Self-Deliverance Tips: Kundalini, Spirit Spouses, Water Spirits and Dreams

My recent experience of being shown that I have a spirit spouse revealed to me that sometimes demons can hide so well in your body that you will not even know that you have them.

For example, for ten months I was unaware that I was married to a spirit being. Please read the linked article to read this, because it’s very important – many people are married in the spiritual realm and they don’t even know it.

I believe that the reason God revealed this to me was because I went out of my way to help the poor (the story is in that post), and therefore God went out of His way to help me. So in my dream He revealed to me that I was married, and therefore I was able to divorce that spirit.Read more…

Yoga Will Ruin Your Life: Real Purpose and Origin of Yoga

Yoga cannot be divorced from its roots. It originates from Hinduism. No matter how much you westernize yoga and how much you think you have cut it off from Hinduism, you still retain the postures which are the ways to salute different Hindu gods.

It doesn’t matter whether a particular yoga posture has the word “salutation” in its name for it to be a salutation. It’s easy for Christians to see that “salutation to the sun” (surya namaskaram) is the worship of the sun, but when this word is not in the title, Christians think it’s just a fitness posture. That’s incorrect.

Every single posture of Hinduism worships some kind of creation, be it celestial objects, animals, demonized people that they call their gurus, or fallen angels which they call their gods. So you cannot snatch yoga from its Hindu background and claim you have purged it from paganism – what you are snatching away is the very core of how to worship demons and other creatures.

Yoga cannot become Christian

Spirituality is not a buffet table

You cannot simply take one part of Hinduism and say that it’s no longer Hinduism.Whatever you take that’s of Satan it’s still part of satanism. Westerners have the habit of divorcing that which they like from its surroundings and making it their own.Read more…

Yoga Will Ruin Your Life: Egyptian Occult Isha Yoga Origins

In this article I would like to share with you an Indian woman’s testimony of Jesus.

Purvi was born in India, but moved to the US with her parents when she was only one-year-old. She was a real seeker, truly wanting to know God. Like myself, she thought that she could find God through Hinduism.

She viewed Christianity as a strange religion, and her parents warned her about talking with Christians, since she was told that they are only interested in converting people into their religion. She really did not believe Christianity to be true, but actually viewed it as the least valid religion.Read more…

What You Should Know About Demonic Strongholds

Due to the increased demonic activity people are loaded with demons these days. Most people will never know that they are, because of the reasons discussed in the video.

Christians shouldn’t worry if they have demons, though they should try to cast them out as much as possible. In this video I also talk about demonic Hindu practices of yoga and meditation.

10 Tell-Tale Signs of Demonic Oppression

In this video I talk about ten signs which show that a person hosts demons. I forgot to mention one sign in the video on sexual dreams – please check the Sign no. 9 in the post below, as well as some extra points.

Video summary and some extra points: Read more…

Yoga, Meditation, Hinduism, Buddhism and Similar Practices Lead to Eternal Damnation

About Simona RichMy name is Simona Rich and I used to be a new age spirituality teacher.

By God’s grace a veil was lifted off my eyes and I was allowed to see that practices such as yoga, meditation, chanting, breath control, martial arts and many other new age doctrines have nothing to do with your well-being but their purpose is to bring the eternal ruin of your soul.

You can read my full story here. Please take the information on this site seriously. As a result of this sudden awakening to the lies of Satan I had to destroy my new age spirituality business that I’ve built for eight years.

There’s no gain for me to expose new age lies but only loss. However, since the eternal salvation of one’s soul is more important than any worldly gains, I hope you’ll understand my motivation of continuing to expose these new age lies.

What You Probably Didn’t Know About Hinduism And Calling Up of Spirits

Opening up to the 'Universe' through meditation isn't wiseIn four years of my life in India I’ve understood why people worship so many gods there. In India people worship gods for a very different reason than the people in the Christian world. Because there the very concept of spirituality is totally different.

Christians, as a general rule, worship God because God created them. But in India people worship gods in order to get something from them. And different kinds of gods are supposed to specialize in different kinds of wish fulfillment.

