Think Long and Hard Before Committing to Anything

I’ve recently created an article about the way that I live my life. Although most comments were positive and some people hold my life model as an inspiration, there were also a few of those who consider my way of life as running away from responsibilities.

Whilst I do agree that some people run away from responsibilities in order to live a simpler life, that’s not the case with everyone leading such lives. The reason my life is simple, for example, is because I did not create responsibilities that would limit my freedom in the first place. Read more…

Find Your Life’s Purpose Through Mindfulness

Although your natal chart shows your life’s purpose and I offer the service of Creative Potential Assessment which reveals exactly what you’re supposed to do in life, there’s another free way of finding it out.

This information has come from the wisdom of Eckhart Tolle, the teacher that I used to listen to long time ago, and now I started to listen to again. Read more…

What Happens When You Accept Pain (Instead of Running Away From It)

This post sprang from my personal experience of not running away from pain.

This habit was present in me from childhood. I Instinctively knew that if I avoided pain, this would form a habit and then even the smallest painful things would be hard to deal with and instead I would want to escape them.

Of course, since I wasn’t independent as a child, I had to accept the conventional healing methods given by my mother. But even my mother had a similar philosophy, and would only make me take pain medicines, or any other medicines for that matter, if the condition was serious. Read more…

Spiritualized Ego Versus True Awakening

Whilst living in India I had my fair share of experiences with people who come here for spiritual development. Since India is a spiritual place, and has many ashrams and other places of devotion, the string of pilgrims is stable.

Usually, those who come here for spiritual development are the most unnatural kind and it’s rare to meet someone who is truly awakened. There are also those spiritual aspirants who know they are only seekers and are humble about it; but unfortunately many are still strongly in the grip of the ego which convinces them that they are already very spiritual. Read more…

True Creativity Lies Beyond the Surface Mind

I have already shared how A New Earth book was written by Eckhart Tolle.

The book came into existence effortlessly, because it was already written in the spiritual form. So since Eckhart Tolle dwelt in the now, the book was able to easily come through him. This is the true creativity.

The surface mind is not creative. It can only contribute to the chaos and noise of the world with its “creations”. It just forms and reforms that which is; but true creativity is fresh perfection in one form or another that is able to manifest through you only if you give it a chance – if you allow yourself to dwell in that space which is thought-free. Read more…

Mother Teresa’s Natal Chart Analysis – What It Reveals About Her Character and Life

Here is a revised transcript of the video above:

In this article I thought I would analyze the natal chart of Mother Teresa. I checked whether her birth time is exact, and actually her birth time listed in astrology websites is not absolutely certain.

Here it is shown that her Ascendant is in Sagittarius and that might be correct, because we know that she had been living a great part of her life in India, and we can see that the ruler of Sagittarius (which is Jupiter) is in the ninth house. Read more…

The Way I Live My Life: Simplicity, Mindfulness and Inner Guidance

In this post I would like to share some of my philosophy of life and how I put it into practice.

Many of you know that I live in India. My life is very unconventional, and it became unconventional because I followed the call of my Spirit rather than the demands of the world.

I love my life and I live the way that I want to. I never fear any change. If something goes against my Spirit, I stop doing it, no matter what the outside world threatens me with, be it loss of funds or loss of face. Read more…

The Taoist Concept of Effortless Action and How to Make It a Part of Your Life

The Taoist concept of effortless action is interpreted differently by different writers, but I think the best example of this kind of functioning is the life of Eckhart Tolle.

As you may know if you are my regular reader, I hadn’t listened to him for years, but since I mentioned him in one of my articles and a video, I decided to look him up again.

It was pleasant to find that he remained the same as he was in his early fame, remaining his childlike self. He often emphasizes the importance of effortless action, as he explains it to be the only kind of action that is aligned with who you are. Read more…

The Dreamlike Nature of Reality Explained, and How to Wake Up

Since I mentioned Eckhart Tolle in a previous article and video, I thought I will check what this teacher is up to, since I haven’t listened to him in years.

I was very happy to find that he was not seduced by the wealth his teaching generates, and that he is still his childlike self. This means that his awakening is genuine.

His teachings are so deep and powerful, how many really understand, I wonder. What he’s giving in every talk is gold, but how many realize that? I wonder if he is a fully liberated teacher in disguise (as I don’t think he ever mentioned being fully liberated).

I watched some of his videos, and as a result of also being interested in Taoism and having read many Hindu sacred texts, something clicked and now I finally understand one concept that kept evading me – how the dreamlike nature of this reality works. Read more…

It’s Unwise to Give Your Power Away

My above video is different from this article because I was recording what was on my mind, but in content both are very similar. 

The video below is a perfect illustration of what happens in major spiritual cults of today, be it in India or the West.

I have no experience with this particular religious following, but I use this video as an example only (I also like the video insights of the author which shows his spiritual growth). Read more…