Basic Principles of Dream Interpretation

In this post  I will cover:

  1. Three sources of dreams
  2. Four types of dreams
  3. General guidelines to understand the meaning of your dream
  4. The meaning of the most common dream symbols

A warning

Firstly, it’s important to understand that Christians should not turn to pagan sources for their dream interpretations as it’s the same as going to the dark side to get help; as Christians, we should have nothing to do with darkness and look for help only from God or in Christian sources.

The reason pagan dream interpretation is false is because it was given to them by demons or from the wisdom of men and not God.

Greek philosophers made the mistake of trying to comprehend God with their own limited minds rather than praying to God to reveal Himself to them. The same applies to men who attempt to interpret dreams with their own mental resources. They always arrive at wrong conclusions, because they rely on their limited minds thinking that they do not need God to comprehend something that’s usually given by Him.

So we find modern philosophers and psychologists using their limited minds to understand dreams, and they end up misleading many who come to them for dream interpretation. Usually such dream interpreters end up projecting their own issues on the dreams of others, or rely on psychological terms to understand the dream, such as the inner child issues which again are constructs of men and not God.

For example, the dream interpreter John Paul Jackson once heard on the radio a woman telling about a dream of seeing her children surrounded by spiders in her backyard, and the secular dream interpreter told her that the dream was about her inner child issues, when the dream in actuality was a warning from God to cancel demonic bloodline issues because if she doesn’t, her children will be affected.

God talks to everyone in dreams, believers and unbelievers, but we as Christians have the advantage of understanding the language of God. Those relying on their own mental resources or demons, on the other hand, do not have this advantage.

For example, Freud suffered from issues to do with his sexual life, so he kept projecting these sexual issues on the dreams of other people. He believed that all circular and oblong objects in dreams represent male and female private parts (!), for example, or that anything that’s of yellow color in the dream must be urine. This man full of insecurities and unsolved issues is considered one of the greatest fathers of psychology, which shows the sad condition of the world, where the blind lead the blind.

So we cannot find wisdom coming from men when it comes to interpreting dreams, and therefore we should search it from the source that’s unfailing, that is God and His Word, and  from those who already learnt biblical dream interpretation by analyzing biblical dreams and praying for guidance.

How I understood the importance of dreams

I’ve first learnt of the immense importance of dreams through Kevin Ewing. It’s because of his many videos on the importance of dreams that I started paying attention to them. He taught me that dreams are the spiritual events that are pending to manifest in the physical, and it’s up to you whether they manifest or not.

If you get a terrible dream and don’t cancel it, according to Kevin, the spiritual reality will soon become physical. Therefore it’s important to write down and analyze every single dream, and to cancel the dreams that were negative. Kevin says that you need to even agree with a good dream, if you want its contents to manifest in your waking reality.

I’ve learnt most of my dream interpretations, however, from John Paul Jackson, though he mainly focused on the positive dreams and not so much on those that were sent by demons, and Kevin Ewing focuses more on dreams sent by demons.

In this post I will share my dream understanding as a result of my prayers, personal dream interpretations, and these two teachers.

Three sources of dreams

You may receive dreams from:

  • God
  • Your own soul
  • Satan

John Paul Jackson believes that even dreams from Satan are sent by God, to reveal enemy’s plans so that you’re aware of them and can cancel the dream or prepare. Kevin Ewing, however, believes that demons can directly project into your dreams, and I believe this to be the case also when demonic oppression is present. But first let’s analyze the first type of dreams, which is the one that’s sent by God and is from God, and then we will go more into the detail about the other type.

Dreams that are sent by God and are from God are clear and bright. There’s nothing chaotic about them, though some details might be strange. But even if you see something unusual in the dream, the dream has harmony, peace and order. And those unusual things are highlighted so that you pay attention to them and don’t forget them, because they are very important.

So that’s something you must keep in mind – if in a dream some object acts not how it should, or you see something very strange about the dream, pay attention to it and try to figure out its meaning. For example, if the airplane floats on water instead of flying, or the tree is silver, or the water is color orange and not blue.

