An Urgent Message to All Catholics

In this video I’m sharing with you a response I received to my two prayers about the Catholic Church.

Video transcript is below the video.

(In this video I mention the work of Ellen G. White. Having further studied it, I should note that I do not agree with all Ellen G. White Bible interpretations but I do not think she was a false prophet and it’s definitely useful to study her work.)

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*The pictures that you see in the video are not of the actual places that I mention in the video.

I just arrived in a Muslim country. People here look at me with surprise – it’s so rare in these hot Asian countries to see a white tourist woman who doesn’t wear revealing clothes that some people look at me as though I was the most unusual thing in the world!

There is a convent school close my hotel. I decide to visit it, and although once I’m there I’m not allowed to check out the old building, the guard lady describes how to reach a church nearby. I ask what kind of church it is, but she doesn’t know since she’s a Muslim.

I find the church by following her directions. It’s located in a beautiful area, surrounded by green hills and many trees. There are many flowers growing around the church. First it’s hard to tell if it’s a Catholic or Protestant Church because I see no statues around which would indicate it to be a Catholic Church. But when I enter the building I straight away see that it’s a Catholic Church because of the three giant statues around the altar: one of Mary, the middle one of crucified Jesus, and the last one – of some saint whom I don’t recognize.

I see there is some notice on the entrance door – it tells that the mass is on Sunday morning. I take a walk around the church to see the surroundings, and then I leave.

It’s been quite a long time that I’ve been thinking of all the splits in the Body of Christ and whether they could be healed. Or if not, which church is the true church?

I know it’s the work of Satan to cause disagreements between the brothers and sisters in Christ, but are all splits caused by Satan?

And what about the Last Supper? Many protestants don’t think it’s necessary to celebrate it, but the Bible indicates the opposite.

So that was the first question that I asked God that day. Since Catholics take part in mass, though for some reason their priests deny the wine which I believe becomes the blood of Christ spiritually, I asked God in my prayer if I should attend the Catholic mass of that Church next day. I asked God to make me wake up before 8 am if He wants me to take part, and if not, then that I should wake up later. I’m not afraid to ask God to answer my prayers in such a way because in the Bible we read the accounts of people who did it and God was not angry with them for asking for such signs, like we read in Judges 6:39.

It so happened that all that night I felt so full of energy that I worked on my laptop till around 5 am, and then I fell asleep and when I woke up, it was around 2.30 pm! So the reply was loud and clear – that I should not take part in the mass.

That very day I decided to go to that church again. For a while I had many thoughts about whether the Catholic Church is a true Church since it did maintain the apostolic succession. But would that anointing be still there if they departed from main Christian doctrines and preferred the doctrines of men or twisted them, like when it comes to purgatory, forgiveness of sins, baptism, how to be born again, as well as the mass? Everywhere I looked whilst at that church my eyes met with offensive statues, rosaries on sale, luxurious pews, and news pieces with the images of the pope. It seemed that in that church, as beautiful as it was, Christ was dead, and idols and popish influence were very much alive.

But was I wrong? Can this Church still have the anointing of God because it has maintained the apostolic succession? I sat down on a pew and started praying. I asked God to show me if the Catholic Church is still a true Church and can save people. I asked if the apostolic succession assures its validity. I also asked Him to show if Protestantism is the true Christianity. And I asked a few more similar questions in my prayer. I knew that God would answer me because I prayed to know the truth so that is in accordance with God’s will.

When I returned to my hotel, I decided to watch some YouTube videos on Ellen G. White whom some consider to be a messenger of God whilst some say she’s a false prophet. I decided to listen to some of her audio books and decide for myself.

So I typed into YouTube “Ellen G. White audio book” and clicked on the first video series called “The Great Controversy”. I had no idea what the video series would be about because this teacher was totally knew to me. And when I started watching the series, the voice in the video sent shivers down my spine, because it was as though God himself was answering every single question I asked in my prayer.

So here is the message from the very same video, and I urge you to read carefully:

When Jesus revealed to His disciples the fate of Jerusalem and the scenes of the second advent, He foretold also the experience of His people from the time when He should be taken from them, to His
return in power and glory for their deliverance. From Olivet the Saviour beheld the storms about to fall upon the apostolic church; and penetrating deeper into the future, His eye discerned the fierce, wasting tempests that were to beat upon His followers in the coming ages of darkness and persecution. In a few brief utterances of awful significance He foretold the portion which the rulers of this world would mete out to the church of God. Matthew 24:9, 21, 22. The followers of Christ must tread the same path of humiliation, reproach, and suffering which their Master trod. The enmity that burst forth against the world’s Redeemer would be manifested against all who should believe on His name.

The history of the early church testified to the fulfillment of the Saviour’s words. The powers of earth and hell arrayed themselves against Christ in the person of His followers. Paganism foresaw that should the gospel triumph, her temples and altars would be swept away; therefore she summoned her forces to destroy Christianity. The fires of persecution were kindled. Christians were stripped of their possessions and driven from their homes. They “endured a great fight of afflictions.” Hebrews 10:32. They “had trial of cruel mockings and scourgings, yea, moreover of bonds and imprisonment.” Hebrews 11:36. Great numbers sealed their testimony with their blood. Noble and slave, rich and poor, learned and ignorant, were alike slain without mercy.

These persecutions, beginning under Nero about the time of the martyrdom of Paul, continued with greater or less fury for centuries. Christians were falsely accused of the most dreadful crimes and declared to be the cause of great calamities–famine, pestilence, and earthquake. As they became the objects of popular hatred and suspicion, informers stood ready, for the sake of gain, to betray the innocent. They were condemned as rebels against the empire, as foes of religion, and pests to society. Great numbers were thrown to wild beasts or burned alive in the amphitheaters. Some were crucified; others were covered with the skins of wild animals and thrust into the arena to be torn by dogs. Their punishment was often made the chief entertainment at public fetes. Vast multitudes assembled to enjoy the sight and greeted their dying agonies with laughter and applause.

