Am I Still a Christian?

In this video I answer some questions my viewers asked as a result of my recent videos.

I apologize for the audio and video being out of sync towards the end of the video. I think it was caused by the laptop camera.


  1. Hiya Simone,
    Very interesting development. I remember suggesting via email not to “throw the baby out with the bathwater” when you renounced the new age and deleted all your articles. Lol! Interesting that you are back at the Kundalini/born again experience etc. I really look forward to seeing where your journey takes you next.
    There’s a couple of interesting books you may already have read – “The Red Lion” a novel by Maria Szepes. It describes some of the frightening lifting of the veil experiences of the protagonist. Also another interesting book called “The Womans Bible” by Elizabeth Cady Stanton about the poor depiction of women in the bible etc. and their conclusion it is the male preisthood which has shaped this in the revised versions of the bible.
    Take care and I look forward to your updates 🙂

  2. Hi is me again I don’t see you in my notification feed. I don’t know what is going on but I let you my comments and they I don’t know who block it. Please I know for experiences they are in the internet. So if you want to contact me email me or messenger me in fb. I let you a comment about the veil, I asked in prayer about it if I should used jesus said is demonic oppressing women, when I used it my heart hurt. Also, when I started receiving knowledge the Holy Spirit says we should read the Torah and jesus the Bible is truth in some parts but is also the cábbalah, the Kabbalah is all about men the only ones is very critical of women, is about fariseos, saduceus and so on.

  3. Thank you for your research about the bible. I had a couple people stop by to share some bible teachings yesterday. They pointed out a verse saying that the bride of God is Jerusalem, talked about how we have a spiritual father and mother in Heaven. I’m not sure how Jerusalem is Gods bride. It would be nice to read more from you about your interpretation. And the other thing I learned was that we should observe the Passover in order to belong to the kingdom of God. That is to celebrate once a year, which goes with what you are talking about in being good for one year. Should we observe the Passover? She also said, like you do, it’s not necessary to have communion in Jesus name. That was the old covenant. The new covenant is to observe Passover. Do you think this is true?

  4. I agree but can you look into Seventh day Adventists. We consider ourselves Real Christians who worship on Sabbath and believe in Jesus Christ.

  5. Addie calderon says

    Simona can you please add the chart of the Ark of the covenant. Please!

    Im learning and all this is new to me. But i want to know the truth. Im tired of being deceived.

  6. Hi Simona here 🙂
    I have asked very important question below ur video on youtube but haven’t received anserw from u. I’ve seen there are some problems with view anserws so maybe u asnerwed but can’t see it so that’s why i decided to write here.
    I’ve watched some of ur video and need to say u have got great informarion about ancient pagant symbols.
    But i’m confused in very important “thing” which is ur declaration about Lord Jesus.
    I will copy that question from yt and i will be very gratefull if u anserw.
    “Hello Simona 🙂 Many of teachers (last days usually internet teachers) says the Lord Jesus is “God” but they do NOT identify Him with God The Father. I mean They Are THE SAME GOD – the Creator, Savior and Almighty. What is your position? I think this is very important question strictly related to the Word of God. Regards”
    ps. U can anserw direct on my email. Thank u and have a lovely day!

    • No I don’t believe in Catholic trinity. Jesus is the son of God as he was begotten of the Spirit of God.

      • I do not believe in Catholic trinity and even any trinity. Since 8 years i’m not Catholic anymore and i do not belong to any “holy” organizations as i’m sure all of them are created and ruled by satan. The TRUE Church/followers of God of Israel are every person who believes in Jesus as a God of Abraham, God Savior, God Almighty and Everlasting Father. World’s Christianity is FAKE worshippers of FAKE Jesus. The cross symbol is a satan’s symbol which from ancient days all pagan nations worshiped. I run very popular blog in catholic Poland since e years and one of the most popular article is “The cross – satan’s symbol” ( not transleted into English yet). Honestly i have another questions to u and hope maybe some day we discous about it 🙂 My familly and others people says i’m “wicked”about Jesus and they don’t understand it but if they meet PERSONALLY Lord Jesus like me when changed my all life they would know why i love “WORK” for The Mighty God – The Savior 🙂 Good that wife accepted that but she is jealous about that sometimes… 😉 Take care and… speak u someday if u wish.

  7. Can you tell us when is your birthday, Simona? Following your one year jurney will be amazing. Also, how do you find this informations?

  8. Whether to call yourself a Christian or not is a matter of tradition than anything else. It’s something you are being born into, like nationality. Of course one may change his passport, but it’s a formality, as a person will always be constrained by memories and inhibitions from his native land. The same thing is true with regards to religion, one may convert to a different religion, but he will always look back to the religion he was born into. The fact of the matter is that all major monotheistically inclined religions like Orthodox Christianity, Sunni Islam and Theravada Buddism have some divine truths in them, it’s a task for an intelligent person to try and to collect some pieces of the puzzle together and figure out what’s good or bad in this or that teaching by himself. Yet, this task may be accomplished by being a formal part of some religion as it is more than anything a social construct.

  9. Hi! I had always been interested in spirituality and religion, always trying to find my truth as you do. I was wondering if you made some research on Islam. Thank you!

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