For example, … Read more…

Don’t Do Any Yoga Until You Read This

Original yoga vs westernized yogaIt’s interesting to see that these few years many people have woken up from the new age deception, myself included. It seems that some sort of de-conditioning process is taking place, and many souls are being saved.

Many people have gone through similar experiences with yoga to my own; when they’ve gotten deep into yoga, they realized that they were opening up not to the spiritual dimension but to the demonic one.

They finally became aware that they’re in the midst of a very real and serious spiritual warfare where the eternal destiny of their souls was being decided. Read more…

An Urgent Message About the Third Eye and Crown Chakra Opening

The crown chakra deceptionI’ve been practicing yoga for around four years. I discovered yoga when I visited India and got so fascinated with the Indian culture that I stayed there for around five years.

I was so impressed with this form of exercise that was also spiritual, that I totally dedicated myself to it, including meditation, though I’ve been practicing meditation much longer, on and off, since around the age of sixteen.

I followed yoga earnestly, with all its rules of strict celibacy, being vegetarian, reading Indian spiritual texts, non-attachment and so forth. I documented my journey on my blog and gained a large following. Now I have around 45,000 readers, probably this number will decrease very soon. Read more…

Five Facts Which Absolutely Destroy the Evolution Theory

Five Facts Which Absolutely Destroy the Evolution TheoryBlinded by compartmentalized education and science, people no longer see the reality as it is, but instead are lost in the world of theories, such as Darwinism.

To me, the facts that…

  • humans can communicate with each other
  • creation brings forth after its kind
  • we see beauty and harmony in nature

…are more than enough to understand that this creation has an intelligent author.

But I understand that minds thoroughly… Read more…

Hidden in Plain Sight – Earth is Not a Globe and It’s Not Spinning

The earth is flat! Like God created it to be!If you want to understand what’s happening in the world today, first you must know where you stand – literally.

And as you’re going to find out from this post, you have been deliberately misinformed about it.

If you don’t know where you literally stand, how can you be sure about anything else? And that’s one of the main reasons why this lie has been spread. Read more…

Christian Information

Studying the BibleHow to Become a Born Again Christian, in Short:

1. Know the story of Christ (how He died for your sins so that you could live an eternal life with God – read the KJV New Testament to know the story).

2. Genuinely repent of all your sins (since God can read your heart and will know if you genuinely repent or not).

3. Accept Jesus as your Savior.

4. Get water baptized by full immersion in the name of Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Update: I think one should be baptized in the name of Jesus (Yeshua Messiah) as it seems to be scriptural. Please keep researching. I got baptized in the trinity, but I may get baptized in Jesus’ name only again.

5. Ask God in Jesus’ name to be sent His Holy Spirit to dwell in your forever so that after death you can ascend to heaven.

You should also expel evil spirits from yourself, if you have them (probably you have – most people do). Read more…

What You Probably Didn’t Know About Hinduism And Calling Up of Spirits

In four years of my life in India I’ve understood why people worship so many gods there. In India people worship gods for a very different reason than the people in the Christian world. Because there the very concept of spirituality is totally different.

Christians, as a general rule, worship God because God created them. But in India people worship gods in order to get something from them. And different kinds of gods are supposed to specialize in different kinds of wish fulfillment.

For example, Ganesha god is supposed to remove obstacles when starting some new venture, and Laxmi goddess is supposed to give wealth. So people are motivated to sacrifice to those gods for selfish reasons of getting money, health, love and so forth.

They never stop to think about why would a god help them get their wishes fulfilled when the cost of the wish fulfillment was nothing in comparison to what they’ve gotten. They never question that, because they are so tempted by that vision of their desires, that they don’t take time to think if there are some strings attached to the contract they’ve just made with those gods.

So they think that if, after a prayer to a particular god, a woman gets pregnant and so she keeps her promise and buys some gift to the deity, that is enough of a payment. But is that really true? Can you buy a soul? Or is soul invaluable? Or can a flower garland and some bananas offered to a deity be a fair payment for getting a wife?