Wherever they sought refuge, the followers of Christ were hunted like beasts of prey. They were forced to seek concealment in desolate and solitary places. “Destitute, afflicted, tormented; (of whom the world was not worthy:) they wandered in deserts, and in mountains, and in dens and caves of the earth.” Verses 37, 38. The catacombs afforded shelter for thousands. Beneath the hills outside the city of Rome, long galleries had been tunneled through earth and rock; the dark and intricate network of passages extended for miles beyond the city walls. In these underground retreats the followers of Christ buried their dead; and here also, when suspected and proscribed, they found a home. When the Life-giver shall awaken those who have fought the good fight, many a martyr for Christ’s sake will come forth from those gloomy caverns.Page 41

Under the fiercest persecution these witnesses for Jesus kept their faith unsullied. Though deprived of every comfort, shut away from the light of the sun, making their home in the dark but friendly bosom of the earth, they uttered no complaint. With words of faith, patience, and hope they encouraged one another to endure privation and distress. The loss of every earthly blessing could not force them to renounce their belief in Christ. Trials and persecution were but steps bringing them nearer their rest and their reward.

Like God’s servants of old, many were “tortured, not accepting deliverance; that they might obtain a better resurrection.” Verse 35. These called to mind the words of their Master, that when persecuted for Christ’s sake, they were to be exceeding glad, for great would be their reward in heaven; for so the prophets had been persecuted before them. They rejoiced that they were accounted worthy to suffer for the truth, and songs of triumph ascended from the midst of crackling flames. Looking upward by faith, they saw Christ and angels leaning over the battlements of heaven, gazing upon them with the deepest interest and regarding their steadfastness with approval. A voice came down to them from the throne of God: “Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.”

In vain were Satan’s efforts to destroy the church of Christ by violence. The great controversy in which the disciples of Jesus yielded up their lives did not cease when these faithful standard-bearers fell at their post. By defeat they conquered. God’s workmen were slain, but His work went steadily forward. The gospel continued to spread and the number of its adherents to increase. (…)

Thousands were imprisoned and slain, but others sprang up to fill their places. And those who were martyred for their faith were secured to Christ and accounted of Him as conquerors. They had fought the good fight, and they were to receive the crown of glory when Christ should come. The sufferings which they endured brought Christians nearer to one another and to their Redeemer.

Their living example and dying testimony were a constant witness for the truth; and where least expected, the subjects of Satan were leaving his service and enlisting under the banner of Christ. Satan therefore laid his plans to war more successfully against the government of God by planting his banner in the Christian church. If the followers of Christ could be deceived and led to displease God, then their strength, fortitude, and firmness would fail, and they would fall an easy prey.

The great adversary now endeavored to gain by artifice what he had failed to secure by force. Persecution ceased, and in its stead were substituted the dangerous allurements of temporal prosperity and worldly honor. Idolaters were led to receive a part of the Christian faith, while they rejected other essential truths. They professed to accept Jesus as the Son of God and to believe in His death and resurrection, but they had no conviction of sin and felt no need of repentance or of achange of heart. With some concessions on their part they proposed that Christians should make concessions, that all might unite on the platform of belief in Christ.

Now the church was in fearful peril. Prison, torture, fire, and sword were blessings in comparison with this. Some of the Christians stood firm, declaring that they could make no compromise. Others were in favor of yielding or modifying some features of their faith and uniting with those who had accepted a part of Christianity, urging that this might be the means of their full conversion. That was a time of deep anguish to the faithful followers of Christ. Under a cloak of pretended Christianity, Satan was insinuating himself into the church, to corrupt their faith and turn their minds from the word of truth.

Most of the Christians at last consented to lower their standard, and a union was formed between Christianity and paganism. Although the worshipers of idols professed to be converted, and united with the church, they still clung to their idolatry, only changing the objects of their worship to images of Jesus, and even of Mary and the saints. The foul leaven of idolatry, thus brought into the church, continued its baleful work. Unsound doctrines, superstitious rites, and idolatrous ceremonies were incorporated into her faith and worship. As the followers of Christ united with idolaters, the Christian religion became corrupted, and the church lost her purity and power. There were some, however, who were not misled by these delusions. They still maintained their fidelity to the Author of truth and worshiped God alone.

There have ever been two classes among those who profess to be followers of Christ. While one class study the Saviour’s life and earnestly seek to correct their defects and conform to the Pattern, the other class shun the plain, practical truths which expose their errors. Even in her best estate the church was not composed wholly of the true, pure, and sincere. Our Saviour taught that those who willfully indulge in sin are not to be received into the church; yet He connected with Himself men who were faulty in character, and granted them the benefits of His teachings and example, that they might have an opportunity to see their errors and correct them.


The apostles encountered those in the church who professed godliness while they were secretly cherishing iniquity. Ananias and Sapphira acted the part of deceivers, pretending to make an entire
sacrifice for God, when they were covetously withholding a portion for themselves. The Spirit of truth revealed to the apostles the real character of these pretenders, and the judgments of God rid thechurch of this foul blot upon its purity. This signal evidence of the discerning Spirit of Christ in the church was a terror to hypocrites and evildoers. They could not long remain in connection with those who were, in habit and disposition, constant representatives of Christ; and as trials and persecution came upon His followers, those only who were willing to forsake all for the truth’s sake desired to become His disciples. Thus, as long as persecution continued, the church remained comparatively pure. But as it ceased, converts were added who were less sincere and devoted, and the way was open for Satan to obtain a foothold.

But there is no union between the Prince of light and the prince of darkness, and there can be no union between their followers. When Christians consented to unite with those who were but half converted from paganism, they entered upon a path which led further and further from the truth.

