Leaving India, Strangest Video to Come, and Bible Study Advice

This is a diary-style update about some things about my life, the strangest video that I’m soon going to release, and some advice on Bible study.

What You Should Know About Demonic Strongholds

Due to the increased demonic activity people are loaded with demons these days. Most people will never know that they are, because of the reasons discussed in the video.

Christians shouldn’t worry if they have demons, though they should try to cast them out as much as possible. In this video I also talk about demonic Hindu practices of yoga and meditation.

What a Psychopath Told Me About Demons and End Times

In this video I talk about my conversation with a psychopath and what he told me about demons and the approaching end time events. I also talk about some characteristics I’ve noticed about him, my dream as a result of prayer, and what he said about his childhood.

About Occult, Flat Earth, Forgiveness and Complete Reliance on God

About King James, Psychopaths and Current Trials

What Happened After God Warned Me About Preaching in South India

What God Showed and Warned Me About South India

Before You Decide to Make Any Major Change in Your Life – Ask God About It First

How to Resist Sin and How To Know If Some Prompting Is of God or Satan

Spreading the Gospel and Rewards of Jesus

In this video I talk about what recently happened when I was spreading the Gospel as well as the rewards that come as a result of spreading Jesus’ saving message.