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If you’re an old reader, you might be surprised that you can no longer see any of my previous posts.

That’s because I’ve realized, through my own experience, the utter falseness of new age teachings.

If they were only false that would be half the trouble; but it’s so much more than this – by following these doctrines you are risking of losing your soul.

Please read my full bio below to understand what I had to go through. 

If you don’t have time to read this bio, please watch this video which describes in short what happened to me:

My name is Simona Rich and I was born in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.

I was baptized as a Roman Catholic at a young age, before being able to understand what kind of religion it was.

I was so ignorant about my religion that I didn’t even know that Roman Catholicism was just one of the branches of Christianity, so in my ignorance I assumed that the pointless rituals and hypocrisy I observed there reflected the heart of Christianity. Therefore I even blamed my parents for baptizing me before the age of reason.

Not even as a child was I able to accept the Roman Catholic belief that a priest, being a mere human, had the power to forgive sins by being a middle-man between the sinner and God. I also never understood how people could act so holy in a church and then change like chameleons once out of church, when they would become gossipers and be highly judgmental.

As I grew older, the stories of Roman Catholic priests being accused of having sexual relationships with young boys further distanced me from Christianity, since I was still thinking that the Roman Catholic Church represented the heart of it, never actually bothering to read what the Bible had to say about the Christian doctrine. I think many Christians don’t bother to read the Bible for the very same reason.

So although I believed in God, I didn’t think He could be found in my religion.

My life after school

When I finished school, I got a scholarship to study tourism in the UK. There I started a very ‘normal’ life. I was in a relationship, living with my partner in his apartment, watching TV and having an okay paying job.

But although I was living the life that’s supposed to be normal by today’s standards, I always felt that there’s something wrong with this kind of lifestyle. I knew it always, that feeling was always in the background, but I couldn’t really define it. I just knew that I was searching for something, and I thought that I would never find it – I assumed that there’s no answer to that unspoken question.

So I continued my average existence, though always aware of the fact that something’s wrong with this kind of living; that some major part of life was missing, or that something’s hidden from me. Therefore, I’d been a truth seeker since the very beginning, but it took me some time to understand that it’s the truth that I was searching for.

What really triggered me to rethink my life was the question that reached me out of nowhere, when, one afternoon, I was walking to the bookshop after finishing my call centre shift. The question that I heard in my head was this:

Is this all life can offer me?

I never had this sort of question popping in my head ever before, so it felt like it didn’t originate in me. It took me out of balance, and although I was pondering on it, I couldn’t really answer it.

I entered the bookshop and started browsing. I would go to that bookshop often those days, but I would never buy anything – I just loved browsing through all sorts of books. But that time a particular book caught my attention, and I knew that I had to get it, though it was quite expensive for my budget.

The book was Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, and it was the book that totally changed my understanding of how to handle finances, and it was the book that started my journey towards financial independence.

This book led me to many other wealth books, and the more of them I read and applied in my life, the more in control of my finances I got. Reading such books eventually led me to a similar category of self-help books to do with personal development. So this got me hooked to the new age spirituality, though I was ignorant of this label at that time.

I ended up reading hundreds of new age books, and because of them, I totally changed my life, became emotionally and financially independent, started my own blog, and, when the blog generated enough income, I finally was able to decide where I really wanted to live.

In Kerala, India

In Kerala, India

Since at that time I was thoroughly into new age, I asked, according to the new age teachings, the ‘Universe’ where I should live, and then all sorts of messages started reaching me about India.

So I took it as a sign that it’s the place where I should go. And the day I landed there, I knew that I would stay there since I felt at home.

Though meditation wasn’t new to me – I meditated on and off since the age of sixteen – it was in India that I started to seriously practice it.

In India I also discovered yoga, and all sorts of other eastern traditions got my attention such as palmistry and astrology, though yoga and meditation remained my major pursuits throughout the four years there.

Since I fully followed the doctrines of yoga and meditation, together with strict celibacy, almost no engagement with the outside world and regular reading of Indian spiritual texts, my progress was fast.