In Hollywood we hear stories of celebrities selling their souls to the devil for fame and fortune, but we don’t see the very same principle used in Hinduism. You give me this worldly thing, and I will give you something in exchange. So in both cases a deal is made with an invisible side.

Unrecognized occult practices

Most people also don’t see that many new age practices use the very same principle, but new age is so sugar coated that it can be hard to see through it. So, for example, it may look like it’s nothing wrong to pay the tarot card reader to tell your future, but what happens is that you’re offering money to the other side for the spirits to do something for you – to tell you your future, for example. So the contract is made, and the doors of your being are opened to the dark side. That is witchcraft, and it’s a big sin in the Bible, because you turn away from God, and you turn to Satan and his minions to do the work for you.

You’re involved in witchcraft whenever you want to get something selfish that goes against the will of God for you. For example, if you cannot get pregnant but you want it so much that you start conjuring up spirits in the hope of them helping you out, that’s witchcraft. Or, if you want to find out about some future event but God doesn’t reveal it to you in your prayer, so instead you use numerology, astrology, or something like I Ching – that’s again witchcraft.

Yes, God can give you something that you really want and need, but His services cannot be purchased with gifts and money. In the Bible it’s told that in order for you to please God you should humble your soul and pray, and one of the ways to humble your soul is through fasting. So if you fast and pray, you may get the attention of God.

People who rebel against the will of God and choose to live their lives contrary to the scripture, whether they know the scripture or not,  automatically get under the influence of Satan and therefore lose God’s protection. I believe that’s the reason there are so many more diseased and disabled people in non-Christian nations –  they live in sin, so they have no protection of God. Instead of worshiping real God, they worship fallen spirits that are demons.

Whenever you sin, you open the door of your being to the satanic influence. Even a small sin opens the door of your being to Satan’s influence, and that’s why it’s so important to read the Bible and know what sins are, because most people have a wrong understanding about this, especially those influenced by new age lies.

Sinning opens the door to satanic influence over your life

For example, the way love is defined in new age is a very different kind of love to the one we find in the Bible. In the Bible love is compared with obedience. If you love God, you obey Him. But in new age, for example, love is more about being accepting of different expressions of human lust, which is a sin in the Bible.

So I hope you see how Satan can twist your understanding of what is sin and therefore keep you in sin. Or Satan can also convince you through new age, Buddhism or Hindu doctrines that there’s no such thing as sin, so that you would die in sin and therefore go to hell.

So basically a Hindu person makes a deal with the devil for whatever selfish wish he wants to be fulfilled. All those gods that Hindu people worship are fallen angels that are controlled by Satan. So when you make a deal with them, I think it’s the same as making a deal with Satan. In any case, you get chained – you get bound by the dark side.

So if you think that you can get a child by offering some money or your worshiping services to a deity and you become pregnant and you think you’ve paid the price, you are very much mistaken. You haven’t even started paying the price yet. You’ll pay the real price after your death, when you get to hell and serve those demons forever. That’s the price of making such deals with these fallen beings.

But you can break this curse, if you accept Jesus as your savior:

Do not be deceived into thinking that these gods are benevolent and that they want your happiness. These demons hate you because you have a Savior that’s Jesus, but they don’t, and they’re headed for hell, and the reason they are headed for hell is found in the book of Enoch (please read only the first book, as that’s the part that’s mentioned in the Bible – other parts might be fake).

So these fallen angels hate people, yet ignorant people worship them, because their parents and their parents’ parents worshiped them. And probably the reason these fallen beings started to be worshiped in the first place was because when they were still in flesh bodies they terrorized people due to their size and vicious natures, as described in the Old Testament as well as the Book of Enoch.

The angels under God who aren’t fallen would never want you to worship them, because they abide by the laws of God, and one of the commandments of God is not to have any other Gods but Him. So all beings, whether humans or angels, are supposed to worship one God, and there are no other gods but Him, and the reason Hindus call those demons gods is because those demons are deceivers.