Even when God gives you dreams about the enemy, although they might be dark because they are warning dreams, you can feel that the dream was given with the positive intention of warning you so that you prepare or cancel the dream. If the dream repeats itself twice, it usually means that the event cannot be changed but God gives you the dream so that you prepare for the event and handle it well.

Sometimes God Himself will send some challenging event into your life to test you. He will warn of this coming storm in a dream. If the dream is bright but you see some natural disaster approaching, it’s probably a trial that God will send you shortly. For example, if a tornado is approaching, the coming trial is from God if its color is light and not dark.

If the dream is given by God and it’s a positive dream, it will have bright and clear colors, and you will feel goodness about it, it will be peaceful and happy. You will feel positive emotions in the dream, and you will wake up feeling pleased that you had such a dream.

If the dream comes from your own soul, it will be either about your desires or fears. That’s a warning sign for Christians that they focus on themselves and this world more than on God. Such dreams should not visit Christians, since their focus should be away from the self and only on God. But if you have strong earthly desires, they might carry over into your dream world also, and the same applies to fears.

People who always have recurring dreams are stuck in some type of fear-based mental pattern which must be broken for those dreams to stop. I remember before being saved always having the fear that I would not achieve my full potential, and so I kept having dreams of almost missing the flight, or sometimes missing my flight. When I got saved this dream stopped, because getting saved fulfilled my life-long desire which was to know God.

Dreams that are sent by demonic forces will visit those who are demonically oppressed. Demons enter dreams for you to renew covenants with them so that they continue negatively influencing your life. For example, if you cut a soul tie with a psychopath you might get a dream of having sexual relationships with that person, or hugging that person. This would renew the covenant. The same applies to dreams during which people give you to eat food or you agree with them in any other way.

Dreaming of being bound or even lying on a table during a satanic ritual are dreams from the enemy. They might indicate witchcraft being done on you spiritually. The same applies of dreams of spiders, black animals and people shooting at you or you dying in a dream. But again, it’s important to pay attention to how the dream felt and whether it was dark or light to determine if it was sent by demons or if it’s a warning from God about what demonic forces are preparing for you.

Also, if you dream something terrible and you wake up paralyzed, or you wake up with scratches or feel some presence with you for some time, then be sure that dreams were caused by evil spirits and you must cancel them immediately. I tell about how to cancel negative dreams and the covenants made during your sleep in this article.

Four types of dreams

The dreams are of four types:

  • Dreams about you
  • Dreams about others
  • Prophetic dreams
  • Personal prophesy dreams

Dreams about you are the most usual ones. They are the dreams in which you are the focus of  the dream. Such dreams may notify you of the coming blessings, of the things to be aware of, or show your current spiritual or mental state. You know that you received a personal dream if the events of the dream revolve around you, and if you take yourself away from the dream, it loses its meaning.

Dreams about others have other people as the center of your dream. Usually it will be about some person that you know, or maybe a few people, or maybe even a group, such as your church. You know that the dream is about others when, if they are removed from the dream, it no longer makes sense.

In such dreams you are likely to be an observer only. Sometimes you might still in some minor way interact with the characters of the dream, which would show that the events that the dream discloses might affect you as well, but usually you will just be an observer in such a dream.

If others interact with you, the dream is about you as well, but you are not the main focus. However, God may want you to get some sort of message from that dream as well, and therefore you interact in that dream also.

If you receive such a dream about other people, you should let them know about the dream, even if you don’t exactly understand what it means. Though it’s told in the Bible that God gives wisdom abundantly for those who want it (James 1:5), so if you struggle with dream interpretation, just ask God to give you wisdom to interpret dreams and He will.

If you have a dream where at first you are involved in the dream but then you observe it as an invisible being, it means that at first the events symbolized by the dream will have an effect on you but later on you will not be affected by what’s happening. And if at first you observe the dream as an outsider and then you get involved in it, it means that at first the symbolized events will have no impact on you but later on they will start affecting you.

