A Roman Catholic Addition to Our Bibles

In this video I discuss my research into the Greek Majority Text and the later Roman Catholic addition which made it into our KJV Bibles.

Also, here’s the link to the Western Peshitto English translation (which is useful to compare to our KJV), which is the Aramaic Bible referred to in my video. The better one is the Eastern Peshitta but I can’t yet find a good English translation.

It’s better because it’s not modified, whereas the Western one was modified and therefore it has the Comma Johanneum clause, though a note is attached to explain the addition.

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  1. Steven J says:

    Thanks Simona
    All your videos are very helpful
    Know the truth and the truth sets us free
    God bless you for all your doing to preach the Gospel

    My best
    Steve J

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