What You Probably Didn’t Know About Sex and Celibacy

Sex & Celibacy EbookSex & Celibacy is a 180-page ebook about my celibacy journey.

I share not only my experiences and advice, but also include the accounts and important warnings of the celibates of the past who were occultists, spiritual teachers, writers, inventors, artists, and more.

This ebook was first released on May 2015, and was fully revised and updated on May 2016, with my new experiences and newly-found genuine accounts of yet more celibates, especially saints.


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Seven reasons why I wrote this ebook

1.) I’ve decided to share my celibacy journey so that it serves as a source of inspiration for current celibates to continue walking this road;

2.) So that it serves as a source of information for those who are thinking about this lifestyle and want to find out what they can expect from it. Read more…

Sun Behind The Sun: Secret Teachings for Those on the Path

Sun Behind the Sun bookSun Behind The Sun is an ebook for those who have already tasted the fruits of awakening, but aren’t yet quite sure where exactly spiritually they are. 

It’s for those interested in deepening their understanding about the mystic union of the earthly soul with its divine companion (Higher Self), kundalini activation, deep meditation, sungazing, Eternal Sun and other deeper spiritual subjects.

Here are some topics that are covered in the book:

*How archons operate in human affairs;
*How to know your level of spiritual growth;
*Recognize whether your spiritual growth is genuine or it’s a new-age illusive growth;
*In-depth information on Kundalini;
*In-depth information about the Higher Self;
*Western way to achieve the union with your Higher Self (safer than the eastern yoga);
*Esoteric meaning of Jesus’ crucifixion; Read more…

The Teachings of the Twelve Apostles Book with Commentary

The Teachings of the Twelve ApostlesThe Teachings of the Twelve Apostles is an ebook that’s made up of two ancient Christian documents and my commentary.

Those two documents are the Didache and the Didascalia. One is a short “protocol” on a Christian life, and another – an explanation of how those concepts should be applied by the clergy and Christians in general.

Why I wrote this book

The main reason for this work is to show how much modern Christians have departed from a holy way of life, and how Christian churches no longer stick to the main purpose of shepherding the flock but instead are more interested in gaining more and more members.

This change of focus caused the flock to lose the sight of the importance of living a holy life, and therefore many Christians gradually returned to the way of the heathen, and today we witness Christians acting in completely pagan ways. Read more…

The Occult Influence on Carl Jung’s Work

The Occult Influence on Carl Jung's WorkThe purpose of this work is to prove with Jung’s own words how heavily he was influenced by the occult.

For the vast majority of this work I relied on his autobiography Memories, Dreams, Reflections, and I also used some other sources which I named when I described the information contained in them.

I mainly kept this narrative in a chronological order with the exception of a few passages that weren’t dependent on time (which were included under the subject-related headings).

The reason I mainly stuck with the narrative timeline is to give you the sense of how Jung’s personality development and life events progressed, as this can help you make clearer connections of why he became the person that he was, and what influenced his philosophies. Read more…

King James’ Demonology – Modern Translation

King James Demonology Kindle BookThis is the modern English translation of Demonologie by King James.

The reason I translated this text into modern English is because most people wouldn’t bother to read this text in archaic English. I think it’s important to know the contents of this booklet as it can give a great insight into the things we see happening today and what we should be aware of.

Although modern science, which in the Bible is said to be “falsely so called” (1 Tim 6:20) got many convinced that such things as spirits don’t exist, my personal experience absolutely proves such claims to be wrong, and I’m not alone in this.

Many other people were also saved by Jesus from such dangerous occult practices like Hinduism and meditation after their realization that these are the traps set by Satan to get one totally demonized and sent to hell – just check YouTube Jesus testimonials for a proof. Read more…

What You Probably Didn’t Know About Psychology: Occult Roots, Mind Control and NWO Agenda

What You Probably Didn’t Know About PsychologyIn this booklet I discuss the Greek origins of psychology, its development in the West, psychology today that’s heavily influenced by new-age doctrines, occult origins of some psychotherapies, the true purpose of psychiatry, and more.

I hope that this booklet will explain why psychology is not only anti-Christian but also harmful.

It’s easier to see why yoga cannot be Christian (though some believe that it can) than it is to see why psychology cannot be reconciled with Christianity. Psychology is not only anti-Christian, but is damaging to the mind and soul.

I hope this booklet will help you to understand why this is the case, but I understand that some people will keep clinging to the mainstream news and science and won’t believe the claims that this booklet makes. Read more…