Beware of Marine Kingdom Spirits Behind Fashion, Entertainment Industry and Commerce

The least detected kingdom of Satan is the marine kingdom. Most people don’t know about it. The continent that’s most aware of it is Africa, because there witch doctors are very familiar with these powerful spirits as they worship them.

They know that the mermaid cartoons that the American children and the children from many other parts of the world gladly watch actually are African water spirit gods.

Through the lack of knowledge of the parents, those children worship pagan gods and sometimes even dress like them (e.g., dressing like mermaids during celebrations), which is a very common pagan ritual of worshipping their gods and making them possess their bodies, as witnessed probably in every part of the world:

Westerners mimicking idol-worshippers

Many people are possessed by marine spirits, and some people are marine agents, and others are actual marine demons pretending to be humans, according to the testimonies of people who have had dealings with this kingdom.

Mermaids are real, powerful and vicious creatures who can turn into the women of stunning beauty and seduce men to have sex with them and therefore infest them with demons and steal their power and blessings. The tales of sirens seducing men in the sea to cause shipwreck are real.

And since mermaids don’t actually have sex as they are demons, they can pose as beautiful men as well, and seduce human women.

These demons are heavily involved in the cosmetics industry and some saved people report that those demonic beings put witchcraft into the cosmetics and through them steal women’s beauty and give their own demonic beauty in exchange.

That’s why many women wearing heavy make-up indeed start looking like demons and they ruin their facial skin. For women who had their skin ruined by cosmetics – please stop wearing it as soon as possible and ask God to heal your skin and repent for wearing make up, and God will heal you because it’s in accordance with His will to heal His children.

(It may take time for this healing to take place and firstly you will experience detoxification (so the skin will look even worse), but please bear with this process so that your skin gets back into balance. Please also do not use any chemical soaps on your face or any other chemical things, but stick to natural oils, aloe vera, Fuller’s earth and similar natural skin care products.)

The same is accomplished through seductive clothes. All such clothing is cursed, and those who wear it might get possessed with these spirits of water.

Spiritual husbands and wives, incubi and succubi are also from the water kingdom. Modern perversions also come from this wicked water kingdom. Our fashions and useless modern toys such as sports cars originate from this kingdom as well.

Ex-witch doctors and warlocks report that these water demons can steal not only people’s blessings, but even their souls and imprison them in the sea. I’ve watched a testimony of a girl who had made a contract with Lucifer and she claimed that during her dreams she would see herself buried in a coffin in the depths of the sea.

People can be imprisoned this way not only when they sign an actual contract with Lucifer but also when because of their vanity they buy cursed things like hair extensions, fake nails, seductive clothes, expensive cars and so on. Sometimes they are imprisoned part-by-part. For example, they exchange the beauty of their hair and get their head cursed if they wear hair extensions. They get their hands bound if they wear fake-nails, and so on.

Satan focuses more on women than on men, because it’s through a woman that our Saviour came and defeated his kingdom. He also focuses on the-first-born males because in the Old Testament we read that God considers such first-born to belong to him. So Satan hates those whom God loves most.

When some part or the whole soul of the person is imprisoned under the water, it makes people feel like they are going in circles, and they cannot break out of destructive habits, and they feel that nothing goes their way. They might dream of lakes, rivers and seas, or that some destruction is coming that’s to do with water, or that they are in  the ship in the midst of the seas.

This again makes me emphasize the importance of writing down your dreams, because if you don’t, you aren’t likely to remember important messages that God might send you in your dreams. When you start writing your dreams down, you will become familiar with what symbols that you see in your dreams mean and what’s going on with you spiritually.

It would be one thing to dismiss such claims of water kingdoms or souls being imprisoned in them if it’s made by only one person, but many people who are saved by Jesus from witchcraft report that marine spirits can indeed steal spiritual aspects of humans and store them in the containers under the sea, which is similar to the voodoo rituals of cursing a person through a doll, or putting a doll in a coffin-like container and hiding it in the earth.

People who don’t know Jesus and live near waters are very likely to be possessed by marine spirits. That’s why there’s so much sin in places of recreation near waters; people tend to be alcoholics in those places, they tend to do drugs, smoke weed or many cigarettes a day and be the slaves of lust. If you ever stayed in a beach resort you should know this. Many perverse people live in those places.

Now I understand why I got a dream of Indian people who lived in a coastal fishing village all wanting me dead and that their spirits were not like mine, but those of murder and that they were actual demons. Those people, whom I know in real life and God showed their spiritual natures to me in a dream, are totally demonized because they sacrifice, sometimes even their own children, to marine demons and that opens the doors for demons to enter their children. And since this was happening for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, almost every person of that village is a marine agent or an actual demon.

