What Prevents True Spiritual Progress

What prevents people from spiritually growing is their closed minds. The Universe can never force growth, so if a person himself doesn’t want to open to something new, he will remain stuck.

Growth often entails Read more…

The Fifth House of Astrology: Creativity, Children and Love Affairs

The fifth house shows how the native likes to spend his free time, how he expresses himself creatively, and whether he is likely to have short-term love affairs or not. Also, it can indicate the wealth of the native’s father.

Basically, this house rules things to do with Read more…

30 Days to Deep Meditation Book Will Be Released Soon

30 Days to Deep MeditationI’ve finished the first revision of the 30 Days to Deep Meditation book. Now I will go through it once more and hopefully will release it soon.

I wrote this book years ago and it’s written to help people get into deep meditation through a different meditation task each day.

So the purpose of this book is to get people used to meditation through variety.

Once they get the taste of deep meditation, they won’t need a new meditation each day, but for certain people the way to start is definitely through variety, otherwise they will get bored before they experience any depth of the meditative practice.

So this book is mainly written for people who find it difficult to meditate in the same way each day, and for those who as of yet were unable to experience any depth of meditation.

It’s going to be released in a PDF format on a donation basis.

Personal Update: Astrology, Travels and Some Changes

In this article I would like to share with you what has been happening in my life these past few months.

What living a totally secluded life taught me

As you might know, I’ve been living in a Lithuanian village for around six months now. I at first loved the solitude and thoroughly enjoyed each day spent totally alone. This joy lasted for around four months. But these last two months were really strange, so I’m going to share with you what happened. Read more…

The Fourth House of Astrology: Your Childhood, Real Estate and The End of Life

The fourth house represents your childhood, what kind of relationship you had with your parents, and it especially represents either the mother or the father, astrologists cannot agree. I’m personally leaning towards it representing the mother, or at least the more passive parent who stays at home, whilst the tenth house represents the more active parent, usually the father.

This house represents Read more…

Why Women Fall for Bad Guys Part Two

In this post I would like to address some of the comments  I received in response to my post on why women fall for bad guys. I received one type of comments about the reason why women fall for bad … Read more...

Update About 30 Days to Deep Meditation Book

I've revised half of the 30 Days to Deep Meditation book. This is a book I wrote several years ago, and now every single page of it is being revised and updated. I'm hoping to release it before … Read more...

The Third House of Astrology: Your Self-Expression, Siblings and Immediate Environment

The third house of astrology concerns your brothers and sisters, neighbors and relatives. It's also associated with self-expression, communication, including sending emails. Finally, it signifies … Read more...

Why Women Fall for Bad Guys

The reason some women are attracted to men who are dangerous or bad in any other sense is mainly because of particular star and planet combinations they were born under. These celestial bodies have … Read more...

The Second House of Astrology: Your Wealth

The second house concerns the wealth of the native, whether he is going to be rich or poor; it concerns all the movable goods belonging to the native (whilst immovable property should be judged from … Read more...