Satan exulted that he had succeeded in deceiving so large a number of the followers of Christ. He then brought his power to bear more fully upon these, and inspired them to persecute those who remained true to God. None understood so well how to oppose the true Christian faith as did those who had once been its defenders; and these apostate Christians, uniting with their half-pagan companions, directed their warfare against the most essential features of the doctrines of Christ.

It required a desperate struggle for those who would be faithful to stand firm against the deceptions and abominations which were disguised in sacerdotal garments and introduced into the church. The Bible was not accepted as the standard of faith. The doctrine of religious freedom was termed heresy, and its upholders were hated and proscribed.

After a long and severe conflict, the faithful few decided to dissolve all union with the apostate church if she still refused to free herself from falsehood and idolatry. They saw that separation was an absolute necessity if they would obey the word of God. They dared not tolerate errors fatal to their own souls, and set an example which would imperil the faith of their children and children’s children. To secure peace and unity they were ready to make any concession consistent with fidelity to God; but they felt that even peace would be too dearly purchased at the sacrifice of principle. If unity could be secured only by the compromise of truth and righteousness, then let there be difference, and even war.

Well would it be for the church and the world if the principles that actuated those steadfast souls were revived in the hearts of God’s professed people. There is an alarming indifference in regard to the doctrines which are the pillars of the Christian faith. The opinion is gaining ground, that, after all, these are not of vital importance. This degeneracy is strengthening the hands of the agents of Satan, so that false theories and fatal delusions which the faithful in ages past imperiled their lives to resist and expose, are now regarded with favor by thousands who claim to be followers of Christ.

The early Christians were indeed a peculiar people. Their blameless deportment and unswerving faith were a continual reproof that disturbed the sinner’s peace. Though few in numbers, without wealth, position, or honorary titles, they were a terror to evildoers wherever their character and doctrines were known. Therefore they were hated by the wicked, even as Abel was hated by the ungodly Cain. For the same reason that Cain slew Abel, did those who sought to throw off the restraint of the Holy Spirit, put to death God’s people. It was for the same reason that the Jews rejected and crucified the Saviour–because the purity and holiness of His character was a constant rebuke to their selfishness and corruption.

From the days of Christ until now His faithful disciples have excited the hatred and opposition of those who love and follow the ways of sin. How, then, can the gospel be called a message of peace? When Isaiah foretold the birth of the
Messiah, he ascribed to Him the title, “Prince of Peace.” When angels announced to the shepherds that Christ was born, they sang above the plains of Bethlehem: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” Luke 2:14. There is a seeming contradiction between these prophetic declarations and the words of Christ: “I came not to send peace, but a sword.” Matthew 10:34.

But, rightly understood, the two  are in perfect harmony. The gospel is a message of peace. Christianity is a system which, received and obeyed, would spread peace, harmony, and happiness throughout the earth. The religion of
Christ will unite in close brotherhood all who accept its teachings. It was the mission of Jesus to reconcile men to God, and thus to one another. But the world at large are under the control of Satan, Christ’s bitterest foe. The gospel presents to them principles of life which are wholly at variance with their habits and desires, and they rise in rebellion against it. They hate the purity which reveals and condemns their sins, and they persecute and destroy those who would urge upon them its just and holy claims. It is in this sense–because the exalted truths it brings occasion hatred and strife – that the gospel is called a sword.

The mysterious providence which permits the righteous to suffer persecution at the hand of the wicked has been a cause of great perplexity to many who are weak in faith. Some are even ready to cast away their confidence in God because He suffers the basest of men to prosper, while the best and purest are afflicted and tormented by their cruel power. How, it is asked, can One who is just and merciful, and who is also infinite in power, tolerate such injustice and oppression?

This is a question with which we have nothing to do. God has given us sufficient evidence of His love, and we are not to doubt His goodness because we cannot understand the workings of His providence. Said the Saviour to His disciples, foreseeing the doubts that would press upon their souls in days of trial and darkness: “Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted Me, they will also persecute you.” John 15:20. Jesus suffered for us more than any of His followers can be made to suffer through the cruelty of wicked men. Those who are called to endure torture and martyrdom are but following in the steps of God’s dear Son.

“The Lord is not slack concerning His promise.” 2 Peter 3:9. He does not forget or neglect His children; but He permits the wicked to reveal their true character, that none who desire to do His will may be deceived concerning them. Again, the righteous are placed in the furnace of affliction, that they themselves may be purified; that their example may convince others of the reality of faith and godliness; and also that their consistent course may condemn the ungodly and unbelieving.

God permits the wicked to prosper and to reveal their enmity against Him, that when they shall have filled up the measure of their iniquity all may see His justice and mercy in their utter destruction. The day of His vengeance hastens, when all who have transgressed His law and oppressed His people will meet the just recompense of their deeds; when every act of cruelty or injustice toward God’s faithful ones will be punished as though done to Christ Himself.There is another and more important question that should engage the attention of the churches of today. The apostle Paul declares that “all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.” 2 Timothy 3:12.

Why is it, then, that persecution seems in a great degree to slumber? The only reason is that the church has conformed to the world’s standard and therefore awakens no opposition. The religion which is current in our day is not of the pure and holy character that marked the Christian faith in the days of Christ and His apostles. It is only because of the spirit of compromise with sin, because the great truths of the word of God are so indifferently regarded, because there is so little vital godliness in the church, that Christianity is apparently so popular with the world. Let there be a revival of the faith and power of the early church, and the spirit of persecution will be revived, and the fires of persecution will be rekindled.

I’ve shortened the video transcript because it’s long, but I’m leaving a link above the video to watch the series yourself, and I highly recommend you do it. This answer to my prayer confirmed that the belief that I had just after being saved by Jesus was correct and that I should not depart from it. And that belief was that the Catholic Church betrayed Jesus by turning away from His Gospel and instead using His image to make herself rich and powerful, and therefore became the direct enemy of Jesus and God Himself.