One lady who was a high-ranking-witch in the marine kingdom told that demons can actually enter into the newly conceived child before the actual soul enters, and then a demon in a human body would be born to them, who would look like the parents, but in character would be very different.

She claimed that this could happen if a couple had sex without asking to be protected by God or if they were not saved. If this is true, this would explain the origins of my ex who was a psychopath, since God showed me in a vision that he’s actually a demon, and I saw his spirit get up and go out one night, whilst his physical body was sleeping.

Furthermore, he is taller than both of his parents though he looks like his mother. What’s more, he was way more intelligent than his whole family; his intelligence was maybe five times the intelligence of his parents, if not more, which I always found very surprising.

So according to that saved lady, sometimes entire villages situated near seas can be full of these demonic beings and people would think that since they look like humans, they must be humans. I’ve also witnessed many times in that coastal village that many sellers who arrive from the neighbouring state of Karnataka have slits in their eyes. Those slits are really narrow with a little larger dot in the centre of the pupils, and I saw those slits stay in this shape for a long time when a person stands facing the sun.

I knew those people to be reptilians since I was familiar with this topic for a while,but I did not understand how they could be humans yet at the same time reptilians. But if they are totally without the protection of Jesus and if demons can indeed capture the newly conceived baby and inhabit it before the actual soul arrives, that would explain such a phenomenon.

I’ve also knew my ex-boyfriend to be a reptilian because when I would look into his eyes, I would see the eye of the reptile, and I had this knowing that his humanness is only skin-deep, and that a reptile-being is under the skin. I could never understand this, but now I have a very likely answer to this thanks to the testimony of the mentioned lady.

That would also explain the wheat and tares of parable the Bible, because though the new wheat and tares look identical, they are from entirely different seeds.

It’s told in the Bible that because of the lack of knowledge God’s people perish. So we must not be ignorant of Satan’s devices and research this kingdom well, for it has the whole world enslaved not only through stealing people’s blessings and virtues, but also through the fashion industry, religion, politics, perversions and destructive addictions of all sorts, as well as commerce.

Water spirits have enslaved the world because people are unaware that the marine kingdom exists. As you probably know, the powers of darkness work best in secrecy, and they hate to be exposed to light. Therefore this mass-unawareness of the marine spirits keeps them very comfortable and they are able to cause great destruction in the world.

Many saved witches report that there are actual cities under seas, and the Bible supports this as well, since it tells in Ezekiel 26:16 that in the end princes will have to come out of seas and put away their robes, and that means that if princes live in seas, there should be kingdoms to rule in them.

You can read many testimonies online of people who got saved by Jesus from these marine kingdoms, or people who were given visions of those kingdoms. They report those kingdoms to be very advanced, and that’s where we get our high-tech gadgets from, though they do not share the most advanced ones with humanity yet.

The strongholds of the marine kingdoms are in the Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Africa. According to the testimony of one ex-witch, the terrestrial headquarters of these marine kingdoms are in Delhi, India (the main marine headquarters of the world), California, USA (the second major marine headquarters) and Nigeria (she did not indicate the city, but it’s most likely Lagos were many people get initiated into marine kingdoms).

Many world leaders astrally travel to those sea lodges to receive more powers. People desiring more power and money, such as fake pastors, politicians and actors all are welcome to make contracts in those sea lodges to acquire their worldly desires. Those fake prosperity and miracle healings pastors attracting millions to their mega-churches are members of those sea lodges, and they regularly have to sleep with women to steal their blessings in order to enlarge their own.

Those possessed by marine spirits steal people’s blessings and good destinies through having sex with them. That’s not the only way, but it’s the most common way. After sleeping with them those victims’ stars get buried under the sea or hidden someplace else, and luck as though turns away from them after this. Even born-again Christians can get their stars stolen from them, if they sleep with such possessed people.

Satan is a star hunter

If you’re wondering what it means to have your star stolen, and what your star really is, the Bible has some information about it, for we read that the wise men saw the star of Jesus, and knew that the king of Israel was born. We also read that Lucifer was the shining one, and that morning stars sang for joy when the world was being created, showing them to be conscious beings.

In Genesis 37 from verse 9 we read that Jacob had a dream of the sun, moon and stars making obeisance to him. Jacob’s father straight away knew what those symbols meant – the sun stood for the father, moon for the mother, and stars for children.

It is from the testimonies of those who were involved with the marine kingdom that I’ve found out that each of us have a star before we are born, and some stars are very bright, and some are not. This made me remember when I could astrally travel when I was into new age, and one day I saw a vision of me being a star high in the sky, surrounded by millions of other stars.

Those with bright stars are destined to be saved and contribute greatly to the work of God, and therefore Satan tries to destroy those born with bright stars.

