My Strangest Discovery After Flat Earth

Please watch this video from the beginning as it will prepare you for what’s to come. Otherwise you may not see the deception.

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  1. Hi Simona, It’s possible that some of theses people maybe trannies. However, just because a woman is slim hipped, muscular, has strong facial features and broad shoulders, big hands does not make someone a trannie. I have these features as does mother and many other women that work out or who are very athletic or who have low body fat. I would be horrified if someone labelled me as a trannie because of this. The presentation was interesting and thought provoking. Perhaps you could consider a follow up video about how this ties into the agenda to break up the traditional family unit.

    • Sure, I told in the video that sometimes female and male bodies look similar. And yes, it does tie in with the agenda to destroy traditional family. Thanks, Ene.

  2. Dear Simona,

    This video is amazing. I’ve looked at pictures before and thought something is off. While there are many woman with masculine features, there is something strange about there being a thin line between male and female in the entertainment industry, and many are bisexual and gay. The first thing this made me think of was a popular medical show called House. The episode is called Skin Deep. A young supermodel is called “the ultimate woman”..after some medical tests are done, the doctor finds she is a hermaphrodite. Her male qualities made her an even more beautiful woman.

  3. It is very convincing but I’ve seen some movies with these actors and it is very clear they are not men. Though I see your point about transgender and gay people, they have a much harder life( also rate of suicide) therefore it should not be so promoted in the media. And exploitation of females is not okay, especially by someone pretending to be female if they are not.

    • Hello. I was just researching about body doubles, so I thought that it’s possible that what you might have seen are doubles, or the film employed illusion though the actors’ clothing, lighting, editing etc. (I was researching because this post reminded me of what I read a few years ago about Julia Roberts’ head being photoshopped into a curvy female body for the 1990 film poster for Pretty Woman, and it was denied at first. In parts of the film, Roberts wore big coats and was quite thin and lanky, and it was quite a contrast to the poster. Back then I thought, Roberts was just being conservative and being a big star, could demand non-nudity or show of flesh, etc. but having read this and considered the idea of “her” being transgender, it makes a lot of sense.

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