I know the prayers to different deities in order to get something from them may look innocent, but you have no idea what you are dealing with. You are dealing with an unseen world, you are making contracts that can only be broken when you repent of those sins and accept Jesus as your savior.

Hinduism, New Age and Satanism Are the Same as They Come from the Same Root

In the past I was blinded by new age doctrines, so I didn’t even see how similar Satanism and Hinduism are. They use the same drawings to call up spirits, both of these practices encourage spirit possession and use satanic signs such as meditation ‘Jnana’ mudra that represents the number 666.

In Hinduism spirit entry is accomplished through meditation, when you open yourself up to the ‘Universe’ (ruled by the prince of this world which is Satan) and get into the state of consciousness where you’re no longer in control of what enters your body.

Opening up to the 'Universe' through meditation isn't wise

New Age is a sugar coated satanic practice that’s one of the most successful lies of Satan together with the Roman Catholic Church. It’s very hard to see its true purposes because it looks so benign. Like Satanism and Hinduism, this doctrine is all about spirit possession which is accomplished through meditation, yoga, as well as outright spirit channeling, like allowing deceiving spirits calling themselves ‘ascended masters’ to talk through you.

Satan is very active in this world, and he wants to promote the spirit of disobedience and selfishness. So new agers thinking that they are doing the right thing when they visualize a sports car in order to use mental science to get it, or those who think themselves to be gods are deceived by Satan and are led by the spirit of disobedience, which is the spirit of antichrist. The same, of course, is done in Hinduism, when people are willing to make deals with fallen angels, as I’ve mentioned in the beginning, in order to get their selfish wishes fulfilled.

And the same is done in false churches whose pastors portray Jesus as though he’s a wish-fulfilling fairy, which is not scriptural so they are preaching false Jesus and lead many astray.

Please don’t think that you can pay a small price and purchase something that’s worth much more, or something that’s invaluable. This is the lie of Satan, and since Satan is the father of lies, he got most people fooled by the practice of making deals with fallen angels in one way or another. Please do not worship any idols and any Hindu gods because they will lead you to hell, to eternal damnation, where you will be paying the price of using their earthly services forever.

Accept Jesus Christ as your savior, and no longer rebel. Obey the will of God, and become obedient, because only obedience to God’s word will assure protection against evil. Adam and Eve were protected from evil as long as they obeyed God. And when they listened to Satan and disobeyed God’s commandment, they brought to themselves and to us a disaster.

Adam and Eve were protected by God as long as they obeyed Him

Since that day Satan corrupted humans and God had to create a plan of salvation for us. And firstly this was done by regular animal blood sacrifice to protect humans by the innocent blood of animals, and the final sacrifice was made by God’s only Son Jesus Christ dying on a cross.

Because Jesus lived a totally sinless life, his blood washed away the sins of those who accepted his sacrifice and believed that he died on a cross to wash away our sins. So when you accept Jesus as your savior, your sins are forgiven, and then you can receive the Holy Spirit so that you become a new creation and can enter the Kingdom of God.

Here’s my video of how I received the Holy Spirit:

The reason witchcraft exists is because, in my opinion, since Satan managed to corrupt humanity, he poisoned the human flesh with selfishness and lusts and so humans started worshiping Lucifer and fallen angels so that they could help them get their worldly wishes fulfilled.

And why would that be so hard to believe if we see Hollywood celebrities sold out to Satan for money and power even now. Many people care about this worldly life more than about what happens after death. So they get seduced by Satan’s temptations and being blinded by earthly attractions they get chained by Satan.

Of course, Satan cannot really own your soul since he didn’t create it, but if you make a contract with Satan through asking him to do something for you and then promising some payment for this wish fulfillment, you’re in a contract. You’re in a legal agreement with him. This agreement, as I said before, can only be broken through Jesus Christ, because he was the only man who overcame the world, and therefore the influence of Satan.

