Attacks from Demonic Kingdom

In this article I will describe what happened to me before and after the publishing my two articles on the gender of the Holy Spirit, as well as things concerning the reception of this information by some readers.

The dark forces tried to delay my publishing of the first video on the gender of the Holy Spirit by blocking my access to funds. None of the ATMs worked (I’m abroad so going to a bank is not an option), and one of my cards, because of the malfunctioning of an ATM machine, was retained by it!

I realized that all this sudden obstruction is the resistance of the satanic kingdom so as to delay the publishing of very important information. This is not the first time it happened to me. Whenever the information that I’m about to publish promises to free people in some way, the demonic kingdom puts barriers in my way. Since they rule this world, they are surely capable of causing many difficulties.

Despite this financial problem, I delayed fixing it until I published the first video and article on the gender of the Holy Spirit, and, as I expected, it freed many women. Some sent me emails saying that this information was so important to them and so freeing that they even started crying out of joy.

After publishing this information, I started thinking of ways of how to solve the money issue, and my solution got me almost into a bigger trouble of the travel agency cheating me off my money; and a demonized person almost physically attacked me. After such events I became convinced that Satan’s kingdom officially declared a war, so I started praying.

After the prayer, I went to the bank whose ATM retained my card, and the staff member returned my card. Then I went to an ATM in a last attempt to withdraw some money, but this time, before inserting a card, I asked Jesus to help me. Lo and behold, after the second day of no success, this one ATM machine started dispensing cash.

Since I’ve been a personal witness of how much Satan’s kingdom doesn’t want this information to get into public, I published yet another video and article on the gender of the Holy Spirit with further primary document support. Since the title of that video/article clearly disclosed the contents, I got a huge backlash from angry mainstream Christians cursing me and telling me to repent!

Repent of what? An in-depth study? I thought we were told to study diligently! Who will be the one that is considered a better servant? The one who studies to really understand the Word, or the one who warms the pew every Sunday and doesn’t go beyond the surface things that the mainstream pastor feeds them with?

Unfortunately, many pastors are more concerned with the amount of donations that they receive than with sharing the truth. Because their master is money, they avoid touching on topics that the audience might not be familiar with, in order not to insult any and therefore not to lose any income.

But that wasn’t all that happened after the publishing of the second video/article. The morning after, I awoke with a memory of that night’s dream. In it I was warned that the enemy will try to hurt me but I will escape at the last second. In the dream a man tried to capture me, but as he was coming into the part of the house where I was, I noticed an opening between a roof and a wall, so I climbed over the wall and got outside of the house right as he was  entering the room, and so I ran for my life into the fields.

The same day I decided to take a walk and as I was going back to my guest-house, a truck crashed into a motorcycle a few steps away from me, and parts of the motorcycle flew over my head and past my face, but none of them touched me, though one was very close to my face. The motorcycle rider was thrown off the motorcycle at a distance.

I wasn’t shaken by this incident in any way, which was interesting. I just knew that it’s yet another attack of the enemy, but the enemy cannot touch me if I live according to the commandments of YHWH.

Readers, please watch my two videos/read my two articles on the Holy Spirit and do your own research if you are not convinced. Those videos/articles are some of the most important ones I’ve made so far. Satan hates that I’ve uncovered this truth, because it frees women from some of the religious bonds.

Many Christians, especially men, cursed me for publishing this information. The amount of hate-filled reponses was incredible. How sad that people don’t even check the primary quoted sources but are quick to attack anyone and anything that challenges their beliefs.

We are not told to believe in the traditions that the Catholic Church established and protestants still cannot shake off even today. We are told to study the Word diligently. We are not told to be afraid of truth or those who challenge our beliefs, but to prove all tings, and to to seek the truth so that it sets us free.

We don’t belong to the Islamic faith where questioning and deeper research is prohibited and looked down on. Our faith is true, so there should be no fear in digging deep. Jesus promises that searching will not enslave but will free us. I can personally attest to that.

However, the problem is that many Christians don’t have the firm belief in Yeshua, which is the saving faith. That’s why they act as religious Muslims – they get angry and use hate speech as a fearful response to someone challenging their beliefs.

As it was always, so it is now – people reject the Spirit of Wisdom which is the Holy Spirit speaking about herself in the book of Proverbs and described in the Wisdom of Solomon. How can those hating the feminine aspect of the Divine family expect to receive Wisdom, since they reject her by rejecting her representation on earth?

