A Roman Catholic Addition to Our Bibles

In this video I discuss my research into the Greek Majority Text and the later Roman Catholic addition which made it into our KJV Bibles.

Also, here’s the link to the Western Peshitto English translation (which is useful to compare to our KJV), which is the Aramaic Bible referred to in my video. The better one is the Eastern Peshitta but I can’t yet find a good English translation.

It’s better because it’s not modified, whereas the Western one was modified and therefore it has the Comma Johanneum clause, though a note is attached to explain the addition.

Why Would a Good God Send People to Hell?

In this video I answer a common question which I get in my inbox as well as comments about why would a good God send people to hell. I use Scripture and personal experience to answer this question.

I also address certain passages about hell that are misunderstood and prove from Scripture that no child of God would be lost.

What a Psychopath Told Me About Demons and End Times

In this video I talk about my conversation with a psychopath and what he told me about demons and the approaching end time events. I also talk about some characteristics I’ve noticed about him, my dream as a result of prayer, and what he said about his childhood.

Saved People See Another Message in the Bible and About Seemingly Contradicting Verses

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What God Showed and Warned Me About South India

Before You Decide to Make Any Major Change in Your Life – Ask God About It First

The God of Christianity and Islam Is NOT The Same God

How to Resist Sin and How To Know If Some Prompting Is of God or Satan

Spreading the Gospel and Rewards of Jesus

In this video I talk about what recently happened when I was spreading the Gospel as well as the rewards that come as a result of spreading Jesus’ saving message.