So the majority of dreams that people get are about themselves, and on rarer occasions about others. But sometimes people can receive prophetic dreams as well, which is much rarer. Usually people who are called to be the prophets of God receive prophetic dreams more frequently, though even people without such a calling can receive such dreams.

Prophetic dreams are about the future events of countries or even about the entire earth. I rarely get those dreams, but when I get I know they are prophetic because they are very different from the usual dreams that I receive. Prophetic dreams will have flags of different countries, numbers written in heavens for you to pay attention to, maps of certain countries, maybe symbols of certain countries.

I will share with you the dream I got the night before, to give you an example of a prophetic dream. I will not go into details because there were many, but I will describe the main events of the dream.

I was sent as a representative of God to a Muslim country. I believe it was Dubai because it was beautiful and sunny, and I appeared in a luxurious hotel. I saw a green sword in a white background. Green is the color of Islam.

I researched the sign after I woke up and it looks like a Jihadist sword but wider, and I made the crossed hand sign in the dream, and when I woke up I knew that I did that to indicate two crossed swords so that I’m able to understand what that country is or will be known for, and that is Jihad, and that sign was a Muslim brotherhood seal of two crossed swords:

Muslim brotherhood seal

There was an Indian businessman who started talking to me once we were out of the hotel, and that’s another reason why I think the country to be Dubai, because it’s known for Indian workers. He asked me what kind of ice-cream I liked, and I told all kinds, which isn’t actually true but in the dream it was.

He replied that I was lucky, and that I can feel at home in any country that I visit. I did not understand this part about the ice-cream. It could be a personal prophesy within the prophetic dream, which I will talk about later. Maybe it meant that I’m able to adjust to any kind of circumstances, or maybe the prophesy was literal – that I can feel at home anywhere I travel to.

Then the white heavens opened and there was pitch blackness, and some outlines of countries were revealed in that gap, and those countries’ outlines looked like how it would look like when you fly at night and you see many lights on the dark earth, but those lights were especially intense at countries’ borders, so that the outlines of them were clear.

I don’t remember the first few countries that were shown in that gap, but the last one was definitely India, and it looked something like this:

Map of India

In my dream the sky opened and I saw the map of India looking something like this

I showed this sight in heavens to that Indian man and next we both saw a shape of a blue cow going across heavens, from right to left, and then the man noticed another cow, and I looked and again it was moving from right to left, and then we saw two airplanes that didn’t look like real (they looked like half-painted on skies, and half-real), and they lifted off from the point where cows stopped moving, and started flying from right to left, making a circle and then coming towards us.

I straight away started pleading the blood of Jesus because as soon as the heavens opened I knew this was something ominous. I strongly believed that I would win over the airplane that was now above me, and I encouraged the Indian man to plead the blood of Jesus with me, but he got scared of the airplane and ran away!

So I kept fighting it myself, and eventually it became like a paper airplane and then it could no longer hover over me and it crashed to the ground, and I saw one man crawling out of it, but I did not see his face. At first it was made to look like the attack wasn’t even engineered by humans but by forces such as aliens (which are demons as aliens don’t exist), but when the plane crashed it turned out it was manned by a human.

So this dream was a prophetic dream. It showed that Islamic forces will target India or Indian individuals working in Arab countries (I believe it was only about Dubai, though), and that without God those individuals will be helpless. I believe two cows were two good years, and two airplanes were two years of war or violence against Indians.

So dreams which show national flags, national symbols or maps, as well as symbols in heavens, are usually prophetic dreams that one should take time to analyze and warn people.

And then there are personal prophetic dreams which are sent to you to make you aware of something in your life or to warn you about something. In such dreams you have a person addressing you with certain words, and the words that they say to you is a prophesy to you.

So the dream is not about the other person but about you, because the person gives a message to you so it’s the message that’s most important. If the dream has only a message and other details are minor, it’s only the message that you should pay attention to. But if the dream has more details about it, you should pay attention to the details as well because that prophesy might, for example, only come true if you take some action indicated in the dream.

