A Thing That Blinds Spiritual Sight

In this post I would like to share with you a thing that blinds a spiritual sight and what increases it.

As I was listening to Rudolf Steiner’s “How to Know Higher Worlds” audiobook, I could not agree more with what he said about spiritual blindness.

He said that those who are quick to point out negative qualities in people as well as to criticize are the ones that are blind.

There are plenty of YouTubers making videos on “exposing” “false teachers” and so forth, but all this shows that those people are earth-bound; they have only physical eyes to see, but their higher faculties are dormant.

Were they awake, they would not be so harshly pointing fingers at others, as they would know how much dirt there is within themselves.

Those people who are quick to criticize and look for the negative are asleep. They don’t allow their spiritual faculties to awaken because they deny the food of the soul. The food of the soul is seeing positive in people and situations, because that which is good and positive is close to perfection which is God.

Thus, the way to remain earth-bound, shut off from things higher, is to be quick to “expose” and to criticize, whether in word or thought. And the way out of the captivity of the physical senses and into the expansion of the spirit is to try to see in everything and everyone that which is good.

Another great point that Rudolf Steiner made in his “How to Know Higher Worlds” book was about reverence. He said that a person cannot become an adept unless he develops the quality of reverence.

I could not agree more. It was in India that I learnt this beautiful quality that is so rare in the West. The vast majority of westerners who come to learn from the East appear completely disrespectful to the eyes of wise Eastern teachers.

Such people will never get wisdom as nothing is sacred to them. In their eyes everything loses sanctity, and Jesus told not to throw pearls to the swine. Thus, Eastern teachers remain silent witnessing such immaturity.

From the comments that I receive I also have the ability to see who can spiritually grow and who cannot. Reverence is missing in westerners, respect for teachers is largely gone, and this prevents them from becoming true adepts.

In the East this beautiful quality is still widely prevalent. This keeps the channel open to the blessings of teachers and spirit beings. The way then becomes opened for spiritual aspirants to progress.

In the East, not only spiritual, but all sorts of teachers are revered. We know of stories how martial art masters were almost worshiped by their students. By reverence I don’t mean becoming a slave or giving your soul to your teacher; what I mean is deep respect and child-like wonder, if they are on a much higher level.

This is such a beautiful quality to develop. It opens the doors of the spirit. Reverence could be expressed not only towards a teacher but towards an inanimate object as well. The way that I see it, it’s better to revere a statue than to feel respect for nothing.

I remember those beautiful days of  the childhood of my spirituality, when in India I revered the goddess Tara and she even appeared in the dream of my ex, telling him that he lost me because he did not appreciate what he had. Those days will always be sweet to remember, because at that time the beautiful quality of respect and reverence awoke in me, largely due to the vibrations of India.

That reverence grew and flourished, and it was transferred from statues to people and then to the Divine itself, which I revere as Truth. Also, I strongly believe that it’s because of reverence that my beloved Thai meditation teacher blessed me and opened my eyes to the religious texts of Buddhism. Without my reverence he would not have opened his heart to me, this I strongly feel.

Even if I think about my own case, were I ever to have physical students, without reverence they would never become a part of the circle. If they aren’t grown up enough to respect a teacher,  I would never teach such an individual the hidden things of nature that I was allowed to see. I don’t cast my pearls to the swine.

Thus, the importance of striving to see positive qualities in people and everything else, and opening yourself up to an ability to hold something sacred. Such a way of being feeds the soul, awakens dormant faculties, and opens you up to receive valuable teachings from others.


  1. Hello Simona, I just wanted to say, those were beautiful words. Without respecting a teacher how does one grow. If he can’t respect the teacher? How will he respect the knowledge the teacher holds. Doesn’t even matter if they are one the same spiritual level. With out respecting your fellow or Superior, companion, how does someone humble themselves?

    Thank you for your kind words have a great day!


  2. Steve Mason says

    Greetings Simona

    I read your story a few days ago, and it warmed my heart to hear such truth spoken plainly. In 2012 I woke up, realizing Source Energy and the necessity for real connection and channelling of the life force. Since then I have learnt many things, much coming from a select few authors who speak the truth and who’s aim is to help humanity. Unfortunately a little more than a year after my awakening, I suffered a major disc rupture (part of a series of spinal disc injuries) which dragged me from my path. I realized the need to find or create a safe place to live, breathe, grow organic fruit & veg, while hopefully sharing & working within a likeminded community. I was in Canada, but have returned recently to my home Country of New Zealand, for family support, as my degenerating physical health has also caused a severe drop in emotional well being. My mental faculties are still good, my awareness of the singularity of truth in all things is strong, but I am failing to relate this truth to my family, who cant even seem to understand such basic fundamentals as avoiding vaccines.
    I have helped many people in the past, from sharing cancer cures, to helping an 11yr old daughter of one of my clients avoid an unnecessary gall bladder removal with a simple cleanse. Now I’m struggling to help myself.
    I very much want to help people to realize truth, be healthy, increase longevity, and realize their Sovereign power. Yet I realize myself, I am not a teacher, I am but a student.
    Your story leads me to believe we are of very similar nature, and our paths are much alike, though you are far more advanced than I in spiritual practice and achievements.
    I have enough male role models, from Thoth, to Drunvalo Melchizedek & other similar authors. I hope to continue hearing more of what you are doing, especially once you settle into your ‘safe place’ back in Lithuania, though I would understand if at some point you decide to withdraw from the public eye, and concentrate on your own path.

    I wish you the best of fortune, in all you do, and I hope some of your ambition, poise, peace & calm rubs off on me!

    Thank you

    Reiki practitioner
    Holistic Personal Trainer
    Student of Thoth

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