Spinning Ball Earth – the Greatest Lie of Satan Ever Told

Satan has managed to completely change people’s minds so they became blind to God’s true creations. In this regard, one of his greatest weapons is science, especially the NASA branch.

Around five hundred years ago people had correct understanding of the shape of the earth and the fact that it’s immovable, like it’s mentioned in the Bible many times. The real earth looks something like this:

I also like the below image as it briefly explains why this lie was created. There are more reasons for the lie, though.


So in the past people knew the shape of the earth. But then Nicolaus Copernicus came around and introduced the heliocentric theory.

Nicolaus Copernicus was a sun worshiper, a Lucifer (Satan) worshiper, an occultist and a freemason. Since he was a satanist, his theory isn’t scientific but satanic.

People misunderstand what science is. It’s the religion of Satan and there’s nothing scientific about it, since it’s based on unprovable theories – the lies of Satan.


Does anyone else get creeped out by looking at Nicolaus’ eyes in the image below? Looks like a psychopathic stare to me (click to enlarge). This world is ruled by really sick people, but most humanity is blind to the fact.


Nicolaus Copernicus knew that his theory was just that – a theory. But it was supported by the fellow freemasons (who run the world) enthusiastically, and this theory was propagated through the media and schools so long and so often that it came to be viewed as truth.

As it’s said, tell a lie many times and eventually people will accept it as truth.

Those who clung to the truth of flat earth and dared to speak about it were publicly shamed so that others would be afraid to speak about it, and this is done even to this day. We are told to live in a tolerant world, but dare to speak about Jesus or flat earth and see what happens to you. You will be called crazy and might even be physically attacked:

Videos as such make me sad because they remind me in what a fallen state humanity is. Most people behave like wild beasts, and still being blinded by Satan they think that there’s no such thing as sin and that they are good people and that they will go to Heaven after they die.

How deceived they are. Most people are definitely headed for Hell unless God chooses to wake them up and make them aware of what a miserable state they are in, so that they have a chance to repent, ask God for forgiveness, and save themselves.

Back to the Satan’s lie. The spinning globe indoctrination plan has been successfully implemented. Now, five hundred years later, people totally believe that the earth is a spinning ball, and they laugh at those who know the truth – that the earth is stationary and that it’s a plane and not a sphere.

So this theory was strongly pushed as the truth, and people were brainwashed with movies about it and the fact that the spinning globe model is inserted into many propaganda tools, as well as sometimes at the beginning of movies, like as we see in the Universal Pictures spinning globe logo.

So since people were continuously exposed to the spinning globe in the media as well as in classrooms and other educational institutions, they came to believe it to be the truth.

Most people cannot believe that they could have been so much deceived because they have no idea what kind of psychopathic people rule them. Also, if you tell a lie that’s absolutely outrageous, people will believe it because it’s beyond their comprehension that some people could tell a lie of such proportions.

People are heavily taxed whilst getting more lies in return

U.S. taxpayers’ money is spent on making fake movies ‘proving’ the truth of the spinning globe and space exploration, as well as bombarding the population with digitally created images ‘proving’ space explorations and the existence of satellites, like these ones:

Some of the images are so fake that it’s painful for me to look at. How cruel it is that people have to give more than 40% of their hard earned money to these freemasons and all they get are sci fi movies and digitally made images.

The Bible warns us that:

Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.

Colossians 2:8

But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.

2 Corinthians 11:13

…and that’s exactly what happened. People prefer unprovable theories to what they can actually see and touch. They laugh at the simplicity of the Bible, thinking themselves smart because they follow science – the religion of Satan.

They think that they’re smart because they can regurgitate false science theories, remaining totally blind to the fact that there was never anything secular about science, and that science is Satan’s religion which opposes the truth of God.

So humanity was always caught up in the battle between good and evil, which makes atheists and other ‘smart’ people the most ignorant people of all.

People Who Expose Satan’s Lies Are Persecuted

When people find the truth and start to speak about it, for example about the facts that:

… they get attacked, either verbally and sometimes also physically. They get attacked because Satan doesn’t want people to know and spread the truth. So whoever finds out the truth will have to go through such a trial, like Jesus did.

When I was still under Satan’s influence thinking all religions have some truth and spreading (mis)information about the false religions of Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism, everyone was fine with my talks. But when I discovered the truth about the flat earth, creationism and Jesus, I started receiving threats, which never happened before.

People who violently react against the truth and are incapable of responding without swear words or aggression are under the influence of Satan. They are likely to be heavily demonized (many evil spirits live in them) and therefore they’re not in control of how they act, though they think they do.

That’s why when Jesus was crucified he said this prayer to His Father:

(…) Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.

Luke 23:34

Demonized people indeed know not what they do. Though they believe they’re in charge of their actions.

We Live Under the Dome

The earth is flat, and we live under the dome. This dome was shown in some movies and cartoons, such as Simpsons:

When people see such images, they laugh. And I think Satan loves that – when people look at the truth and it seems so ridiculous that the brainwashed population laughs about it.

The reason we get movies and not the real footage of space explorations is because space explorations never happened because people cannot get into the outer space due to this impenetrable dome.

