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Think Long and Hard Before Committing to Anything

I’ve recently created an article about the way that I live my life. Although most comments were positive and some people hold my life model as an inspiration, there were also a few of those who consider my way of life as running away from responsibilities.

Whilst I do agree that some people run away from responsibilities in order to live a simpler life, that’s not the case with everyone leading such lives. The reason my life is simple, for example, is because I did not create responsibilities that would limit my freedom in the first place. Read more…

Aries in the First House Meaning

I’ve just updated an article on Aries Rising which I perceived to be of an average quality. This bugged me, so today I added much more detail to it and made a new video as well.

You can access the remade article and video here.

What Happens When You Stay Present

In this post I share my personal experience about what happens when you dwell in the present moment every day.

I’m only partially disidentified from my thoughts. There are still many times a day where I catch myself in the midst of thinking.

But there are also periods of no thought, and I am also often able to observe the thinking process without getting involved in it. Read more…

Find Your Life’s Purpose Through Mindfulness

Although your natal chart shows your life’s purpose and I offer the service of Creative Potential Assessment which reveals exactly what you’re supposed to do in life, there’s another free way of finding it out.

This information has come from the wisdom of Eckhart Tolle, the teacher that I used to listen to long time ago, and now I started to listen to again. Read more…

What Happens When You Accept Pain (Instead of Running Away From It)

This post sprang from my personal experience of not running away from pain.

This habit was present in me from childhood. I Instinctively knew that if I avoided pain, this would form a habit and then even the smallest painful things would be hard to deal with and instead I would want to escape them.

Of course, since I wasn’t independent as a child, I had to accept the conventional healing methods given by my mother. But even my mother had a similar philosophy, and would only make me take pain medicines, or any other medicines for that matter, if the condition was serious. Read more…