That’s why Moses was targeted to be destroyed as a baby (and later in life), and that’s why Jacob was targeted to be destroyed by his brothers. Satan hates those whose stars shine bright, because he knows that they are blessed and favored by God. All Bible personalities that God used mightily were persecuted by others, because Satan was hunting for their stars, so that their destinies are left unfulfilled.

There’s a reason why in the secular world some people are called “stars”. They indeed are stars, as God blessed them to contribute to His kingdom in some way. So Satan hunts for those people and seduces them into joining his kingdom and serving him instead. That’s why you get highly talented people using those talents not for good but for evil.

Satan does everything to cause God’s wrath; what God loves Satan hates; what God cherishes Satan wants destroyed. So if you experience hatred and persecution, know that God loves you and Satan hates this fact and wants you dead.

Stars is the currency of the marine kingdom. They are stolen from uninitiated ones to be transferred to those who sold their souls to the sea lodges. That’s why you see worthless pastors attracting millions of church-goers. They are using the stolen star currency and marine witchcraft, and those who deserve that fame for real are deprived of such glory because of their lack of knowledge.

Nevertheless, saved people have the power to reclaim their stars as the stars can never be destroyed though they can be stolen and hidden from them. But if they are saved by Jesus and have the Holy Spirit indwelling them, they are ruling at this very moment in the high places with Jesus, and they are higher in authority than those wicked demons, and can in Jesus’ name order those demons to return everything they have stolen from them, or loose warring angels to pillage their kingdoms and return the stolen treasures back to them.

The Catholic church is also a soul winner for the marine kingdom. Their baptism initiates you into the sea lodge, and they also steal people’s souls by converting them to their religion at their death beds.

Catholic priests are marine agents

If you feel like your life is going in circles, you are likely to be bound by such marine agents and imprisoned spiritually. You can break such bonds by knowing your authority in Jesus, and ordering those wicked spirits to return all that they have taken from you, and to break any containers or chains that they keep your blessings or even your soul in:

None of the many witch testimonies that I’ve heard had it said that saved Christians are indeed safe. They are safe as long as they don’t sin. If they sin, they give the legal right for Satan to steal from them, to infest them with demons, to imprison them spiritually, or to even kill them. Such spells can only be broken through the confession of all sins and then using Jesus’ name to break free.

From the testimonies of some saved witch doctors it’s told that those people who are unsaved are seen as naked in the spirit realm. Those who are saved but sin are seen in white robes, and they are the main targets for Satan to strip them of their glory.

Those who are saved and live in holiness, are seen with white robes too, but in addition to this, they walk with the protection of either fire, cloud pillars, or warring angels. The demons cannot access such people no matter how much they try. Some witch doctors even report causing mass-accidents like the crash of buses to destroy such holy people, but they never succeed, because indeed the wicked one cannot touch such ones as we read in 1 John 5:18.

Marine spirits, like other evil spirits, do most harm to Christians when they sleep, because these demons are most active in night hours and that’s the time when most Christians are unaware. So many ex-witch doctors advise Christians to pray at night, especially from midnight till 2 or 3 am, when most witchcraft is taking place.

Some saved Christians report catching those demons unawares working on them or in them at night, and therefore are able to quickly cast them out (since demons are caught unawares). So this shows that it’s much more effective to cast out demons at night, when they think that you are fast asleep.


Please pray during the indicated hours if you want to be protected from these spirits, and strengthen yourself spiritually so that they are unable to affect you even at night, when you are most open and vulnerable as the mind is not fully awake.

To strengthen yourself spiritually you must read the Word of God daily for long periods of time, pray and fast, and lead a holy life, so that demons not only stay away from you daytime, but also during the night as well.

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  1. Thank you so much for explaining this. It makes sense! I think spirits can indeed take your virtues and good destiny when you sin, and inhabit parts of your body, I would have agree I personally relate to it. I think it may take many prayers to free yourself from these spirits, but the main thing would be to stop sinning in the way you did when you allowed some spirits to affect you. And read the word of God daily.
    Many people may not believe there is more to life than on the surface(like underwater kingdoms) but there are many mysteries we cannot explain.

  2. wow im speechless by your vast knowledge and understanding of this subject i think me and you need to stay in touch as i could greatly expand on this subject and this is coming from a person that’s in the middle of it all and yes marine spirits aka mermaids really do exist they are what people called jinns a mermaid is nothing but jinns in another form and im in contact with 2 of this entities the female is a mermaid and the male is a reptilian the reptilians are actually the good guy since they live on land we are related to them the mermen and mermaids are the sinister ones and this is the case with me the female wants my destruction while the reptilian male is protecting me from her and her kingdom i have first hand knowledge of this from a juju man witch doctor he sends me messages from this entities like im wrote you this message right now

    • Hi Paw, thank you for sharing this; please do not trust in reptilians.

