Our Beautiful Earth is Flat

Here’s a picture I took yesterday and made it into an info-image. You can read about the flat earth here.

Feel free to share this image; I’m happy to have contributed something to the flat earth research!

Our Sun is small, our Earth is flat!

Two Bible Verses Used to Support the False Spinning Globe Theory Explained

In this video I explain Job 26 7 and Isaiah 40 22 verses frequently used to “prove” that the Bible supports the spinning globe theory:

About Occult, Flat Earth, Forgiveness and Complete Reliance on God

Spinning Ball Earth – the Greatest Lie of Satan Ever Told

Satan has managed to completely change people’s minds so they became blind to God’s true creations. In this regard, one of his greatest weapons is science, especially the NASA branch.

Around five hundred years ago people had correct understanding of the shape of the earth and the fact that it’s immovable, like it’s mentioned in the Bible many times. The real earth looks something like this… Read full post here.