About Different Types of Demons and Satan’s Techniques to Enslave Mankind

Christians falsely think that Satan is in hell. Nowhere in the scripture does it say that, though he is headed there at the appointed time. (My note: whilst watching some NDE videos it seems to me now that Satan can go to hell and back, but please research this yourself.) Satan was indeed expelled from the Third Heaven where God’s Kingdom is, but currently he’s in the Second Heaven together with the third of God’s angels who listened to Satan and not God and therefore were expelled from God’s Kingdom too.

The Kingdom of Satan

When Howard was taken up to the Second Heaven, he beheld countless demons, some looking like humans, some – like animals, some – like half humans half animals, similar to the ones depicted in Greek mythology, and others – too revolting to even describe.

.Howard and the accompanying angel were under the protection of the Holy Spirit when they traveled through the Second Heaven, since that’s where Satan and his angels dwell, so God’s angels need protection whilst travelling through Satan’s kingdom. The Bible, in the tenth chapter of the book of Daniel, also mentions that it took 21 days for God’s messenger to reach Daniel after Daniel’s prayers. Read more…


  1. Elmyra ELLISON says

    a pleasant night Ms Simona,
    i used to read your blogs but realized you were a part of the new age religion so i stopped. Even so, i learnt a lot from you. I am so glad for your salvation.What is your opinion of the Sabbath day?.

    • Thank you very much, Elmyra. I observe the Sabbath but not in a strict way because I know that it’s not by works that we get saved. Because I’ve noticed that those who strictly observe the Sabbath get dragged into the law. But I’m newly saved – it’s better to seek the answer in the Bible.

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