Astrological Assessment Feedback

I’ve only recently started the Astrological Assessment service, but here is the feedback so far. Thank you all those who took time to share their experiences about this assessment.


Aleksander MajThank you so, so much for all your good, wise and caring advice, that will help protect me!

I’m so happy that I contacted you for this natal chart reading and will take time to think about it and read it again.

Thank you again Simona, take care and have a wonderful time this winter in Asia!

— Aleksander Maj

I cannot believe how accurate my health reading was. Thank you so much.

— Sonia

95% of what you said is absolutely me. Another 5% would have been me were I to follow the footsteps of my family.

— Deborah W.

Thanks Simona for helping with my issues. Now I’m much more confident in becoming self-employed and will try to do it in a way that you suggested. Your advice about friends and parents is especially important, so thank you for letting me know what to expect from those relationships.

Wishing you a wonderful year!

— Krishna J.

Dear Simona,

Your love relationship assessment was so accurate that I’ve ordered a general life assessment also. Thank you for taking time to offer this service, it is really appreciated.

— Dorothy

Your assessment of my health was absolutely accurate. You pinpointed the areas that I have trouble with. Thank you for making me aware of how to protect myself from diseases whose potentials are shown in my chart.

— Suresh

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(Names are changed unless clients allowed to use their true names. Some grammar or punctuation might have been changed to make the feedback clearer, and some personal details were sometimes left out to protect the privacy of clients.)