For example, recently I had a dream about a school director talking to me, and because I was with him, I was unable to attend one class, and I worried about it whilst he was talking to me, because my attendance rate that year was worse, and I was afraid that this might cause me not to pass the exam.

But the director, as though reading my mind, told not to worry about it, and something along the lines of that it’s only important to listen to him, and then everything would be okay. And lo and behold, I keep listening to him and then a teacher comes and presents me with a certificate that I passed the exam, and I passed it with a higher grade than I’ve ever gotten in my life, and that I did not even need to take the test to get that certificate!

This dream was a message from God, and the school director was God. The prophetic message was that if I only listen to Him, I would not need to worry about successfully accomplishing my mission in life because everything would work out to my advantage without me even studying half as hard as I usually do. If I only keep my eyes on God, I will end up achieving much more than I imagined that I could.

So in this dream both the message and the environment was important. The classroom was my preparation. I am currently being prepared for serving God. And God wanted to let me know that I should focus more on prayer than on any reading or any other study, and this will assure that my life will be lived to its potential, and that that potential is more than I can currently imagine. This is very applicable to my life because I study a great deal, much more than I pray.

So if someone talks to you in a dream, pay attention to the words that they say to you. It’s a direct prophesy to you.

General guidelines to understand the meaning of your dream

John Paul Jackson teaches that not all dreams can be interpreted, and sometimes dreams can be interpreted years after you got them, and that sometimes this is the Will of God. So do not expect to be able to interpret every single dream.

But to assure that you can interpret most of them, you should pray to God to give you the gift of dream interpretation, and fasting helps too because you become sensitive to things spiritual. I recommend fasting weekly, or even twice a weak for greater spiritual sensitivity.

You can also study biblical dreams to understand what symbols in those dreams stood for, though those symbols in your dreams will not always stand for whatever they stood for in the Bible, because sometimes dreams can be highly personal, and God could use the symbols that are only known to you and no one else. So we should not be rigid in dream interpretation and the most important thing is to rely on the Holy Spirit for revelation.

So pray to God to receive the gift of dream interpretation, fast to tune into the things spiritual, study biblical dreams and visions, be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and also study the materials of those men and women of God who know how to interpret dreams, so that your ability to understand dreams keeps increasing.

To get the basic meaning of the dream, it’s important not to get lost in its details. You should be able to describe the dream in a sentence or two, and take it from there. It’s best at first to give the dream a title, because this will help you to understand the main message of the dream. Then describe it in a few more sentences. Think what this story line can stand for in your life, what God wants to say to you through this symbolic line of events.

Another good way to analyze the dream is by dividing it into its basic components which are the focus of the dream, the subfocus(es), and important dream details. The focus of the dream is usually you or some other person. You can write the focus down in the middle of the page and then circle it. Then draw lines out of that circle to the circles which mention the sub-focuses of the dream. And then around those subfocuses add a few important dream details.

For example, if to take the dream that I had about the school director, the focus was the conversation between me and the school director. So both of us are the focus, because if any of us are taken out of the dream, it loses meaning.

The sub-focus was the certificate with a high grade. The details of the dream was my worrying that I would not pass the exam, the realization that I don’t need to study hard to pass but that I just need to listen to the director, the classroom setting, and the teacher.

So if I would take only the focus and the subfocus of the dream, the dream already shows the meaning that I would pass the test if I would only listen to the director, and then if you look at the dream details it gives more clarity to this message, and we get the interpretation that God addresses me in my preparation stage with a message that I should pray more than study because this will assure my success beyond my current imagination of what I could achieve, and therefore I do not need to worry about studying more, but I should focus on praying more.

Therefore if you break the dream down in such a way, the story line will become very clear, and it will be much easier to figure out what message God had for you in the dream.

The meaning of the most common dream symbols

Finally, I will describe some common things you may encounter in your dreams and what they usually mean.

