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How to be Saved:

Believe that Jesus died for the sins of humanity and rose the third day from the dead. He was resurrected by the power of his Father, and if you believe that our Heavenly Father did that, (that he resurrected His only son) then you will get resurrected to eternal life too. 

Believe that by shedding of His blood he washes clean those who believe in his death, burial and resurrection. Believe in Him as your Savior.

If you believe that Jesus died for your sins and rose again, and accept Him as your Savior, He will send you His Holy Spirit who will make you holy to God. 

You can also ask your Heavenly Father directly to give you His Holy Spirit, once you believe in Jesus. He’s faithful to give to His children what they ask if it’s according to His will, and He wishes no one to perish but all to come to repentance (change of mind from self or anything else you believe to God) and have eternal life. 

When the Holy Spirit arrives, you are considered to be born again – a  true son or daughter of the Most High. Moral laws will be written in your heart and you should strive to never break them. You can avoid sinning by not being double-minded – by only abiding in God since that is considered being of one mind. Christ overcame the world, therefore you can too since His Holy Spirit starts living in you.

You should get water baptized by full immersion in the name of Jesus. Some get baptized in the name of the trinity. I first got baptized in the name of the trinity and I did feel clean when I came out of water; but then I got baptized in the name of Jesus after reading in the Bible that apostles baptized people only in His name. I think that as long as you get baptized by full immersion understanding that you’re dying and rising again with Christ, you will be well.

By such baptism you die with Jesus and you rise again, and it symbolizes washing you clean of your sins. Some early church fathers believed that water literally washes you clean from your sins and without doing so you cannot be saved; and some believed it’s symbolic. I advise everyone to get baptized.

After being washed clean, do not sin and walk in the newness of life. You can only do so if you permanently abide in Christ – you can do this when your focus is on the things heavenly and not the things worldly. Again, since Christ overcame the world, you can too – you simply need to believe in this and keep your eyes on Jesus so that you don’t stumble like Peter who took his eyes off Jesus and straight away started drowning (Matthew 14 22-31).

You should also expel evil spirits from yourself, if you have them (probably you have – most people do). When you demand them to go in the name of Jesus, they will cause lots of trouble, but keep expelling them until they all go. Some of them will go when you’re immersing yourself into water, some of them might go when you receive the Holy Spirit.

Get KJV Bible

Get the Pure Cambridge Edition KJV Bible that passes the Bible test here. Many editions that claim to be pure Cambridge no longer are, so you must do this test to be sure. Here’s a digital copy of the original Bible from my Google Drive (I hope you can download it by clicking the link).

If you have more questions about the salvation process, please contact me and I will try to help. If you don’t hear from me, you can resend the question – emails do get lost as sometimes they’re marked as spam or when I receive many emails and some unread ones go unnoticed. You can contact me through this contact box.

Some Good Resources

I really like the Blue Letter Bible resource site – it’s by default set on KJV Bible verses and has numerous great tools, like an ability to look up related verses or see what the original word exactly means.

I also love the smartphone app called “MySword Bible”. You can install different Bible versions (even really old ones, before the KJV), concordances, look up verses in which the same word is mentioned (useful to gain better understanding of what a particular word really means as used in Scripture), and many other useful tools. You can download it through Play Store on your smartphone.

If certain verses are not clear, I like to use E. Bullinger’s Bible commentary (though I don’t agree with some of his opinions), and I also like to consult the Syriac New Testament as I find the verses to be put in a very simple-to-understand way. This New Testament is of the same family of texts as the KJV (Byzantine) whilst modern Bibles heavily rely on Alexandrian text family which has more errors than the Byzantine text type.

Finally, here are some new agers’ testimonies of them being saved by Jesus, together with my own testimony at the bottom. Since Jesus saved me from new age, I watched mainly such type of Jesus testimonies so I’m sharing here the ones that I really liked, though there are thousands of Jesus testimonies on YouTube!

Jesus Testimonies

If you were saved by Jesus, you may wish to share your testimony by contacting me. You may also choose to give a permission for me to share your story either anonymously or with your name mentioned publicly. I strongly encourage you to make your own Jesus’ testimony video too, as this really helps to save people.

I wish you to walk a straight path of life and never depart from the love that Jesus gave to those who believed on His name.

May God bless you, dear brother/sister in Christ.