Be of good cheer for I have overcome the world

So don’t be seduced by the false doctrines of Satan which do not disclose what’s really happening when you make a deal with these fallen angels called Hindu gods. It’s very dangerous, you are dealing with the unseen world which is very real and the spirits you’re dealing with are vicious and powerful.

You’re playing with the eternal destiny of your soul. So such seemingly innocent deals are much more significant than deals concerning worldly things.

Please stay away from all these occult practices and accept Jesus as your Savior so that your sins are forgiven, and please read the KJV Bible and become obedient to the Word of God so that you are protected from all the evil that’s happening in this world.

Don’t Do Any Yoga Until You Read This

Listen to the recording here:

It’s interesting to see that these few years many people have woken up from the new age deception, myself included. It seems that some sort of de-conditioning process is taking place, and many souls are being saved.

Many people have gone through similar experiences with yoga to my own; when they’ve gotten deep into yoga, they realized that they were opening up not to the spiritual dimension but to the demonic one, and they finally became aware that they’re in the midst of a very real and serious spiritual warfare where the eternal destiny of their souls was being decided.

Unwelcome Fruits of Yoga and Hinduism in General

Do you know that yoga was practiced by Aleister Crowley, a satanist who wrote about human sacrifice and called himself ‘the beast’? He even wrote a book on yoga. I don’t doubt that he indeed was ‘the beast’, because through yoga and other Eastern mystical practices it’s possible to get possessed by demonic entities.Read more…

An Urgent Message About the Third Eye and Crown Chakra Opening

I’ve been practicing yoga for around four years. I discovered yoga when I visited India and got so fascinated with the Indian culture that I stayed there for around five years. I was so impressed with this form of exercise that was also spiritual, that I totally dedicated myself to it, including meditation, though I’ve been practicing meditation much longer, on and off, since around the age of sixteen.

I followed yoga earnestly, with all its rules of strict celibacy, being vegetarian, reading Indian spiritual texts, non-attachment and so forth. I documented my journey on my blog and gained a large following. Now I have around 45,000 readers, probably this number will decrease very soon.

My spiritual practices bore fruit and I started experiencing kundalini rising and chakra activation, including the third eye chakra. And finally, the final crowning of the practice of yoga and meditation took place – the effect that probably millions of people seek today – the opening of the crown chakra, called the thousand-petaled lotus in Hinduism.

The crown chakra opening deception

The crown chakra deception

When it opened, I wasn’t sure about what was happening. I felt cool liquid from the topmost crown area of my head bursting forth and engulfing my entire brain region through its pathways – that’s the best way I can describe it. This experience happened really fast and it was very unexpected.

I at first didn’t know what was happening, speculating that it might have been a spiritual anointment of some sort, or I thought that maybe I was poisoned or something, since this happened when I was having tea in the restaurant I never visited before.

After that day, my crown chakra got opened, so I thought it was spiritual illumination so much sought after by yoga students all over the world. But although the crown chakra was open, there was no promised merging with the source, or, in Hindu terminology, travelling to your Shiva.

And, by the way, the founder of yoga is said to be Shiva, the god of destruction, but, of course, I didn’t connect the dots at that time, being totally fascinated with yoga.

The loss of control

The opening of the crown chakra felt more like this – that the lid, the seal, that was once protecting me, was no longer there. So basically I was unsealed. The door (the portal) was open. The opening of this portal made me able to tune into what I thought to be the spiritual realm much, much easier.

When this opening happened, I could see visions, and once, when people talked, I was helped to pay attention to particular keywords of the talk to receive what I was supposed to receive – what seemed to be a message for me.

With my active third eye I could see numbers, chemical formulas, geometric figures – you name it. All I needed was to close my eyes, focus on the third eye, and then shortly I would feel intense activity in the third eye, and would be as though transported to a parallel dimension where I would see random visions.

But whereas before I was able to control when to have these spiritual experiences, now that spiritual dimension was gradually getting in control of me – sometimes the third eye would get active without me wanting it to be so, and this started frightening me.