The house in the dream usually represents your life or yourself, if you feel that the house in the dream is yours. So whatever the condition of your house is in the dream, that’s the condition of either your life, your physical body, your mind, or your spirit.

Vehicles in the dream show your mission in life or your occupation. The bigger your vehicle, the more influence you have. If it’s only a bicycle, your influence is small; if it’s a car – it’s average. If it’s a large car, a ship, or an airplane, the influence is great.

If it is your vehicle but you’re not the one driving it, someone else has influence over your life, which is not good. If you drive backwards, you are not making progress but you are going backwards in your real life as well.

If it’s not your car, the dream may signify a joint partnership, working for someone else, or temporarily joining some company or ministry. If your husband drives your car, there’s nothing to worry about, because the husband is the head of the wife and it’s normal for him to be in charge.

So if you dream about having a personal vehicle in the dream, it’s about your mission in life or your profession, and by the way the vehicle looks and what it does in the dream, as well as by its size, you can tell a great deal about the condition of your calling.

To dream of animals running at you, bugs biting you or snakes and other pests attacking you indicates the attack of the enemy. Demonic forces attempt to attack you, so this dream is a warning dream for you to be aware and prepared, so that the demonic attack is not successful.

Sometimes these dreams can be cancelled, sometimes they cannot. Try cancelling it anyway, but sometimes the dream may show that you will be close to some demonic event that has to happen, and so you get this dream to strengthen yourself so that the attack doesn’t affect you.

For example, if you dream that you are very close to a road and you see thousands of animals running with one focus, but you know that that focus is not you, but they run so close to you that you almost get knocked out. This is a warning dream that you should be aware of the forces of evil operating in a particular area where you are, or of some sort of demonically powered thing that is about to happen, so that it doesn’t impact you negatively because of its greatness, though you are not its target.

Dreams of receiving presents are usually blessings from God, if the dream is bright and you wake up feeling happy. But receiving things from people in dreams may also indicate the renewal of demonic covenants, so you need to pay attention whether the dream was clear or not, whether it was bright and harmonious or dark and chaotic. This will show you from which side those gifts came from. Usually when you are happy about a special gift in your dream, it’s a gift from God, but when you receive it as though it’s no big deal, it’s a gift from demons.

Dreams of promotion, going up, flying up, getting good marks are usually very good dreams showing your progress and success in life. But sometimes dreams of flying may indicate witchcraft activity in your life, so again you must pay attention to how the dream felt.

Dreams of going down, downgrading to a worse car or a smaller vehicle, going down in an elevator, driving bakwards and not being in charge of your own car are all warning dreams showing that you are getting under the wrong influence, that your influence is lessening, or that you are going backwards in life.


Finally, let me summarize the most important points of this article so that they get more firmly estblished in your mind.

Dream interpretations should not be sought from pagan sources or the wisdom of men, because the interpretations will be wrong and it’s a sin for Christians to seek for help from demonic sources.

Dreams come from:

  • God – when the dream is bright and clear, though God may give you dreams about what the dark side is planning for you as well; then the dreams won’t be bright but you will know that its purpose is positive – to warn you about the plans of demons against your life.
  • Your own soul – when you have strong earthly desires or fears, you may receive dreams about them. Recurring dreams are fear dreams which will end when the source of fear is removed.
  • Satan – demonic dreams are dark and chaotic. You feel uneasy when you get them. You should cancel these dreams in Jesus’ name.

There are four types of dreams:

  1. Dreams about you – when you are the focus of the dream without which the dream wouldn’t make sense.
  2. Dreams about others – when a person, a few people that you know, or a group that you know is the main focus of the dream. You should tell your dreams to them as God has a message to them.
  3. Prophetic dreams – when you dream of maps, symbolic numbers, national symbols, signs in heavens.
  4. Personal prophesy dreams – when a person in the dream addresses you with some message. That message is a prophetic message from God to you.

How to interpret dreams:

  • You should reduce your dream to a title, to get the main theme of the dream.
  • Expand it to a few more sentences and you have the story-line which you can then attempt to interpret.