Our canon of 66 books was decided by the Cathlic Church in the fourth century. Every other document that was not in accordance to how they viewed Christianity was called “heretical”, apocryphal, pseudepigraphical, and those who refused to obey the Catholic faith were called heretics and were sometimes put to death. Unfortunately, protestants act in a similar way today to how medieval popes acted – they condemn those who find something that’s not in harmony with the accepted traditions of men.

Other branches of Christianity, such as the Eastern and the Ethiopic churches, have a different canon. Who is right? Will we trust that the Catholic Church? I suggest to stop relying on the establishments that have been long captured by the seed of Satan and start doing your own research, as each of us is expected to be a diligent student of the Scripture.

You can, for example, start reading the Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha, Targums. If you have the Holy Spirit, she will make you aware of any wrong information. Since works such as the first two mentioned ones are not included in the canon, they were more exposed to corruption, and that’s why we must be on guard.

But these sources contain so much important information that they are invaluable. Because of the gaps in our understanding they are filled with theology which is the guesswork of men. But this need not be – since we have many Christian works answering our questions. They have the truth, though because of some additions to them pastors warn people against reading them. Though even Scriptures refer to some of the apocryphal works! Whom will we trust? The Scriptures or our pastors?

Early Eastern Church knew the the gender of the Holy Spirit, and those who speak Hebrew, the original language of the Old Testament, know her real gender as well. Early Christians (until the fourth and the fifth centuries) did not consider it heretical to call her “mother”, since ware born of her when we accept Jesus.

After the establishment of the Catholic Church, however, specific views were imposed on what is Christianity and what it isn’t, and it blended the Christian faith with paganism. It masculinized the Holy Spirit and replaced the missing feminine aspect of the Divine family with mother Mary.

Unfortunately, the work that Martin Luther has started was paused. He was just awakening from papal darkness and just began the process of uncovering real faith. Christians grabbed his materials and made them into a denomination. There’s so much work that needs to be done, but Churches and Christians are asleep and not interested in working for the Kingdom, because their faith is not strong, and they are afraid to look into the earliest manuscripts and the beliefs of early Christians, and to study the roots of their faith.

This greatly saddens me, and I pray that Christians would stop attacking those who uncover something they did not know. I pray that the amount of energy spent on cursing would be spent on studying. I sincerely hope that the hatred for the feminine gender rife among early ex-pagan Church fathers no longer manifests among the male Christians of today – but this can only happen if papal beliefs (from which paedophile and homosexuality spring) are discarded once and for all, and people aren’t afraid of looking at the earliest rejected-by-Church documents of our faith.

Those who think themselves to be protestants cherish many Catholic faith relics. I pray that they receive the thirst for knowledge so that they study the pre-papal faith without any fear, in order to uproot what doesn’t belong to Christianity.

Masses will always remain ignorant, making judgements from the surface information they get from famous persons and well-known organisations. But this is inexcusable for us, representatives of Christ. We should not react to something not in our belief system with fear-based anger and hatred. We are supposed to mature in the Holy Spirit and respond with love to our fellow brothers and sisters in faith. How can the Holy Spirit teach those whose master is not Jesus but their own theology?

I pray that people are wiling to set their theologies behind them and search for truth. Jesus promises that the truth will free us, but most react to it with fear as though it will enslave them. Please, trust in Yeshua, and dig deep into the pre-papal faith, to help cleanse Christianity from all pagan elements and the traditions of men.


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  1. If you live in Trivandrum Kerala you are always welcome to my home as a believer in Yeshua and mother of two adult children .
    Any help you can ask me

    • That is so good to know. I love Trivandrum and I lived there before, and might be visiting soon. Whereabouts are you located?