The Catholic Church is not interested in saving people but only in gaining wealth and power, and it does not save people because it denies the saving message of Christ – which is that salvation is gained not by works, however good they may be, but by placing all your faith in Jesus and letting Him save you.

Just recently I read an extraordinary biography of mother Teresa which I highly recommend, and I will leave a link to a free ebook for you to read it under the video. She was such a great and selfless woman, so dedicated to her mission to serve the poor, as though the poor were the Christ Himself. (I highly recommend reading the ebook for inspiration to do good works.)

But after reading her biography and seeking further information about her direct writings, I came across a book released by the Catholic Church of her private letters to her spiritual confidant Reverend Michael Van Der Peet. The Holy Spirit convicted me of buying the ebook because it was her private letters which she never wanted for people to read but actually wanted them to be destroyed, so I couldn’t read the book itself because of this conviction. Shame on the Catholic Church for publishing those letters which the reverend promised to mother Teresa not to publish but did so most likely to profit from her after her death.

But I read the description of what the book was about – and it was about her spiritual darkness!

I was shocked. It means all those fifty years of serving the most wretched of mankind in the conditions of total poverty were never illuminated by the loving connection to God, but she spent all those years of hard service in spiritual darkness!

It was hard for me to believe it because I myself, being less than one per cent as useful as she was, am granted daily loving connection to God through the Holy Spirit that inhabits me.

And that’s the terror of placing your trust in the Catholic Doctrine which tells people that they are saved by doing good works. I believe that many good-hearted and God-loving Catholics like mother Teresa was are in the same spiritual darkness because they place their salvation into the hands of the pope and the priests who are more interested in maintaining their profitable offices than in helping people to gain eternal life.

That is the most dangerous doctrine that I see in the Catholic Church. Though many deny that they are taught this way, their actions show otherwise as it’s seen from the life of mother Teresa.

Now please listen, Catholics and Protestants, since the message is important to both. We were deceived. Even most protestants don’t know about what I’m going to say next.

Human soul is totally mortal. That’s because first humans were denied access to the tree of life after their fall. So they did not eat of it. And therefore all of us are mortal.

The Bible tells that the only immortal being is God Himself (I Timothy 6:16) and that those who overcome will be granted access to the tree of life (Revelation 2:7).

What is the tree of life? Some say it’s Jesus. Some say it’s the Holy Spirit. Some say it’s a literal tree which you will get access to if you are saved and remain so till your death.

Let’s keep searching for the truth, but what I’m saying is that if you rely on your works to save you you will not inherit eternal life. Bible distinguishes between saints whose death is described as mere sleep and those who did not know God and therefore perished.

Do only people who receive the Holy Spirit inherit eternal life? I cannot talk about how this worked before the coming of Jesus though some people did receive the Holy Spirit even then directly from God, but now, when you believe in Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection, the blood of Jesus washes you clean of your past sins. And since the wages of sin is death as we read in Romans 6:23, He therefore by His shed blood saves us from eternal destruction.

That’s why Jesus said that if Scribes and Pharisees would not hear what He said and refused to believe that He was the awaited Messiah, they would die in their sins (John 8:24). So to avoid their destiny, we must accept Jesus as our Saviour in order for His blood to wash us clean and therefore erase the writing that is against us, which is our sins, which are the transgressions of the law (1 John 3:4).

Jesus through His death removed the curse of the law (Galatians 3:13) but not the law itself which is holy (Romans 7:12) and will remain forever (Baruch 4:1). The curse of the law applied to those who broke the law. Before the coming of Jesus Jewish people who transgressed the law were stoned to death. Jesus took away this terrible penalty by becoming a curse for us through His crucifixion, because it was written that cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree (Deuteronomy 21:23).

So even though we transgressed God’s commandments, we get that list of sins erased and are washed clean if we accept Jesus as our Saviour. Is that not the best news you have ever heard? So this is the first thing that makes us eligible for everlasting life – this erasure of our past sins.

What’s more, even if we commit sins after being saved, if they are not done wilfully, they will also be forgiven after our repentance because Jesus has become our merciful High Priest in Heavens who intercedes for us (Romans 8:34) and the blood of Jesus washes us clean (1 John 1:7 – written in the present tense).

And thirdly, when we receive the Holy Spirit we receive the power of God to walk in God’s commandments which is a necessary prerequisite for entering the Kingdom of God as we read in Matthew 7 21-24. I highly recommend carefully studying Matthew chapters five to seven and I made a video analysing those chapters as well.

The Catholic Church hides from people the truth of how to receive the Holy Spirit, and lies that their salvation is gained through good works. One time I talked to a Catholic Nun in South India and she told me that she believed that the Holy Spirit was everywhere, which is false. The Holy Spirit dwells only in the believers. You receive the Holy Spirit into your body by believing in Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection because if you believe that Jesus rose again on the third day, you believe in the power of God to raise Him and so will you be raised yourself at the last day.

In the Catholic Church people are told to receive the Holy Spirit by the laying on of hands by the priest, but if he himself doesn’t have it, how can he give it to others? I believe that none of the Catholics that I met were regenerate because I did not witness any fruits or gifts of the Holy Spirit.

It’s important to understand that when the Holy Spirit enters you will physically feel it and you will remember that day for the rest of your life. That day would become your new birthday. After its entry there will be definite changes in how you think and how you see the world, and the worldly things that you did you might find yourself no longer able to do.

The life becomes very different after Its entry, and your entire life is then dedicated to Jesus because you are dead in Christ which is symbolized by the full immersion during the baptism, and the Christ from then on lives in you. So the life that you live no longer belongs to you but to Christ in you.

Since we read in the Bible that the Holy Spirit can also fall from heaven onto the people, as in the day of Pentecost and as I myself received it, that remains our only option if we don’t find a Christian priest or pastor who has the Holy Spirit.