The lie of Hinduism

Meditation is not what you think it is

Therefore I understood that what Hinduism teaches isn’t true. You don’t merge with the source after opening your crown chakra. This opening simply makes you into some sort of a channel and I you much more vulnerable to energies, since the upper seal is broken. Probably the only reason I wasn’t fully possessed by this time was because I was still connected to the Christ, since I believed Him to be my Savior.

But the consequences of that opening couldn’t be denied. I felt that I lost a personal component of my life, which is taught by the Hindu doctrine to be very good and is considered as a sign of high spiritual evolvement.

But yet there’s a promise in Hinduism that upon such a loss of life there’s a new life given – life divine. That didn’t happen. I still thought it must come in the future, because at that time I still couldn’t dare to doubt the validity of the Hindu thought, being fully hypnotized by this satanic doctrine.

The invasion of dark energy

The crown chakra was so, so sensitive to all kinds of energies that a few times it really took me out of balance. Like when I was sitting in a Buddhist temple in Malaysia and I bent down to search for something in my bag (as far as  I remember). When I did so, one Buddhist monk quickly passed by very close to my crown chakra, and I experienced a forceful invasion of some sort of a low vibration, really negative, energy into me.

It was so unexpected that I had to take a few deep breaths to re-stabilize myself. I felt spiritually violated – that’s the best way I can describe it. This never, ever happened to me before the opening of the crown chakra.

Still, under the spell of Eastern mysticism, I couldn’t connect the dots up to very recently, when I started to research kundalini and chakra phenomena in a more objective way, no longer focusing only on the benefits, but researching the dangers too. And what I found out really alarmed me, and finally all that I experienced after the crown chakra opening and even before it, made sense.

The truth about the crown chakra opening

So here’s what I’ve found out. That once particular portals within a human being are opened, like the crown chakra, a human being becomes an easy target for demonic possession, and since he willingly works towards opening these portals, it means that he willingly gives demons a legal right to enter him.

And it seems to me that because so much importance is put in Hindu teachings to break open the topmost seal, the crown chakra, it’s because when it’s done, a demonic entity can fully possess the body by placing the soul at the back seat, or even taking it out of the body, like it seems to happen when a person channels a foreign entity fully.

The preparation for demonic possession starts very early in yoga and meditation, when we are taught to get freed from our personality, to keep the mind blank, to be neutral about everything that’s happening to us, whether we feel evil presence in us or not, because we are taught that “there’s no real evil” and “it’s all your personal projection”. And we buy into these lies of Satan, and are no longer concerned about what’s really happening with our bodies and souls.

Yoga and meditation invite demons to inhabit you legally

Yoga postures invite demons

What’s more, both meditation and yoga originates from the occult, and occult is satanic. Each time you do any yogic mudra or asana you basically get in tune with the energy of a certain demon, deceptively called a ‘god’ in Hinduism. So basically by doing any yogic posture you are actively inviting a certain demon to possess you because by that posture you’re worshiping it!

The light that some yogis have around them, by the way, like I saw many yellow auras around some of the yogi heads thinking they are almost saints, is actually a Luciferian light, the false light talked about in the Bible. Had God not closed my crown chakra, maybe some people would see that yellow light around me too. Lucifer is the deceiver, masquerading as an angel of light. Yoga is one of his greatest tools to deceive because it looks so beneficial and holy.

Meditation is another such tool, because you are taught to keep the mind totally blank, until the theta state is reached, where, again, your soul is no longer able to be actively protected by your reasoning, personality and your will; you willfully decided to reach that totally undiscriminating state, so spirits can easily enter you as you yourself removed all the protection of your being.

And since no well-meaning spirit would occupy your body as it’s against the law of God (except for the Holy Spirit sent after repentance), what does enter you must be the spirit that works for Satan.

All religions lead to Satan (therefore hell) except for one

So it’s the same as opening the doors wide for every passer-by to enter your house. Therefore, all religions propagating such a path to God are from Lucifer, and not real God. In Christianity people are told to contemplate God, or be silent and know God. Nowhere is it said to control breathing or get into an altered state of consciousness.