Another good way to interpret your dreams is by…

  • Breaking down the dream into its basic components
  • Finding the focus of the dream
  • Finding its subfocuses
  • Finding its main details

Simplifying your dreams in such a way helps you to understand their main message, but if you focus on dream details only, you may lose sight of that message.

Dreams about houses are to do with your life or your being, if the house that you see in the dream you consider your own. Dreams about cars are to do with your mission in life or occupation. Dreams of animals, bugs and pests usually warn of coming demonic attacks against you, especially if you see many of them in the dream and their color is dark.

If you would like to share your knowledge of biblical dream interpretation, please leave a comment.

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  1. Tara Miller says:

    Hi Simona!! Love this post. I don’t know if you can address this. Do you think God will give a dream to show my spiritual state, if I pray for it, but I am still in a state of sin? I recently came back to Christianity after 20 years in witchcraft & occult. I am still in divination as it is my income. I am praying for God to show my spiritual state and a way out or how I can get out of my occult involvement. My dreams are always dark, at night and chaotic. I know dreams are symbolic, but mine are always chaotic and a lot of fear. For example, I love animals. And I will have dreams that there are animals trapped in cages, or sick or dying, and I wake up upset. I never have happy or clear dreams. It is usually night in the dreams.

    • Tara, God will not answer you until you quit this profession. But I can promise you that if you trust God, if you believe that He will supply you, He will. And this will be very pleasing to Him too. Tara, the same happened to me. When I realized the deception, I had to destroy my new age business. But God made sure that I regained all that I’ve lost, BECAUSE I put my trust in him and not in the dark side or my own efforts.

      Now I receive maybe ten times less blog visitors, but I receive donations that I guess equal the money that I earned during my new age days, though I never counted so I cannot tell for sure; God encourages visitors to donate, because He created them. You must understand that God is in charge of everything. If you really believe this, that He created you, that He created everything in this world, you should also realize that it’s very easy for Him to make sure that you are going to be supplied.

  2. Philip Keple says:

    Simona, I enjoyed this article. I have a question as to how to cancel a dream. You had brought it up a few times in your video. Does one cancel it in the name of Jesus and if so is that dream then voided in the spiritual realm. I am a little confused as to how to go about this. I have come against feelings of an evil presence upon waking up from dreams in the past. Doing so by binding and coming against that presence in the name of Jesus and by His blood. Is this the same as canceling a dream? I am one who has had a great deal of vivid colored dreams and they tend to have a great deal of details in them. I am trying to journal main points or items that have stood out as I remember them. I have had some truly horrendous dreams in my past in which I have awoken screaming and gasping for air. Anyway, if you have some insight as to dream canceling it would be much appreciated.

    Phil K

    • I talked about it here: Yes, cancel your dreams in Jesus’ name – say the words that you cancel the dream, and that you cancel all its effects on your life.

  3. Michele G says:

    I’m so glad to have found this page! I’ve been through deliverance in August and I study and read everyday so my dreams have gotten more complex. I follow Kevin too and I have multiple dreams per day, 30 in the last month alone and I’ve recorded them all.
    Please help if you can with this one from this morning:
    I was ducking for cover with several women as we were being shot at by an automatic gun repeatedly. When the gunman saw we laid flat for cover he rose higher on a pole and pointed the gun downward a set off more rounds. I was hit 4 times in my back.
    Earlier I promised to protect one woman’s son and I escaped and went down to the lower level where a reception in a beautifully decorated room. There was no one inquiring about survivors so I decided to blend in and find my family. I removed my shirt which had the bullet holes but there was no blood. I went over to the table and seated the small child next to me in a tiny chair on my left. I told my mother on my right that I still haven’t received medical treatment. She wasn’t concerned (which is unlike her as she is a nurse and overestimates every condition). I played along like I was fine. The child said “…Grandpa says ‘no’ to everything. He always says ‘no’.” And then I woke up with a stiff aching back. What are your thoughts?

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