Slaying the Dragon or Snake Meaning – MOST HOLY TRINOSOPHIA – Section Four

This is the section four of The Most Holy Trinosophia. You can read about St. Germain (book author), Introduction, Part OnePart Two and Part Three before reading this post, if you wish.

In this section St. Germain explains:

  1. How to no longer be subject to the control of the blind forces causing the cycle of birth, death and rebirth (the serpent devouring its own tail);
  2. How to win over the sea of fire (astral world);
  3. The transmutation of one’s fire spirit (kundalini) which leads to wisdom;
  4. … and much more! Read more…

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Two Beasts to Overcome to Gain the Kingdom – MOST HOLY TRINOSOPHIA – Section Three

This is the third part of The Most Holy Trinosophia. You can read about St. Germain (book author), Introduction, Part One and Part Two before reading this post, if you wish.

This section of the book explains:

  1. Which two beasts one must overcome to gain the Kingdom of God;
  2. How to expel the lunar aspect which causes corruption;
  3. Earth, water and fire trials an initiate must go through;
  4. … and much more.

Read more…

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Four Soul Doors – MOST HOLY TRINOSOPHIA – Section Two

In this video I share with you the second section of the Most Holy Trinosophia.

You can also read about St. Germain (the author of this occult work), an introduction to The Most Holy Trinosophia and the first section of the book. Read more…

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From Body Slavery to Initiation – MOST HOLY TRINOSOPHIA – Section One

Below you will find the text of the section one of The Most Holy Trinosophia, together with the symbolic image and the explanation of both the image and the text.

This book explains how a natural initiation unfolds, and the text and image below are from the first section of the book.Read more…

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Jesus is Lucifer? What the Bible Says

At this time let’s leave out the controversy whether Satan and Lucifer are separate characters or the time being, as it needs a dedicated study. In this article I assumed they are one and the same, but, again, it needs more research to really assert such a thing.

Both Jesus and Lucifer are sons of God. Both of them are called stars, and both of them are Read more…

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Comte De St Germain – the Man Who Never Dies? Immortal Adept Introduction

I recently read The Most Holy Trinosophia – the only known occult work of Comte de St. Germain. I didn’t even know before reading this work that St. Germain was a real character, and not only a new-age ascended master (who isn’t likely to be him anyway).

When I just downloaded the ebook, it was late so I put it on audio narration. So I drifted to sleep listening to the account of his life.

My sleep was interrupted – I awoke at around 3.30 AM. There was Read more…

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Are You Making This Meditation Mistake? Three Meditation Tips for Beginners

In this post I would like to address one of the major mistakes that people make when they start meditating, and give three tips to get deeper into meditation.

The major mistake people make when they start meditating is that Read more…

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Eco Rural Self-Sustaining Living: My New Life in a Lithuanian Village

In this post I will update you on what it’s like to live in a Lithuanian village.

As you may know, I’ve recently purchased a plot of land in a rural place in Lithuania. The plot has a tiny hut, and when I purchased it, it was totally overgrown with grass, because previous owners neglected it.

What water I use and how it changed my appearance

Apart from electricity, the land has no conveniences whatsoever. I even have to Read more…

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Meditation Technique to Sharpen Mind and Get into Deep Meditation

As I’ve mentioned in a few of my recent posts, the particular meditation technique that I practiced at the Thai Buddhist monastery for twelve hours a day sharpened and developed my mind.

Namely, that it further developed my psychic hearing ability and I was warned in a dream about the trait I must eliminate.

I’m so happy that I’ve finally found a technique that truly sharpens the mind. And not only this – it also gets me into deep states of meditation incredibly fast.Read more…

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Adventures When Leaving India

My Indian journey this timeFrom Goa I took an overnight train to Hyderabad. I’ve been to Hyderabad only once – it’s a huge and busy Indian city. It was the first time, I believe, that I stayed there overnight though.

There were quite a few hotels near the train station, so after a short walk I’ve found a decent hotel with internet. It was quite noisy there since Indian familiesRead more…

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