  2. Hey Simona,

    Thank you so much for seeking the truth and sharing it with us. Its quite sad to see the number of repulsive reactions toward your findings. I am a guy and find it so amazing to learn about the true nature of the Divine Family. So many questions and contradictions that I couldn’t seem to understand are now clarified and truly set me free. The way you seek the Truth and do not let yourself be disturbed by the traditions of men and the attacks of the demonic kingdom truly inspire me, as I am struggling so much with the question, whether I should go to university and study theology or go on my own, help people and study diligently and, when the Lord calls me, to share my findings like you do, as I feel compelled to teach about the Truth. So I have this question for you:
    Would it be more advisable to use the possibilites (uni etc.) or to seek seperation from the world and be led by God? In my church they teach that the Most High would like us to show fruits by following the worldly ways, but I can not see how that fits together with scripture, as even the Holy Spirit is called the “Set-apart Spirit”, so obviously when we follow the normal routine, we become part of the beast system and are ineffective for the works that YHWH would like us to do, so that each one of us, by His Grace, be reconciled to the image of the Father and the Mother. I left school because I found out about the lies and who is really in control (1 year ago) and this year, the Father showed me the way to Jesus, away from the new age teachings that I was fond of for some time. And now I find myself in this dilemma on where to go next and what to do.. Here in germany it will probably heat up soon and the way that the society goes looks terrible to me. Your video on the eastern and western mind also appealed to me and I would love to just leave, but somehow I feel this responsibility to help my fellow people, however, I can’t seem to find people who are interested in the things of Heaven and Holiness..
    If you have any advice for a confused young believer (20) who simply wants to live for Yeshua, as there is nothing in this world that could be more important, for this is THE Truth that everyone is ultimately searching for, then please let me know. I am very glad to have stumbled upon your channel and that YHWH so guides you because of your willingness and obedience to the Lord and that you share it with your viewers. May you and your work be blessed richly. Shalom.

    (PS: Hebrew is so amazing! I have been researching a little and found out about the pictograph. And guess what, the first word in Genesis describes God’s salvation plan for humanity! See this video if you like:

    • You will likely not find true believers in the East as well, it’s told that only the remnant will keep the commandments of God and will have the testimony of Jesus; most Christians are lukewarm. So you will probably be alone in the East as well. So I cannot advise you where to go.

      I personally love the East and would not like to return to the West, because I became too different for that culture. And yes, the Holy Spirit is set apart, and the more we listen to her, the more set apart we become. But we don’t need to escape the world in order to become set apart, but this growth in Spirit will take place only if we are not willing to compromise and follow YHWH no matter what the world thinks of us.

      I like the East for many things, but here I’m surrounded by idol worshippers so it’s sad to see this fallen human condition. So no matter where you are, darkness and things demonic will be found till the second coming of Christ.

      Yes, Hebrew is amazing. About the pictographs. They have multiple meanings. There are multiple meanings in the letter, word and so on. Different messages appear in the first word, so we cannot be sure if that is the true meaning of that word, but Christians want to believe it is. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t; but if it is, that’s really interesting.

    • Hey brother, your sentiments resonates with me…just like Simona has advised you, it is not better anywhere, I’m born and raised in Kenya, an East Africa nation ; it’s a Christian nation but as Simona said most Christians are lukewarm, and it is the case here. Just like you, am seeking God deeply and intimately. I would advice you to be led by the Holy Spirit through the Father. Only the Holy Spirit can lead you to your calling/purpose; this calls for you to seek God deeply than most believers.

      I have to admit that I resonate a lot with Simona’s teachings and discovery of the Holy Spirit, as it used to not make sense, how the Bible is not gender-balanced thus painting a fake picture that God is gender-biased as it is the case with the other religions where women are held on the back seat. Out of this understanding, I can say Christianity is NOT a religion, it is a relationship; it is the only “religion” where there’s a relationship between God, the Father, God, the Son, and God, the Mother(Holy Spirit).

      Just seek God and ask Him and He will lead you. You don’t need to move out to another country unless strongly compelled by God/Holy Spirit but you can study and dig deeper and develop a relationship with God.

      All the best!

  3. What kind of church do you feel is best to go to?

    • I think it’s better to invite real believers to your home and study the Bible, and that’s the best Church. But if there would be messianic congregations around, I would definitely join those but would be cautious there too, as sometimes they are infiltrated by false brethren, like many other Christian gatherings.

  4. Hi Simona, sorry to hear you were attacked by the Kingdom of Darkness, they want us to be ignorant and subjected to their false teachings, religions and organizations created to control knowledge and truth through the traditions of men. I will pray for you, for you’re doing a great job of exposing the TRUTH, and not doctored teachings.

    Our lack of consensus among brethren is the reason Christianity is divided amongst itself, seeking only what is convenient truths and disregarding anyone who diligently shares what challenges our status-quo as Christians, instead of praising your efforts for exposing the truth. I have asking God to give me wisdom and understanding (Isaiah 11:2) for months and then your voila, your teachings pop up, and continuously dig deeper.

    Keep up the great work Sis, and don’t waiver or be shaken at all, as you’re a great teacher. I have you on my prayers. Thank you so much & God Bless you abundantly.

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