This dome is also seen from the shape of the rainbow, which couldn’t exist in the first place were it not for the dome:


We can also understand that we live under the dome from the echo that we hear after the sound of a thunder.

Everything that supports the false heliocentric model of the universe is promoted by the media. Everything that doesn’t support it is labeled stupid. And that’s the tolerance and sophistication of today’s world.

Human perversions are encouraged and those who don’t support gay pride (two sins in one phrase) and gay rights are treated as outcasts, whilst those who want to teach about the truth of the Bible are ridiculed and silenced. No wonder the prince of this world is Satan.

Aliens Don’t Exist

The alien agenda is also heavily promoted these days. That’s because it supports the false universe model and the false fact that people can get into the outer space.

In reality there are no such beings as aliens. There are only fallen angels, which are demons, who masquerade as aliens. They drag people out of their bodies during their sleep, and since those people do not know how to astrally project, they have no idea that what happens to them happens in the astral realm, and not the physical.

If people could only say during such an attempt to take them out of their bodies “In Jesus name, leave me alone, you evil spirits!”, those pretenders would flee from them. But since people aren’t aware that aliens are nothing more than Satan’s minions who cannot resist the power of Jesus, they don’t think of commanding them to leave in such a way.

The Origin of Psychopaths

I’m also quite certain that psychopaths are people possessed by the very same demons that masquerade as aliens. I don’t think that psychopathy is a medical condition, because if it were, how come all psychopaths follow the very same agenda? They all aim at destroying humans, the children of God.

In the Bible we read that:

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

John 10:10

I think in this verse Jesus contrasts Himself with Satan, or those working for Satan. So this verse perfectly applies to psychopaths, who come to break you down morally, emotionally, mentally, spiritually or physically.

I’ve also made a video about it, sharing what I’ve personally discovered about psychopaths:

The Consequence of the Satanic Lie of Globe Earth

It’s incredible that many people do not comprehend the importance of knowing the flat earth truth. I’ve gotten some comments from readers something along these lines:

So even if what you’re saying is the truth, what difference does it make?

What difference? Don’t you think it’s important to know where you live? Don’t you think it’s rather cruel for someone to fool you about such a major thing? Don’t you think that someone who would fool you in such a major way would do so for some important reason, and not just for nothing?

When you are ignorant about the actual creation of the earth, and you subscribe to the false theories of globe earth and evolution, then you will automatically think that there’s no God because these theories claim that everything evolved randomly.

So then you’ll not even see the creation the way it is, because you will be blinded by Satan. So you’ll miss the awe that naturally comes from within as a result of seeing the power and intelligence of God in His visible creation. You’ll then not worship God, and God will not receive your rightful worship.

You’ll miss out on having the connection with The One who created you. You’ll miss on feeling special because God personally formed your ancestors. You’ll probably think yourself not important, since evolution promotes the ridiculous idea that people evolved out of bacteria, so what’s there to be proud about in such mean origins.

You can witness Satan’s hatred for people from these false theories – evolution and the spinning ball earth. Satan wants people to think they are worth nothing, that they are not important, that they inhabit one of the billions of randomly formed planets and they weren’t even supposed to exist but it happened due to a coincidence.

Most crime would never happen were people to wake up to the reality of their creation, and the reality of the flat earth. People would think twice about lying or sinning in any other way, if they would know that God sits above the circle of this earth and sees everything that they do.

This world would no longer be such a lawless and cruel mess if people would know the truth and live by God’s commandments. But since now most humans think that their ancestors evolved from the bacteria, they behave like beasts, thinking they aren’t accountable to anyone and that there’s nothing divine about them.

People, please wake up. I have no gain in exposing evolution and ball earth model but only loss. I’m exposing these things so that you wake up to the truth and are no longer fooled by Satan and therefore are no longer headed for hell but have a chance of being saved.

I know it might be hard to let go of the ball earth model because you might be heavily invested in it. But it’s not the investment that counts but the truth.

I hope you’ll wake up to the truth of the flat earth and creationism, and read the Bible which is the Word of God and which explains why we are in such a mess today and warns us what we should be aware of.

Get Your Rightful Inheritance

Please repent of all your sins, ask God for forgiveness, accept Jesus as your savior and be water baptized by full immersion (and not after the tradition of the pagan Roman Catholic Church). Then you’ll have a chance of getting the Holy Spirit and being born again, and being protected from Satan’s tricks and his evil minions.

What’s more, by being born again and no longer choosing to willfully sin, you have a chance of inheriting the Kingdom of God after your death, which is another reason why Satan has come up with such big lies – to prevent you from inheriting this Kingdom. Satan knows that you have a chance of dwelling with God forever, but he’s headed for Hell.

Do not let Satan’s lies get to you so that he drags you to Hell with him. Protect yourself with the blood of Jesus and through living a pure life, according to the commands of God outlined in the Bible.

Grow strong in the word of God, so that no darkness can touch you, and so that you grow ever closer to God, and finally realize the truth in this article not only in theory, but through your own experience too.

May you be blessed!