Also, you should get baptized by full immersion in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and pray to God in Jesus’ name to be sent the Holy Spirit and you will get it, because the Bible promises so in Luke 11:13 where we read:

“If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children: how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?”

To receive the Holy Spirit, you must repent of your sins – you must sincerely, with tears and long prayers, apologize to God for breaking His commandments, and Catholics break the most important commandment of all (besides others) – the first one – of not having other gods before Him, because they worship Mary.

Do not be mistaken about it – worshipping or praying to Mary or to any saints which, like Mary, cannot hear you because they are not gods, and cannot intercede for you, breaks this commandment. So you absolutely have to repent of that and never do it again.

Also, you should remember the Sabbath day and keep it Holy, because nowhere is it told in the Bible that Sunday has replaced Saturday. It’s the tradition of the Catholic Church only. I made a video about it as well.

In 2 Corinthians 6 14 we read that light cannot be in fellowship with darkness. The Catholic Church chose to yoke itself with paganism and went directly against God’s laws of having no images and nothing that resembles the likeness of men.

Images and idols are called abominations in 2 Kings 23-24. Don’t be mistaken about it – all the images and statues in Catholic Churches are abominations in the sight of God.

In Leviticus 26:1 we read:

Ye shall make you no idols nor graven image, neither rear you up a standing image, neither shall ye set up any image of stone in your land, to bow down to it: for I am the LORD your God.

In Deuteronomy 4:16 we read that graven images corrupt people. Quoting:

Lest ye corrupt yourselves, and make you a graven image, the likeness of any figure, the likeness of male or female…

Please understand that making or worshipping or praying to images or statues angers God as it’s written in Deuteronomy 4:25. If you want to receive the Spirit of God do not break His laws which makes God angry with you.

So the Catholic Church yoked itself with paganism, and therefore it’s an apostate church and the anointing can no longer be there whether it has maintained that apostolic succession or not, because Jesus in the book of Revelation threatened to take away the candlestick from the original apostolic church of Ephesus because it had left its first love- probably abandoned the Gospel.

So it’s natural to assume that if that original apostolic church was threatened with the removal of the candlestick for that one transgression, it had been removed from the Catholic Church long time ago because not only doesn’t she teach people about how to get saved, but she has broken some of the ten commandments of God and introduced many abominable pagan practices and physical objects that directly oppose the word of God. So this naturally makes me think that the Catholic Church is no longer powered by the Holy Spirit, but by its very opposite.

There are many more things to say about the false doctrines of the Catholic Church which are mixed with some Bible truths, some traditions of men and some pagan religious beliefs, like the rosary, repeated prayers which Jesus calls vain repetitions and tells that the heathen do that in Matthew 6:7, a false and very dangerous belief that you can reach Jesus through Mary or that you can reach God through a catholic priest which prevents people from directly asking God for the forgiveness of their sins and therefore people remain unforgiven.

That’s why Catholic saints go through the dark night of the soul which is of itself a pagan concept found in satanic religions whose adherents experience it just before becoming fully demon-possessed. It’s not found in the Bible. When you believe in Jesus and receive His Holy Spirit there is no dark night of the soul ever because you always have the connection to God through the Holy Spirit (there might be some trials to test your faith, though, like it was with Job).


This video can go on forever so I must stop somewhere. Please, Catholics, leave the apostate Catholic Church and her dangerous doctrines that keep people unregenerate and therefore unable to inherit eternal life.
Study the Bible yourself without being hindered with false and twisted popish interpretations of it. Ask God rather than a priest to help you understand it. And when you get the Holy Spirit, He will reveal Bible truths to you. And most importantly, don’t look to your works but only to Jesus to save you, and when you place your full trust in Him and receive His Holy Spirit, then you are indeed saved to do good works as we read in Ephesians 2:10, and you must obey the ten commandments to enter through the narrow gate as we read in Luke 18:18-20.

Please share this video with others and warn others about the dangers of Catholicism. The Catholic Church has left her first love and became apostate. Light cannot join with darkness. God teaches us not to touch any unclean thing in 2 Corinthians 6-16. Catholic idolatry, prayers to Mary, rosaries and calling a pope “holy father” are all extremely unclean practices because they oppose God’s laws.

Come out of that apostate Church, study the Bible yourself with the help of God, receive the Holy Spirit, walk in God’s laws to receive greater and greater light and grow in the grace of God through Jesus Christ to become the one that overcomes the world and receives eternal life and become the son of God and join His heavenly family.

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In this video I share an email from parents of one son about what happened when he opened his third eye chakra; I discuss what to do when demons enter through these openings (e.g., through crown or third eye chakras) and also touch upon the issue of demons’ legal rights.

Some Possible Reasons Why the Holy Spirit Doesn’t Descend on Some

In this video I list some reasons why the Holy Spirit doesn’t descend on some based on my experiences as well as the Bible.

Sorry for the bad quality of the video especially in the middle of the video – I realized that the camera was out of focus only towards the end of the video. I hope that won’t detract from the message.

Luciferian Rebelliousness Disguised as Freedom

Paul in his letter to Timothy (2 Timothy 3-4) predicted that:

(…) the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned onto fables.

This is similar to what the Shepherd of Hermas has to say about false teachers who appear as wolves in sheep’s clothing; those are the ones who get the sheep eternally lost by teaching them that after being saved they can do whatever they please.

Many people unsubscribed from my YouTube channel because of my teachings on modesty. These are the ones having itching ears. They listen to teachers that please their ears, but whatever offends their ears, whether it’s of the sound doctrine or not, from that they turn away. That’s dangerous, as we are to follow not our own way but the way of God – if we want to have eternal life.

I’m not saying I’m a teacher that you should follow – you can do whatever you like, I’m just another sister in Christ sharing my experiences and learnings with you. What I’m saying is that I’ve noticed a dangerous trend – to turn away from Bible teachings when it’s in opposition to one’s own opinion or the trends of our pagan society.

