A Message to Christians, Catholics and Others Who Believe in Jesus

In this video I talk about:

1) What we can learn from various groups within the body of Christ (Protestantism, Catholicism, Hebrew roots movement…),

2) Some of their doctrines that do not seem to be biblical but are the traditions of men,

3) The fact that we should avoid causing splits in the body of Christ because God is against those who create disagreements between the brethren.

I also discuss some points about modesty, being separate from the world, and the revelation that I received about one subject in the book of Revelation!

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  1. I don’t know if it’s my cell phone but I couldn’t hear this video at all?

    • The sound can be low if you’re not listening with headphones but it still should be heard, Ashley. Maybe you should try on your laptop.

  2. Blue sky says:

    What about woman wearing shorts in a very warm day? I live in a very warm country were temperatures can easily go to more than 40 degrees celsius even 44 as of yesterday. But it feels like much more. And shorts although not very short seem to be the most confortable thing for anyone to wear being then men or women as with anything else its very unpleasant and suffocating. What do you think about this? Thanks

    • I think it’s more important to make sure you don’t cause others to sin than when it comes to anything else. I also live in hot countries and if you wear very light cotton clothes, they really don’t feel hot, and actually protect from damaging rays of the sun.

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