s allowed and say that only overuse is a sin, I personally think it’s a sin, but you should decide yourself – I need to research this more.)
  • Smoking weed or anything else
  • Using drugs
  • Marketing (if it uses selfish techniques of making money, getting power or wielding influence, etc.)

Now you should think if there are any more sins that you have committed that I haven’t mentioned here and list them all, and then confess them aloud before God your Father, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Also apologize for those sins you might not remember, or which you have committed in ignorance, not knowing they were sins, and not even knowing till today that something that you do is sinful. So this covers you fully.

3. Renouncing each sin before God to break the legal rights of demons

When you confess all your sins before God, you now need to renounce them before Him so that all the legal rights of demons to stay in you or near you are broken. To do so, say this in all your sincerity, and with deep repentance, because if you don’t repent in your heart, it’s not genuine, and God reads you heart and knows if you really repent or not.

Repeat after me, and mean it:

Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, please forgive me for all my sins by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ who died for all our sins. Father, I now renounce before you all these sins:

[list all your sins here]

From now on, please direct my life, and please give me strength to never commit any sins again.

4. Casting out demons

Once the legal rights of demons are broken to dwell in or near you as a result of you renouncing all your sins before your Father and in the name of Jesus Christ, now demons have no right to stay within you. But they will, unless you expel them, because they are disobedient.

It’s advised to expel them with a loud and authoritative voice, fully knowing that the name of Jesus Christ is more powerful than any dark spirit, even Satan himself. So when you know this and command the spirits to leave, they must do so.

Since you’re going to say this command aloud, it’s best to do so when you’re alone at home. You can word your message to demons in a similar way to this one, so you can now repeat after me, with full faith in the power of the name of Jesus Christ:

Demons, right now, I bind your powers in the name of Jesus Christ and I cut the very root of your grip of me.

Demons, I command you to let me go now, and I command you to get out right now and go back to the pit from where you came.

You can repeat this several times, and then you should lie down to let the spirits leave you. You might feel that inside you something is scared of these words, like you might feel your hair being raised, or goosebumps appearing on your skin, or you might feel your stomach turning or uneasiness in your heart – these two are the places where demons like to dwell, and in my own experience, it was in the head too.

Give enough time for releasing the demons from you when you’re lying down. You may feel like vomiting them out, or tears might come out – just let this all happen. So do this now.


Just to make sure all these spirits left you, you might want to repeat this expelling process several times a day, for a few days. Also, if you feel some activity in you but don’t remember this prayer, you can simply keep repeating an order for the demons to leave you in Jesus’ name, such as this one:

In the name of Jesus Christ, all the demons that are inside me, leave me right now!

Keep repeating this, until you feel that the spirits have left. You might, like I did, after many times of repeating this command, feel the attempts of the spirits to twist your tongue in order not to say some words, like “Christ”, or you might forget to say some words.

It looks like the spirits are attempting to prevent a person from taking them out. I, for example, after repeating this command many times, felt the spirit, after the struggle and its attempts to twist my words, to finally leave me through the third eye area, where I felt heat, and then the spirit left.

It was incredible, and showed me the power of the name of Jesus Christ. And, by the way, I must warn you here also, knowing that the third eye chakra is yet another door to your being, is to never allow any ‘guru’ to touch your third eye, as that’s how they may transfer their own demons to you.

It’s called ‘shaktipat’ (energy transmission) in India, and there are videos showing how, when a guru touches his disciples in that place, the disciples start behaving like animals. They make weird sounds, mistaking this for some sort of enlightenment experience or the transference of holy energy.

Here’s one video showing that such energy transmission is not ‘holy’ in any way but totally demonic:

People get different demons transferred into them through meditation, yoga and direct energy transmissions. That’s why you see people acting so differently when a particular energy possesses them – each demon has a different character. There are also animal spirits that may possess a person, like a snake spirit (most yogis have it).

If a spirit doesn’t come out after your prayer, you need to ask for its name and expel it by mentioning its name. Under the authority of Jesus Christ, the spirit will have to tell you its name, and it will be the name that’s descriptive, like the spirit of Lust, or the spirit of Unforgiveness, and so forth.

You may need to ask it many times for it to reveal its name, but it must do so eventually, if you ask for this in the name of Jesus.

What’s more, as it’s said in Matthew 17:21, some kinds of demons can leave the body only by prayer and fasting, and that’s why sometimes Jesus’ disciples weren’t able to expel them. So if certain demons refuse to leave when you fully believe in the name of Jesus, this might be the only way to make them go.

The most important thing, of course, is to never sin again, so that you never again provide any opening, any chance, for these demons to attach themselves to you, or to come into your body. Please read the Bible to know all the sins, so that you don’t invite foreign entities into you through your ignorance of some of the transgressions.

Also, don’t forget to get rid of any physical things associated with your sins, like tarot cards, Hindu prayer beads, healing stones, or anything like this. Burn or throw them all out. Burn even the notes of them, pictures of them, social media updates about the occult, new age, immorality and so forth. Make sure you leave no chance for demonic spirits to try to get hold of you again.

Now, after renouncing all these demonic and immoral activities, and being forgiven by God, you should feel peace and maybe clarity, which will keep increasing as you grow stronger in Christ.

***After you accept Christ as your savior, you must get water baptized by full immersion into water, and you should be baptized in the name of Jesus, in my opinion, but please research this topic more. I got baptized in the trinity but maybe I’ll need to get baptized again.

May you always remain protected from these evil spirits by following the ways of God and not your own, and may Jesus Christ always dwell in you.

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How to Close Chakras and Cast Out Demons

After I was saved by Jesus, I’ve also come across this powerful prayer. So if you still feel some energies after the above information, you may try this prayer too:

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