This issue of modest dress and head covering is just a tip of the problem. It hides a much greater problem than these surface things. It shows unwillingness to follow Bible teachings, and therefore unwillingness to submit to the Word of God.

It’s dangerous to pick and choose what to follow in Bible teachings. Because then you end up serving two masters – yourself as well as God, and this isn’t going to work since it’s told in the Bible that no man can serve two masters (Matthew 6:24).

Now some viewers responded to my video on modesty with the argument that if I was to follow Paul’s teachings on dress, then I should also follow his teachings on women teachers. This only shows that people don’t know their bibles, because Paul was not against women teaching in general, but he was against women disregarding church hierarchy and teaching in church when this position within the church was assigned to men. But this is a totally different topic requiring a separate video.

Now other viewers accused me of being legalistic simply because I apply what the Bible says! People are fine with reading their bibles, but when someone actually follows what the Bible says, they call that person legalistic!

People do not understand what legalism is. Legalism is confused with obedience. If you know your Bible, you know that God likes obedient people, and that God is against the disobedient ones whom He calls lawless; lawlessness is associated with paganism and satanism.

So obedience to the word of God is a very good thing if you want God to be pleased with you, and it’s in no way legalism. Legalism is not obedience but disobedience under the pretence of obedience. For example, those scribes and Pharisees who were so particular about things like washing their hands before every meal yet having cruel hearts were hypocrites, thinking they are spiritual but actually neglecting the Word of God for the traditions of men.

So when the Holy Spirit inspired Paul tells the women to cover their heads in churches, as well as when they pray and prophesy, that’s in no way legalistic. In the East in the past and in some places today as well, married women were to cover their heads every time they would go out so that other men don’t lust after their hair. Those who would go out with their hair uncovered were considered as promiscuous and could be in danger of getting divorced as adulteresses!

Paul implied that the head covering shows the order in which God created man and woman. Yes, you can be disobedient to that order if you wish, but if you love God, why would you refuse to acknowledge the order in which you were created? This may go in opposition to our current society, but why would a real Christian care about what the pagan world thinks?

We are supposed to be not confirmed to this world because real Christians are not of this world. Why does it matter what the pagan world thinks of us? Our only care should be to please our Heavenly Father in all that we do, and He is pleased with those who obey Him and displeased with the lawless ones. So if your modest dress and the act of covering your hair at least when you pray raises some eyebrows, why would you care when you know that you obey what the Bible says?

I also see that some viewers rebel against Paul’s advice but do not want to acknowledge direct rebellion but give excuses that they cannot wear modest clothes or cover their heads for different reasons. To them I should say that God knows your true intent so there’s no need to cover it up, and please do not try to fool your own self but be honest with yourself.

Is it really such a huge issue to cover your head if you are female at least when you pray or when you’re in a church because the Bible says so? In the past becoming a Christian was almost a death sentence because it was very likely that pagans would kill you some time after your conversion. So early Christians were fed to wild beasts and decapitated just because they were Christians. Is it such an offensive thing to obey to what Paul asked and put a shawl over your head when in communion with God? Is it such a huge sacrifice when compared to what early Christians had to go through for not complying with the standards of that pagan culture?

And some women were very insulted by my advice on modesty and head coverings because they see that as submission to men. It’s not about men at all. It’s about you showing your submission to the order of God in which you were created, as well as not causing others to sin.

You would not want others to make you sin, like by seducing you so that you lust over them. And so you also shouldn’t want to cause sin in others, like by dressing revealing clothes so that you cause the thoughts of lust. It’s not about being submissive to men at all, it’s about making sure you are not judged by God for causing others to sin because of you. It’s not about men at all, but being accepting of the order in which you were created because this acceptance honours God who created that order in the first place.

Now those men who are women haters and therefore want them to cover themselves or for whatever other reason teach women when they themselves aren’t obedient to the word of God – we do not need to worry about such men because God will be their judge. We should dress modestly for our own good, so that we are not judged – so it’s nothing to do with the perfection or imperfection of men. They will also be judged, so we really shouldn’t think along the lines of “I will only dress modestly if men stop being women haters”. It misses the whole point.

I see how Satan used this to his advantage. He convinced women to dress provocatively as though that’s some sort of liberation from the patriarchal tradition. And women bought this lie, to their own destruction. Women can be totally free without the need to prove that by wearing revealing clothes.

Apostles called the ten commandments the law of liberty – that’s the real freedom – to do the Will of God, and not to be lawless and rebellious which is of Satan and not of God. This is very hard for some people to understand because of the indoctrination of the pagan society’s attitudes and values into us.

If we want God to be pleased with us, we cannot rebel against what the Bible says just because it’s in opposition to our current understanding or popular trends. God will not make us grow if we refuse to become obedient to His Will. He will not teach us if we are friends with the world because then we are the enemies of God. How can He sanctify us if we continue in the way of pagan society?

I also received some comments from a viewer who remarked that she’s against modest dress because she was raised in a false Christian denomination which was in favor of modest dress. That’s like saying that just because a kidnapped person was fed lentil soup every day that the lentil soup is bad. It’s unfortunate that such an association might form in a victim’s mind, but modesty is not evil just because it was promoted by some false denomination.

Modesty itself is holy and good, and should not be abandoned just because some cults require it. Many cults require many good things from its followers mixed with evil things, and that doesn’t make those good things bad.

So some people fall into rebelliousness just because some cult required submission. You shouldn’t submit to a cult, but you should submit to God. Rebelliousness is not freedom – it’s evil. Rebelliousness didn’t go well for Lucifer, and neither did it go well for any other disobedient Bible personality, because that’s rejecting the way of God which is the same as being in opposition to God who sees obedience to His laws as love of Him.