Soon I could get into very deep meditation states, my third eye chakra got activated enabling me to see visions and colors; I mastered yoga and I was encouraged by some of my readers and those who knew me personally to become a yoga teacher; that, however, never felt right for me, and I knew because of the private study of marketing, that when some training to become a teacher of some sort becomes very popular, that’s when it means that you’ve got into that market too late.

I also didn’t find the path of yoga teacher appealing because I saw much hypocrisy in yoga schools and among yoga teachers. Yoga centres in India, I’m sure the vast majority of them, are just about making money and nothing more. The quality of teaching is poor, and so a freshly graduated yoga teacher remains ignorant about the possible dangers that incorrect yoga postures might cause to their students.

Despite of my refusal to become a yoga teacher, I would personally spend sometimes several hours a day practicing yoga. I started feeling all sorts of energy movements in me, especially along my spine, thinking that it was the sign of the clearing of nerve pathways. Maybe that was really the clearing, but it was the clearing to prepare one for spirit possession and not for enlightenment – but about that later on.

But I also think that those movements might have been foreign energies, the spirits which I definitely collected as a result of the involvement in the new age, and some say that the kundalini snake is a demonic spirit that masquerades as the Holy Spirit of Christianity.

Satan cannot invent anything new, so it copies what’s already present, and perverts or twists the truth. Like the Bible says, by their fruits you shall know them… therefore the involuntary shaking, hand movements, and even making animal sounds as a result of kundalini definitely points to the demonic energy.

The fruits of the real Holy Spirit have no similarity to the effects of kundalini; when you get the Holy Spirit, you experience love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance (Galatians 5 22-23).

Due to my studies of Indian spiritual books, meditation and yoga, I was becoming increasingly detached. Though I was never a person that could be called ‘attached’, the detachment was definitely increasing. I could stay alone, without speaking, for days, and there was never any desire to break such silence.

When I would meet someone and would form a relationship, when it would come the time to part our ways, I never missed a new friend; as soon as he or she was out of sight, they were out of my mind too. Some people saw this as coldness, but I saw this as a sign of spiritual progress. Meeting Indian gurus further convinced me that my spiritual progress was fast.

By this time I had a thriving self-improvement and spirituality blog. I was getting around six thousand daily readers, and I had around 45,000 social network followers and newsletter subscribers. I thought that my new age articles greatly helped people to find God, and the feedback that I got from my readers further convinced me of this.

But then an unexpected turn happened in my life.

Just before my thirtieth birthday, I left India, as I was getting too attached to my beloved country. After all, I had been living there for four years, and I started feeling that the country itself became like a spiritual crutch for me.

In order to test my independence from India, I decided to leave. So I booked a flight ticket to Philippines.

Upon staying there for around two months, I continued experiencing all kinds of spiritual phenomena as a result of my yoga and meditation practices. Finally, one day, whilst I was having tea in a restaurant in Boracay (it’s an island in Philippines), I experienced the most extraordinary thing.

The place of the scull called “anterior fontanelle” got saturated with something that felt like a cool liquid or energy, and that energy then travelled through the brain pathways to embrace the whole brain. Although at that time I didn’t know what had happened, soon I realized that this was the opening my crown chakra.

After this event I no longer felt the same way; I felt that a channel of some sort was opened in my head. I felt that there’s a definite energy pathway that got opened. Since I was very familiar with Indian spiritual texts, I knew that this opening was supposed to connect me with God – that the Shakti in me was supposed to travel to her Shiva.

But this didn’t happen.

After two months of this opening, I started worrying, because I noticed that this opening didn’t empower me in any way, but actually made me much more vulnerable. Before the opening I was fine with feeling energies or getting visions. But now those energies and visions started frightening me, because I understood that the spiritual realm was very, very real, and that it’s not what people think it to be.

The event that really convinced me that I was messing with the energies whose nature I wasn’t told about by Indian spiritual texts was when I was in Malaysia, sitting in a Buddhist temple – around two months after the crown chakra opening.

I bent down to search for something in my bag (as far as I can remember), and a monk passed by very close to my crown chakra. As soon as he passed by, I felt a sudden forceful invasion of a really low vibration energy into my body through the crown chakra.