      • Indeed i have been in a situation of getting married which made me much confused in between, there were 2 ladies i met the first one 2011 and the second one 2012 and we have dated for a long time, i developed much love for the second one for some reasons and intended to get married to her and she knew with all proves to even give birth for me but she likes to flirts with others guys and that brought distrust, that made me to go for the first lady and build love because she was more sincere,prayerful, faithful and honest but i have been told ( by seers) to get married to the second lady that was always flirting because she has good mind inwardly and high brighter star more than the first lady, also they said it was not her fault to flirt it was because of the spirit husband or marine spirit and all she needs is deliverance, and the first one that was praying, honest,faithful and sincere is from a black witch or family foundational issues which i hardly believed because was very caring and nice and i felt pity for her after so many years of faithful, sincerity and i don’t want to disappoint her, the most confusing part is how can someone faithful, praying and sincere being from the other side and the flirting one being from the this side oppose to the first one, whom to believed and whom to get married to? how can one know who is true and who is not? although the first lady denied but the second lady acknowledged it because evidences was proven to show for her own case. even me the man have prayed but no revelation from God yet

  3. Eliyahweh Ben Eliyah says:

    “One lady who was a high-ranking-witch in the marine kingdom told that demons can actually enter into the newly conceived child before the actual soul enters, and then a demon in a human body would be born to them, who would look like the parents, but in character would be very different.”
    Are you referring to Evangelist Funmilayo’s testimony on this part. Awesome testimony and indeed truth in demons operating in the earth with flesh and bones.

  4. Kudzi Duri says:

    Thanks for this enlightenment. Point of correction it was Joseph not Jacob who had a dream (Genesis 37v9)

  5. It was not Jacob that had the dream about the sun moon and the stars it was his son Joseph.

  6. well I needed to know this info cuz as a thirteen year old i was possessed by about 4- 7 demons and the most powerful one was a marine spirit and was second in command to beyonce Knowles sasha fierce. I was on the verge of death and was quite powerful, i mean levitating, suicide thoughts , super strength, violence. I was able to left a teacher`s desk with my pinky it was real creepy and a terrifying part of my life. This was just couple months ago i carried it for over a year and it started to become real strong around summer. At one point i attended dropping in a river to join the others but was caught just in time ( it was like i could slow time for others and speed it up for myself.

  7. this is helpful, thanks alot.

  8. Very enlightening!! Our pople will perish for lack of knowledge and some just don’t want to know. It scares the church pastors etc, and that is why there is know talk of deliverance or demons. sad state we live in but God has given us the power and authority to cast demns out of our lives. We should fear God only!!!! We have dominion ove the enemy. Good post!!

  9. It’s also weird that people also see underwater UFOs?

    Some people say that the Bermuda Triangle is a demonic kingdom?

  10. Why is Jesus represented by a fish then ?
    Jesus performed miracles on the sabbath.. Saturday or Saturn Day (Satan Day) and he casts out demons by a means which he does not reveal when asked… secrets hmm.
    And Jesus now conveniently stands in front of God, if you want to get into heaven you have to praise Jesus.. NOT God, we’ll that doesn’t seem right to me.. God is always there, and will always be there so why change things 1000s of years later. Moses said beware false prophets, I don’t think there has been a true one yet to be honest.
    Jesus was an “immaculate” conception.. or was it an incubus visiting Mary
    It’s something that should be addressed… perhaps the “new’ testament is just a clever long term plan to usurp more souls, all we really know is it thinly written long after the good book came to be.. hmm
    So I think we should re read the bible with fresh eyes, in genesis Noah makes a covenant with god by sacrificing animals flesh on an altar in Gods name (cooking) and God smelled the aroma and blessed Noah.. same with Abraham and even back to Abel..
    I don’t know about you but I’m going to start there, and see what God delivers in my dreams next time I sleep 🙂
    Just some food for thought…

    • That is an old article. I came to the conclusion that Jesus is the SUN of God and that his story is astrological but there are many other layers to it. I believe as a man he was a magician, he learnt his magic in Egypt, and Jewish accounts in their religious books corroborate this.

  11. Devina Ballah says:

    I dream of school, universities, black boy asking money. Lost ways. Get late .

    I want to know the meanings.

  12. Simona, I was just listening to your video on Beware of the Marine Kingdom. I have listened to it before, but I just picked up on something. You said that the demon spirit goes into a baby (in the womb) before or instead of a spirit from God (or soul). You know what? I have seen ultra sounds of babies in the womb and I saw a spirit in there with the Baby! I just saw another the other day. I know if was of a demonic nature. Now, I am realizing that perhaps it is waiting to enter the baby whence it is born!!! What do you think? Lots of love, Alice

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