Just because in our pagan society rebelliousness and lawlessness are associated with freedom doesn’t make them so. As it’s told in the Bible, there is a way that looks good in men’s eyes but it eventually leads to death. (Proverbs 14:12) – and Satan is the expert of those ways. So we should make sure that we don’t fall for them.

To the people brought up in a pagan society order may look like oppression, but that’s because such people never even tried to be fully obedient to the word of God to really understand if it’s oppression or actually freedom, and to understand if the lawless way is indeed free or if it’s a trap in disguise.

To end this article, I would like to repeat that this rebellious attitude towards modest dress and head covering hides a much greater issue than just these external manifestations of refusal to submit to the Word of God. It hides general disobedience to God’s order as well as Bible teachings which shows the spirit that’s quite different from the Holy Spirit given to us by the One who remained obedient to God to his very death. So we must examine our hearts and intents to make sure that we are not lying to ourselves and just pretending to serve God when deep in our hearts we still serve our own wishes and the god of this world.

God’s way is order – not disorder. If we pay respect to that order, God will reward us and teach us if we ask for that and this will make us grow and become better witnesses to Him.

Please do not miss out on the tremendous growth and strong connection to God in your prayer through rejecting some Bible advice that at the moment seems unacceptable.

If you want to grow in Christ and in your faith, there will come a time where some decisions will have to be made that will take you away from the pagan order of this world in order to further sanctify you. It may not come now, it may come later, but when it does, please don’t turn away from the call of the Spirit just because it disagrees with the ways of the world or even your own convictions. Remain faithful to God and do His will even if such ways anger the pagan world, because if you remain faithful to Him, your rewards will be great, and your conscience will be clear because there will be no hidden rebelliousness preventing your prayers from being heard.

What can be better than fully submitting to the Will of God, to God who created you and knows what’s best for you even when you don’t understand some of the things He may require from you. Just fully trust His ways, and what currently seems to be submission to order will after some time become the law of perfect liberty – as it was to the apostles.

About Christian Dress and Head Covering (Mainly for Women)

In this video you will hear about my experience with wearing a head scarf as well as some suggestions on how Christian women can cover their hair.

You will also hear some tips on the dress style for women – as well as some advice for men’s appearance too.

I’ve made this video in response to the previous video which you can watch here.

Should Christians Observe Sabbath Part 2

Watch part 1 here.

In this video I summarize my research on whether Christians should celebrate Sabbath and explain my decision with regards to it. I also talk about why I decided to wear a head covering.

In the video I also talk about an added word to our bibles that misleads people on two important points – Jesus’ resurrection as well as the day of early church gathering.

God is Merciful And Long-Suffering

After emperor Domitian’s death the Roman senate decreed to have the persecuted Christians’ goods restored and those that were unjustly expelled from their homes were allowed to return. Apostle John, therefore, returned from the isle of Patmos and became the governor of the churches of Asia.

During this time an event occurred which showed the character of John and provided a lesson to all the Christians.

Eusebius tells this story that was recorded by Clement of Alexandria in his narrative titled “What Rich Man is Saved?”:

Listen to a story that is no fiction, but a real story, handed down and carefully preserved, about the apostle John. For after the tyrant Domitian was dead, coming from the isle of Patmos to Ephesus John also went, when called, to the neighbouring regions of the Gentiles; in some to appoint bishops, in some to institute entire new churches, in others to appoint to the ministry those that were pointed out by the Holy Ghost.

When he came, therefore, to one of those cities and had in other respects consoled his brethren, he at last turned towards the bishop ordained, and seeing a youth of fine stature, graceful countenance, and ardent mind, he said, “Him I commend to you with all earnestness, in the presence of the church and of Christ.” The bishop having taken him and promised all, he repeated and testified the same thing, and then returned to Ephesus.

The elder [presbyter] taking the youth home that was committed to him, educated, restrained, and cherished him, and at length baptized him. After this, he relaxed exercising his former care and vigilance, as if he had now committed him to a perfect safeguard in the seal of the Lord.

But certain idle, promiscuous fellows, familiar with every kind of wickedness, unhappily attached themselves to him who was prematurely freed from restraint.

At first they led him on by expensive entertainments. Then going out at night to plunder, they took him with them. Next, they encouraged him to something greater, and gradually becoming accustomed to their ways in his enterprising spirit, like an unbridled and powerful steed that has struck out of the right way, biting the curb, he rushed with even greater impulsiveness towards the precipice.

At length renouncing the salvation of God, he contemplated no small offence, but having committed some great crime, since he was now once ruined, he expected to suffer equally with the rest.

Taking, therefore, these same associates, and forming them into a band of robbers, he became their captain, surpassing them all in violence, blood, and cruelty. Time elapsed, and on a certain occasion they sent for John. The apostle, after appointing those other matters for which he came, said, “Come, bishop, return me my deposit, which I and Christ committed to you, in the presence of the church over which you preside.”

The bishop at first, indeed, was confounded, thinking that he was insidiously charged for money which he had not received; and yet he could neither give credit respecting that which he had not, nor yet disbelieve John. But when he said, “I demand the young man, and the soul of a brother,” the old man, groaning heavily and also weeping, said, “He is dead.”

“How, and what death?,” John asked.

“He is dead to God,” he said. “He has turned out wicked and abandoned, and at last a robber; and now, instead of the church, he has beset the mountain with a band like himself.”

The apostle, on hearing this, tore his garment, and beating his head, with great lamentation said, “I left a fine keeper of a brother’s soul! But let a horse now be got ready, and someone to guide me on my way.”

He rode as he was, away from the church, and coming to the country, was taken prisoner by the outguard of the robbers. He neither attempted, however, to flee, nor refused to be taken; but cried out, “For this very purpose am I come; conduct me to your captain.”

He, in the meantime stood waiting, armed as he was. But as he recognised John advancing towards him, overcome with shame he turned about to flee. The apostle, however, pursued him with all his might, forgetful of his age, and crying out, “Why do you run, my son, from me, your father; your defenceless, aged father? Have compassion on me, my son; fear not! You still have hope of life. I will intercede with Christ for you. Should it be necessary, I will cheerfully suffer death for you, as Christ for us. I will give my life for yours.