That’s not natural, and seems to me like hacking into the system of the body in order to, through the manipulation of energy, break open vulnerable areas in order for the demonic entities to be able to possess the body.

Satan knows you more than you know yourself. He’s been studying human nature since the very beginning of humanity. But it cannot possess you without your permission. So it dresses the technique to break into you with a garb of ‘holiness’ like yoga philosophy and meditation, and people buy into it.

The Bible prohibits occult practices to protect you

Such foreign practices are called abominations in the Bible, and there’s a reason for that. It’s not that God is cruel and restricting and likes to see you deprived of something good, but because If you do them, you are opening yourself up to demonic possession. Transgressions called ‘sins’ in the Bible must be known, because if you do not know them, you will not know which actions might open the doors for dark entities to enter you.

Dabbling with the occult is considered to be one of the most serious sins in the Bible, forgiven only when each practice is listed, apologized for from the depths of your heart and renounced forever, because each occult practice invites specific demons that now have a legal right to dwell within your body, whether such practices are meditation, numerology, astrology, tarot cards, hypnotism, palmistry, Hindu chants – you name it.

They are forbidden for the reason that you would stay protected. So it’s important to pray and renounce all these occult practices, and close all the doors of your being called ‘chakras’. Read about how to do all this here.

Since Satan is the greatest deceiver, millions of humans fell for these practices, myself included, thinking they are from a good source and beneficial. It may definitely feel like they are beneficial, because you may feel powerful, you may feel healthy, and you may even see a glow around you. What’s more, teaching these practices to others can bring in great income.

But as soon as you renounce these practices and accept Jesus, only then you find out what kind of energies you’ve been dealing with. Because then they’ll show you their real faces – the faces that are demonic, and then then those evil spirits will try to destroy you, because you’ve turned away from the Kingdom of Satan and entered the Kingdom of God.

How Satan deceived me

I was making really good income as a new age teacher. I thought I was being rewarded by God with wealth and ease of living for doing great work to help humanity. I was greatly rewarded because I was doing all the right things to prepare people’s minds to accept the one world religion, which is the new age. There’s actually nothing new about the new age – it’s an ancient satanic fable repackaged to suit the modern taste.

Never did I think that I was yet another Satan’s tool to usher in a new world order. I thought I was too smart to fall for Satan’s tricks, disregarding the biblical warning that the whole world will be deceived, and the elect too, if that were possible, and disregarding the warning that the road which is wide and which is trodden by many is the road to destruction. Well, yoga and meditation are very, very popular these days, which would qualify these practices to be called wide roads to destruction.

Not only are people absolutely dedicated to open the door to demonic possession through meditation and yoga, and teach others how to do it, but they think that being the leaders in the new age movement makes them most spiritual, when it fact it makes them able to receive greater demons!

The only reason no demons were able to possess me as a new age teacher was because I believed in Christ! When you become a born-again Christian and therefore receive the Holy Spirit, no demons can possess you, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t able to live in you.

How I casted out demons that I invited into myself through yoga and meditation

The fact that I had demons in me now I no longer can doubt, because I tried to expel them in the name of Jesus Christ, just to see if it’s really true that when you engage in any occult practice you invite specific demons in you or they get attached to you from the outside. And wow, did I get surprised at the attempts to overthrow my personal will to prevent the prayer that I was repeating over and over again from happening!

Demons within me tried to prevent my deliverance prayer by twisting my tongue so that I couldn’t say the word ‘Christ’ or ‘entities’, in order to prevent me from saying something along the lines of “expel entities from my body”.

Never, ever have I thought that I had foreign entities in me, let alone those who would attempt to prevent me from remembering something or even twisting my words! Never did I think that the twitching and involuntary body movements I experienced as a result of yoga might be the sign of demons inhabiting my body.

I was totally ignorant of demonic possession (or more like ‘inhabiting’) symptoms since these are taught in the new age as ‘ascension’ symptoms!