It was so unexpected and the energy was so strong, that it totally took me out of balance, and I needed to really hold myself and breathe slowly to recover. That was the first time I felt spiritually violated, though I felt this way several times before, though in a much milder degree, after the opening of the crown chakra.

So when I was thinking about my state, I became increasingly more worried. I felt not myself anymore. I felt like I lost a personal component of my life, which, as I was taught by the Hindu spiritual doctrine, was a very good thing. But in Hinduism there’s a promise that when this happens, you get a divine life in return. This didn’t happen.

The crown chakra opening made me open to the almost tangible reality of the spiritual world, and it was so overwhelming and confusing, that one day I almost broke down. I fell on my knees and started praying for God to show me the truth, no matter what the cost, because I didn’t want to live in such a state of not knowing what’s happening to me.

And God heard my genuine prayers, and He showed me the truth.

I was shown that I was deceived about the ‘enlightenment’ process. I was shown that the opening of the crown chakra wasn’t supposed to connect me to the ‘Divine’. I was made to understand that the opening of the crown chakra opened me to the entry of demonic spirits.

These demons cannot enter a person unless they are invited. They get invited when a person willingly practices any new age technique, be it palmistry, meditation, spirit channeling, yoga, reiki, and so forth, as they’re all rooted in the occult, and the occult is satanic.

I was shown that Satan fooled me; that I was fooled in the same way as Eve was, not realizing that I was playing with the eternal destiny of my soul. I was allowed to feel in what a fallen state I was, and I was made to understand in what a serious condition my soul was.

Faced with this absolutely shocking realization, I knew that I had committed a huge wrong against God. Thinking myself to be wise and spiritual, I was actually giving allegiance to Satan himself, the being that brought death to humans out of his hatred for them. I felt so ashamed before God, that I thought my heart would break into pieces because of the pain that it was in.

I fell on my knees with tears streaming down my face and asked God for forgiveness for my sins; I renounced all new age practices, and accepted Jesus as my Savior. I gave my body, mind, soul, will and life to God, and renounced all my old ways. I asked for my crown and third eye chakras to be closed, and I knew that if I was forgiven, this would be done.

The following five days, especially two of them, were a nightmare. No longer did I get beautiful visions and pleasant vibrations in my body. Instead, my head felt like it would explode. It was frightening, and there were moments where I thought that I should really go to see a doctor, in case there was something physically wrong with my brain, because the energies felt so oppressive.

It felt like something was pressing my head from all angles. I couldn’t even sleep, and I was too frightened to sleep anyway, so at night I would keep the light on.

But after those two days of pure nightmare the energies significantly decreased, and on the fifth day I no longer felt them. (Update: I thought at the time of writing that all those energies completely disappeared, but actually it took me a few months to really regain clarity and to be sealed off from the dark side. I think water baptism by full immersion really helped.)

I was healed.

God is so merciful. Though I was, in my ignorance, worshiping Satan all those years whilst I was in India, my foolishness was forgiven. Needless to say, I purchased the KJV Bible to know the Word of God, so that I would never commit any sins in my ignorance again.

Reading how God felt when His created children worshiped idols broke my heart; God explained that He felt so betrayed by idol worshipers as you would feel if a person you loved most would turn and cheat you with another person.

Can you imagine His pain? Did you love anyone with all your heart, only to find out that that person was not interested in you, but was in love with another? I did, so I know how God felt.

And since with the help of the Holy Spirit I was given real understanding of some Bible passages, it broke my heart to know that this is how my beautiful Creator felt about my relationship with Satan.

Now when I’m thinking about my realization of the evil in this world, it didn’t just happen upon God opening my eyes after that day of prayer for truth. I think I was allowed to see the reality of evil even before it, though because I was still under the new age spell, it didn’t really dawn on me.

The same half-blindness applies to all the people who are engaged in any sort of occult practice. They may mentally know some evil, but they aren’t allowed to really feel its reality, because they are under the influence of Satan, and Satan obviously doesn’t want people to really know whom they’re working for.