“Stay; believe that Christ has sent me.”

Hearing this, he at first stopped with downcast looks; then threw away his arms; then trembling, lamented bitterly, and embracing the old man as he came up, attempted to plead for himself with his lamentations, as much as he was able; as if baptized a second time with his own tears, and only concealing his right hand.

But the apostle pledging himself, and solemnly assuring him, that he had found pardon for him in his prayers at the hands of Christ, praying, on his bent knees, and kissing his right hand as cleansed from all iniquity, conducted him back again to the church.

Then earnestly begging with frequent prayers, taking on constant fasts, and softening down his mind with various comforting declarations, he did not leave him, as it is said, until he had restored him to the church; showing a powerful example of true repentance, and a great evidence of a regeneration, a trophy of a visible resurrection.

We can learn a lot from this beautiful account. John was a true follower of Jesus and not only a lip-professing Christian. He strove to walk exactly the way that Jesus did in His earthly life. And Jesus walk was all about forgiveness and doing good to humanity.

Instead of abandoning a brother that was completely overtaken by sin, John hastened to rescue him from the snares of the devil who has fooled him into thinking there’s no more forgiveness of his sins. Instead of seeing a lost sinner, John saw a brother in great danger and need – a brother who was threatened to be lost.

John didn’t care about his own life but was willing to give it up if that would be needed to save the soul of another brother, because Jesus said that there’s no love greater than this – that a brother gives up his life for other brothers.

God is not a tyrant. He doesn’t delight in someone falling away and God doesn’t turn away from those who are trapped by Satan once they are saved. Our Heavenly Father is merciful and long-suffering. He wants no one to be lost. If He even repeatedly urges the wicked to turn to him, how much more those who are believers already and therefore his adopted children!

How does God react when a fallen adopted child of his repents and comes back? We have a parable which I’m quite sure describes exactly this situation. It’s the parable of the prodigal son found in Luke 15:11-32:

A certain man had two sons:

And the younger of them said to his father, Father, give me the portion of goods that fall to me. And he divided unto them his living.

And not many days after the younger son gathered all together, and took his journey into a far country, and there wasted his substance with riotous living.

And when he had spent all, there arose a mighty famine in that land; and he began to be in want.

And he went and joined himself to a citizen of that country; and he sent him into his fields to feed swine. And he longed to fill his belly with the husks that the swine ate; and no man gave them to him.

And when he came to himself, he said, How many hired servants of my father’s have bread enough and to spare, and I perish with hunger! I will arise and go to my father, and will say to him, Father , I have sinned against heaven, and before you, and am no more worthy to be called your son: make me as one of your hired servants.

And he arose, and came to his father. But when he was yet a great way off, his father saw him, and had compassion, and ran, and fell on his neck, and kissed him. And the son said to him, Father, I have sinned against heaven, and in your sight, and am no more worthy to be called your son.

But the father said to his servants, Bring forth the best robe ,and put it on him; and put a ring on his hand, and shoes on his feet: and bring here the fatted calf, and kill it; and let us eat, and be merry:

for this my son was dead, and is alive again; he was lost, and is found.

Jesus also told that there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repents.

If Jesus Himself told to forgive the offending brother not seven times but seventy-times-seven, would not God Himself be in agreement with this advice? Jesus told to scribes and Pharisees that they didn’t understand what mercy was and that God did not want their sacrifice but for them to circumcise their hearts and start loving their brothers and sisters and be compassionate. Blinded by Talmudic Torah interpretations, or should I say, perversions, they remained unable to comprehend the simple teachings of Christ.

However deeply fallen a brother or sister in Christ is, they can be forgiven. If they still have remorse in them, they can genuinely repent and turn to God again. God really doesn’t want anyone to be lost, He in no way delights in anyone perishing! He wants all to be saved.

If you happened to fall from faith, come back, because God is still your father as you were purchased with the blood of Jesus as soon as you believed and became His adopted son or daughter. Come back to your father and busy yourself with prayer, contemplation of His Word and striving to live holy, so that Satan cannot again fool you. Satan will always try to trick you that you lost your salvation so that you don’t repent and turn back to your Heavenly Father. Don’t let Satan deceive you in this way.

We should all follow the loving example of the most blessed apostle John. Instead of judging each other, we should help each other to walk in holiness. We should strive to pull out Christians in Satan’s trap but we should also make sure that Satan doesn’t trap us together with them as he is capable of doing that.

We should follow most important Jesus commandments about love. We should love our brothers and sisters and strive to be in unity with them and not in opposition simply because we disagree with some of their beliefs.

Please pray for those brothers and sisters that you see in sin. Help them if you are strong in Christ but make sure you yourself don’t fall into the same trap. Contribute in some way to the Body of Christ so that it gets stronger and more united.

Apostles continuously entreated churches to be of one heart and one mind, and not to be divided. Today all Christians are totally divided and there’s no love between them. If we stop further splitting into more denominations but instead listen to the apostles and try to do our best to unite the body of Christ with caring for one another and helping one another and praying for one another, I’m sure that God will be very pleased with all of us.

Finally, I feel it’s necessary to repeat that even those who are strong in Christ can still fall because Satan is very cunning. So please always pray that you are protected from Satan’s traps as he will be forever looking for ways to trap the children of God and make them lost.

But if you strive to live in Spirit and not in flesh, and stay away from even the appearance of evil, having no association with darkness in any way, you have a great chance of staying totally safe in this world and being blessed by God.

Thank you for reading. May God bless you all.

Should Christians Celebrate Sabbath?

Watch part 2 here.

In this video I talk about my research on the Sabbath dispute and I also briefly discuss the wearing of makeup as well as head covering for women.