Demons show their real faces after you escape from the Kingdom of Satan

The reason I never realized that I had demonic entities in me was because they didn’t need to interfere to make themselves known! I myself was doing all the right things to usher in a new age!

These entities will not make themselves known as long as you’re involved in the occult, such as yoga, meditation, or martial arts. But as soon as you renounce these practices and accept Jesus as your savior, and start to oust them out of your ‘house’ in Jesus’ name, then you’ll understand what’s been inhabiting you all these years.

You’ll understand that you’re dealing with demons who want you dead. They’re fine with you (though they still hate you) doing the occult, but when you are saved by Jesus, they hate you for it and will want to kill you. So you’ll go through hell on earth after you are saved, and God will allow this to happen in order to purify you, and in order to check your allegiance to Him.

By their fruits you shall know them – the hypocrisy of yoga teachers in India

So knowing all this, things started to fall into their right places, and I finally understood why so many yoga teachers I met in India weren’t actually good people, but they had an alluring energy around them and that yellow-colored light that saints are supposed to have. This didn’t make any sense at all, but under the spell of the new age I couldn’t allow myself to look at the possibilities that might show yoga and meditation as dangerous or negative practices.

Many such yogis that I met changed their girlfriends as they did their socks, they were cruel to them and cheated them, and many were totally lust-possessed. They were liars and they didn’t care about the health of any of their yoga students. Now finally it makes sense. They had not the light of the saints that’s of God, but the false light of Lucifer.

The false light of most religious leaders

Godman Asaram Bapu

Indian godman Asaram Bapu, who had sex with his brainwashed female devotees and made people slave for his multi-million-dollar organization for free in the name of doing God’s service, without even providing private toilet facilities for them. I’ve visited this man’s ashram in Surat, India.

That also explains the attraction force of major Indian gurus some of whom are charged for rape, manslaughter, dealing of drugs and guns, and so forth. It’s the false light that they seduce all their followers with, and not the real light.

And it’s not only about Hindu spiritual leaders, because when I was in Amritsar and spoke to the woman who belonged to the family deeply involved in the politics of Sikhism, she told me that the higher up their religious order you go, the worse people you get.

The same, of course, applies to Catholic priests who not only show their allegiance to Satan with their actions like idol worship or certain hand signs, but even from the way they look! That doesn’t mean all of them were evil since to claim that I would firstly need to research them all. But what I’m saying is that the heads of most religious orders are demon-possessed; they are simply shells for Satan to do his work through.

Demon transference into another’s body

It seems that if people manage to break open the topmost seal and aren’t born-again Christians, and therefore aren’t protected by the Holy Spirit, they get demon-possessed and therefore become containers and transmitters of dark energy.

So it now also makes sense why when such demon-possessed gurus touch the third eye areas of their disciples, some disciples start acting like animals, make strange sounds, or do other things that don’t look holy or human in any way.

It’s a lie to say that such gurus transmit holy energy by touching the third eye chakra; it seems that they simply transfer their own demons through one of the doors in the body of a disciple.

So it’s very, very sad to see such wicked satanic techniques, especially when many of those caught in traps are honest people who really want to know God. Without being brought up in a Christian family who actually reads the Bible, you will have no way of knowing how to understand the tricks of Satan and are likely to fall for his seductive philosophical doctrines.

You can be like God – the ancient lie of Satan

It’s so obvious from the drawings of kundalini that it’s not that your soul is rising to meet the Divine, but that the serpent sleeping in your root chakra does. This should be a major red flag to all Christians, because in the Garden of Eden it was Satan (working through the snake) who convinced Eve that she could be as God, which basically is the philosophy of yoga and meditation – to make you into God, to reveal your God nature.

Please take this information seriously and no longer be deceived. I know it’s hard to give up what you held so precious all these years. But your eternal salvation is much more important than your earthly life.

It’s very important to renounce all the occult practices and get rid of all the things which might connect you to them, like Hindu prayer beads or images representing false religions. Then pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ for forgiveness, and to start reading the KJV Bible which warns about all the things that will happen in this time, so that we are aware, and not deceived.