So, for example, upon lots of research into freemasonry, ritual murder of children, Hollywood Lucifer worship, CERN and the like, I knew that there’s great evil happening in the world; but because I was hypnotized by the Eastern thought and modern psychology (which is based on the occult too), the beliefs taken from those sources contradicted what I was seeing.

So although I was watching real testimonies of girls who escaped satanic cults where they were forced to have sex with numerous old men and would get impregnated as soon as they reached puberty, and many other evils done on them such as killing their newborn children and offering them to Lucifer as a blood sacrifice, this information remained in my head and didn’t sink into the heart to understand that it’s really happening.

In other words, I did know that it was happening for real, though I couldn’t feel the reality of it, I couldn’t feel the impact of that knowledge. And the same applies to all the people in the new age movement. They are encouraged to get detached, they are told there’s no evil and that evil is just a personal projection; that it’s just a symbolic dark side that you must blend with your good side to experience wholeness, or whatever other twisted way of seeing evil people are encouraged to subscribe to, depending on what Eastern doctrine they follow.

They may know the reality of the starving children in Africa, the reality of blood sacrifices, the reality of Lucifer worship by Hollywood stars, the reality of the Roman Catholic Church worshiping the sun god and not Jesus…. but it all remains head knowledge, and the experience of that reality is denied.

Therefore people witness evil, but they are shielded from actually knowing its absolute reality. Well, after my prayer that veil was no longer there. Yes, it protected me from feeling evil. But was that a beneficial protection? It was keeping me ignorant, and because of the lack of knowledge people perish, as the Bible says.

So I’m very grateful that the veil was taken away, but, of course, knowing with my whole being that this world is ruled by Satan isn’t pleasant, to say the least. Though people read about Satan being the prince of this world in the Bible, it’s a totally different thing to really know that he is.

Satan birthed all the religions of the world except for Judeo-Christianity. He infiltrated Christianity too, as well as Judaism, as seen in the beliefs of Talmudic Jews as well as Roman Catholics. But the real Christianity still exists, though it’s being wiped out, because Satan infiltrated even the non-Roman Catholic churches.

I’m sure Satan is happy with the fact that some churches became so concerned with being politically correct, that they dropped Christian precepts and embraced the false doctrine that “all roads lead to God”, accepting other religions as equally valid roads to salvation.

When I shared this realization with my readers, it caused a huge division between them. I received threats of violence, slander, curses. I also received comments from those who had similar realization and therefore understood what I was going through.

Just because Satan’s doctrines sound easy and pleasant doesn’t make them valid. I wish more people would understand that although following Hinduism, yoga, meditation or other Eastern practices seem exciting and interesting, you don’t know what you’re playing with, and are like an infant happily crawling towards the edge of an abyss. I really mean this – it’s not an exaggeration.

Never wanting anything to do with this satanic doctrine again, I deleted all my new age blog posts – around 700 articles, the work of eight years (I started blogging in December 2008).

I deleted all my new age ebooks which were my main source of income. I deleted all my new age videos. I renounced all my ties with the new age by listing them all and renouncing them one by one before God. I asked, in the name of Jesus, for all the demonic spirits that I ignorantly invited into my body through these occult practices to leave me, and they did, after some time (definitely not instantly).

A new life in Christ

I started seriously studying the Bible and felt that I was forgiven and given another chance. I’m now starting a new life, the life in Christ, finally having my priorities right. I feel happy and hopeful because of this change, but most of all I feel eternally grateful that God chose to open my eyes to the truth and that He forgave all my transgressions.

No matter what happens to me in this life, my focus will from now on be on fully abiding by His commandments; and since to love God with all one’s mind, soul and heart is the most important commandment of all, that’s my main priority in life from now on.

And since the second greatest commandment is to love your neighbour as you love yourself, I’m going to keep exposing this Luciferian deception, as I would have liked to receive such information if I would still be deceived, so that my soul would be saved.

Please take this information seriously. There’s no gain for me to expose the new age, but only loss. May God open your eyes, as He did mine, and may you see through the great deceptions of these times.

With love,

Simona Rich

P.S. Please also watch the video below to understand what steps to take in order to renounce the new age practices and close yourself off from the realm of evil spirits.

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